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Articles from Free Inquiry (August 1, 2004)

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Title Author Type Words
A declaration of sexual rights and responsibilities: evolving principles for a new century. Bullough, Vern L. 2943
A freethought classic: a look back at American secularism lets us look ahead. Boston, Rob Book Review 1700
A humanist failure? Bullough, Vern L. 834
A perplexing dilemma. Johnson, Wayne G.; Carlson, Brion; Pigliucci, Massimo Letter to the Editor 909
Academics at the frontlines of freedom. Cooke, Bill Brief Article 125
Atheism and civil rights: a reply to Tabash and Downey. Grothe, D.J.; Dacey, Austin 2103
Better late than never? Brief Article 128
Betting on Pascal's Wager. Miller, Arthur R. 968
Carrying capacity: how many are too many? Cohen, Mark Nathan 2230
Castro's gulag and American librarians. Hentoff, Nat 1170
Congress win in India. Cooke, Bill Brief Article 101
Dr. Shaikh stands up for freedom. Cooke, Bill Brief Article 108
Europe's baby bust: what problem? McDougall, Rosamund 921
From sentience to silence: how the environmental establishment changed its tune on U.S. overpopulation. Kuper, Alan 3190
Georgia's granite Guidestones: what are they and why? Buckner, Ed 559
In memoriam. Obituary 272
In search of the real George Bush. Blount, LeGrande; Cohen, Edmund Letter to the Editor 630
Ingersoll--searchable. Flynn, Tom Book Review 489
Mother (nature) dearest. Underdown, James 1031
My God problem: and theirs. Angier, Natalie 2641
New directions: Centers for Inquiry and human enrichment. Kurtz, Paul Editorial 1584
Oh, the humanity. Wroblewski, Julius Letter to the Editor 291
Optimum population: overcoming 'growthmania'. Grant, Lindsey 3300
Overpopulation? Fiddlesticks! There are no inherent limits to growth. Narveson, Jan 1612
Positive humanism. Cooke, Bill Book Review 653
Religion and morality. Halderman, Allan D.; Noebel, David A.; Walk, Steven; Kurtz, Paul Letter to the Editor 1178
Same-sex marriage moves ahead. Herrick, Jim Editorial 756
Texas church tax exemptions secure. Flynn, Tom Brief Article 154
That's a relief. Brief Article 103
The aging world. Ehrenfeld, Sylvain; Ehrenfeld, Phyllis Excerpt 388
The pope moves backward on terminal care. Singer, Peter 1003
The psyche of terror. Flynn, Tom Book Review 1110
The silent crisis: overview. Kuper, Alan 1327
Too many people: what is the optimum population of the U.S.? The world? Flynn, Tom Cover Story 3374
True church-state separation. Hitchens, Christopher 966
Victory in Lancashire. Cooke, Bill Brief Article 116
What population stabilization requires: restrict annual immigration to the U.S. Tabash, Edward 1165
What use is religion? Part 2. Dawkins, Richard 1544
Why no one ever dies. Lowry, Don 1140
World Baptists on the defensive as Americans pull out. Brief Article 230

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