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Free Courses From Financial Trading School Make Courses in Binary Options Accessible For All.

Individuals who have hoped to get a better understanding of finance and trade can now take free, comprehensive classes in general trading and binary options trading from the Financial Trading School

CINCINNATI, Dec. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Financial Trading School's courses on general trading and binary options trading are high-quality, comprehensive and free, meaning anyone who have ever been interested in the world of trading now has the chance to improve their understanding without breaking their budget.

Brian Nguyen created this online school with a selfless goal in mind. Nguyen explains, "I developed Financial Trading School for one reason and one reason only: to improve the learning experience for new and old traders alike."

Nguyen, who is a trading veteran, has improved the learning experience for all those interested in trading by structuring the lessons on binary options in a way that resembles university-level courses. The 100 level courses are introductory courses, covering topics such as the basics of binary options trading and basic trading strategies. These introductory courses also help students new to binary options trading learn the logistics of how things work, as well as the mechanics of trading. One reason how Nguyen has improved students' learning experience is by recommending that prerequisite and co-requisite courses are completed, as this is optimal for learning and presents the best outcomes.

Financial Trading School's 200 and 300 level courses introduce more challenging aspects of binary options. These courses include lessons on topics such as "Using Trend Lines," "Expiry Times," and "Chart Setups." The 400 level courses in binary options are the most advanced courses offered at the Financial Trading School, and introduce even higher thought processes.


Brian Nguyen, also known as FinancialTJ from his instructional YouTube videos, created the Financial Trading School to improve the learning experience for anyone interested in trading. What began as a series of video lessons on YouTube turned into a reputable online school with well-structured and informative lessons. For more information on Financial Trading School and the courses offered, visit

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Date:Dec 13, 2012
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