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Amritraj Gels U.N. post: Hyde Park Entertainment topper becomes Goodwill Ambassador. Jan 31, 2017 367
Champions of diversity, unity: the brisbane-based Asia pacific screen awards is celebrating its first decade and moving toward a more proactive future. Nov 15, 2016 734
Aaron Kwok: Hong Kong's Asian superstar. Nov 8, 2016 962
Chinese TV, locally made: HBO Asia is in production on a pair of original movies. Aug 16, 2016 388
Is Hollywood losing its punch in China? Apr 19, 2016 898
40 Years of Global Cinema Celebration: from classic Asian pics to today's grand masters, fest is a must. Mar 8, 2016 843
Inclusive and exclusive: The Asian Film Awards hit 10th anniversary with burnished credibility and glamorous home. Mar 8, 2016 708
Major Asian market woos film suitors: Indonesia overturns barriers to foreign ownership, but hurdles to box office growth remain. Mar 8, 2016 853
In Asia, Netflix opts for trial by fire: streaming service goes global, faces unfamiliar challenges in wildly different regional markets. Feb 3, 2016 844
Disney Empire runs into local Asian force: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' wows audiences in China, but key nearby territories are immune. Jan 19, 2016 690
Hollywood fights for China film slots. Dec 15, 2015 378
Co-prod passage to china looks bumpy: foreign producers need to study the market first. Nov 3, 2015 621
Making film history: diverse company helped shape booming Chinese film biz and is poised to change the local market. Nov 3, 2015 1238
Wall Street bets on growth of INDIA TV: Videocon d2h set to ride the wave of households hooking up to direct-to-home satellite services. Oct 6, 2015 777
The man behind Chinas 'monster' hit: Raman Hui honed his skills in the U.S., but returned to Hong Kong to make a movie for mainland crowds. Interview Aug 11, 2015 633
Middle kingdom giant serves middle class: Fosun Int'l investment spurt in moviemaking reflects its strategy to grow into sectors that interest Chinese consumers. Jun 23, 2015 682
Chinas role in online world on the rise: Tencent's digital guru SY Lau talks about being honored by Cannes Lions, China's digital rise and the his group's mission. Interview Jun 16, 2015 430
Twin Giants: IM Global has worked to dig deep independent roots in India and China. May 12, 2015 1125
Golden Film Hub: Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary as pic biz builds on local talent taking chances and creating hits. May 12, 2015 698
Necessity was mother of success: company's international chief Kini Kim witnessed fast evolution. Interview May 12, 2015 464
Growing pains, some gains at Beijing fest: fifth edition shows promise, but falls short of world-class status. Apr 28, 2015 413
New exhibition era dawns in China Hong Kong mainstay is poised to reap the benefits of its buildup as an Asian power. Company overview Mar 17, 2015 1030
Playing to Global Demand: company's biz plan sparked Hong Kong's Golden Era. Company overview Mar 17, 2015 420
Asian biz grabs the spotlight: Hong Kong's FilMart is not just a gateway to China--it's a portal to the whole regional film industry. Mar 17, 2015 700
China's world beaters: a quartet of Middle Kingdom conglomerates are in the process of revolutionizing the Chinese film industry and increasingly infiltrating Hollywood. Feb 3, 2015 3275
Asia's television hub: key players with big regional plans set up shop in Singapore. Dec 2, 2014 479
New Routes: into China: what works for some may not work for others, as indies look East. Nov 4, 2014 742
Reel Politik dominates Asian Biz: film industries in South Korea and China find growing reasons to work together. Sep 30, 2014 827
The Busan fest refines its cinematic mission: new films to discover and industry support mark sprocket opera's 19th edition. Sep 30, 2014 421
Youku Tudou ready to roll: online empire-builder sees more opportunities in cross-platform content. Interview Sep 2, 2014 815
Vithaya Pansringarm: a cinema latecomer, he may be Thailand's most exportable character actor. Brief article Aug 5, 2014 283
China exhibs say, 'hooray for Hollywood: U.S. majors recover B.O. ground in China, as year shows solid growth so far. Jul 22, 2014 1139
Locomotive of local change: after moving forward for nearly 2 decades, CFG eyes Hollywood and other overseas locales. Jun 24, 2014 1192
A global leap forward: China's mature dealmaking at Cannes proves it's a player on the world stage. Industry overview May 27, 2014 733
Conglom soars, stays in focus: founding siblings keep staff small as company diversifies. May 6, 2014 757
Extending reach through partnerships Wang brothers' pacts include even arch-rivals. May 6, 2014 502
Asia beckons euro giant: RTL Group takes cautious steps in burgeoning market. Apr 1, 2014 465
Breaking up the monopoly: new licensee promises a better split for Hollywood, but quotas remain--and the complex deal is not quite official. Apr 1, 2014 992
Hong Kong cinema's secret weapon: filmmaker Pang Ho-cheung is not afraid of a twisted plot--or a little skin. Apr 1, 2014 470
Ready for the Mainland: Hong Kong-based banner has grown and sets bigger sights on China. Company overview Mar 18, 2014 987
Hong Kong biz looks brighter: new talent gooses industry that is learning to work with the mainland. Mar 18, 2014 881
Pan-Asian biz can't vault great wall: money may flow across borders, but cultural and governmental hurdles impede true collaboration. Feb 18, 2014 644
China's contempo satirist has a golden touch: Feng Xiaogang churns out hits that capture his country's cultural trends. Feb 11, 2014 852
Korean giant eyes Asian domination: exhib CJ-CGV patiently grows in China, and digs into fast-growing 'frontier' markets. Jan 22, 2014 938
Cheng trades sword for personal saga: Sundance opener 'Lilting' marks a new, but familiar direction for a renowned Chinese star. Interview Jan 15, 2014 533
106-year-old Shaw produced kung-fu pics, 'Blade Runner'. Obituary Jan 15, 2014 430
Searching for the right mix: TV execs operating in Asia need to tailor content to local likes. Nov 26, 2013 494
Drama fiends: Korean programs and Asian animation from fresh places put pop in TV market. Brief article Nov 26, 2013 295
Nation needs producers, not pity: award-winning helmer says Afghanistan is brimming with talent, but its film industry needs support and structure. Interview Nov 12, 2013 560
Passage to China: CJ's Jeong Tae-sung is taking the Korean giant into new territories. Oct 29, 2013 550
Korea on the cusp of a new golden era: fresh talent and diverse pics draw big B.O. as local Indies make inroads. Statistical data Oct 1, 2013 880
Marketing tells the tale of two films: post-apocalyptic drama hits for CJ, but Showbox strikes out in Korea with baseball-playing gorilla. Oct 1, 2013 327
HBO Asia travels a new 'Road': Cabler's first original series features a range of detective stories with regional stars. Oct 1, 2013 357
Conflict rules in Hong Kong. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 136
In India, Disney goes Bollywood: Trio of local titles to get the studio's brand--with an eye to wider distribution. Sep 25, 2013 725
Enter the Dragon: China's evolving movie biz shows an increasing sophistication and diversity that challenges Hollywood to rethink its approach in the fast-growing territory. Sep 10, 2013 2100
Amid massive opportunity, China remains a reluctant partner: despite increased access for their-movies, and a territory that continues to grow, the studios face a number of headaches. Sep 10, 2013 731
'Tiny' gets big push: novelist Guo's first film taps Internet generation via audience research. Sep 10, 2013 588
Indian biz weathering fiscal storm: media and entertainment show growth despite currency drop. Sep 3, 2013 349
The art of the genre pitch. Aug 20, 2013 566
Cricket draws showbiz star power: Bollywood's best enjoying new roles as team owners. Brief article Aug 12, 2013 188
Singapore puts online on a leash: will protest by Western companies hurt its rep as a key int'l business hub? Jul 15, 2013 641
Hong Kong events hit by global fiscal woes: fest in coin scramble as gov't moves funds. Mar 16, 2009 634
Growth partners: the Hollywood-Asia marriage matures as U.S. studios embrace local prod'n. Mar 16, 2009 895
Commercial pics boost finance forum. Brief article Mar 16, 2009 258
Region eyes foreign buys. Feb 2, 2009 511
Taiwan makes concessions to auds. Brief article Jan 26, 2009 207
Melee in Mumbai could cuff media. Brief article Jan 19, 2009 230
... as China's huge growth fuels the Asian box office. Jan 19, 2009 714
Hong Kong's real-life TV drama: exec shuffles, politics shake webs. Jan 5, 2009 935
Net nagging. Brief article Dec 22, 2008 117
One venue, two worlds. Conference notes Dec 22, 2008 238
Arms wide open: co-prod'n deal with UTV an outgrowth of Smith's embrace of Indian culture. Dec 15, 2008 656
Asia's media under the gun. Dec 8, 2008 346
Hedging their bets: exhibs gamble on growth in some regions but global gloom may slow expansion. Dec 8, 2008 821
Singapore builds up private cash stash: government sets entertainment industry growth as priority. Dec 1, 2008 942
Gov't policy sets brisk pace for digital biz expansion. Dec 1, 2008 400
Mother-in-law of all finishes. Brief article Nov 17, 2008 233
Singapore: strong support system lures producers. Nov 3, 2008 451
India: learning to differentiate--or die. Brief article Oct 6, 2008 227
Moneymen showing lust for caution: despite some big-ticket deals, the road for Asian pic financing looks bumpy. Sep 29, 2008 1656
Pooches pinch pirates, press. Brief article Sep 8, 2008 158
Koreans key to screen doors: Pusan's refocused efforts put Asian product first while its industry initiatives open up access to region. Aug 25, 2008 413
H'w'd weighs China Yin-Yang: biz booming, but there are major hurdles. Aug 4, 2008 1401
CAA brings tenpercentery to Asia. Aug 4, 2008 1317
'Sonata' hits high note. Brief article Jul 28, 2008 217
Singapore slings pics: Hungry Ghost month sees spooky releases. Jul 28, 2008 443
Maven's healthy respect: medical web follows China prescription. Jul 21, 2008 564
Everybody's kung-fu fighting in H.K. Brief article Jul 14, 2008 161
Foreign exchange: H'w'd has iffy history of o'seas investors. Jun 23, 2008 929
Shanghai fest accents optimism. Jun 23, 2008 499
TVB auction action: Hong Kong's iconic web attracts bidders. Jun 23, 2008 766
A hot time in B'wood. Brief article Jun 16, 2008 145
China poised for starring role: Sino cinema emerging as leader in new pan-Asian B.O. scene. Jun 9, 2008 920
Regional B.O. rises as markets mature. Jun 9, 2008 1082
Pic, TV empire expands into new media models. Jun 9, 2008 786
Bollymation boom: animation pros expect India to lead the medium's next creative wave. Jun 2, 2008 748
Asia piggy bank has gobs of gold: India, China, Japan all show financial strength during Cannes. May 26, 2008 606
Sticky wicket for cricket rivals in India. May 12, 2008 594
Emerging from wreckage: it remains tough going for indie fare around the globe, but there are small gains in new markets. May 12, 2008 710

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