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Franklin County land transfers.

The following land transfers were filed recently in Franklin County.

* Seller, Tonya K. Dodson; buyer, James W. Richardson; Deed; Crisp Copple & Martins Add Benton Lot 123.

* Seller, Vicki Galloway; buyers, Carrie Scott trustee, Shirley Wilson irrevocable trust; Deed; Christopher Heights Add Buckner Lot Add 7; Christopher Heights Add Buckner Lots 3 & 4 Blk 7.

* Sellers, Gregory Bain independent executor, estate of Verna L. Bain; buyers, Bradley K. Jones Jr., Shawna C. Jones; Deed; Westbrook Add West Frankfort Lot 9 Blk 2.

* Seller, Robert Leslie Melliott; buyer, Franklin Investments Inc.; Deed; PT SW/4 SW/4 12-5-1.

* Sellers, Jesse Ryan Drew, Shayna Marion Marie Drew; buyers, David Burkholder, Lucille Burkholder; Deed; PT NW/4 NE/4 16-6-3.

* Seller, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; buyer, Brandin D. Kmucha; Deed; PT NE/4 NW/4 8-6-3.

* Seller, Tara Broy; buyer, David Cronin; Deed; PT SW/4 36-7-2.

* Seller, Jo Jo Maceri; buyers, Brenda Kay Maceri, Jo Jo Maceri; Deed; S M Boners 2nd Add West Frankfort Lot 1 Blk A.

* Seller, Charlotte A. Hemphill; buyers, Holly L. Ing, William G. Ing; Deed; PT SW/4 SE/4 13-6-3.

* Sellers, Rebecca Anne Berner, Dianna D. Swords; buyers, Dennis Tindall, Lori Tindall; Deed; SE/4 NE/4 9-7-1.

* Sellers, Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA successor, JP Morgan Chase Bank; buyer, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC; Deed.

* Sellers, Charles R. Smith revocable trust, Donna K. Smith revocable trust, Scott Allan Ralls successor trustee; buyer, Scott Allan Ralls; Deed; James M Joplins 1st Add Benton Lot 2; Joplins 2nd Add Benton Lot 6 Blk C.

* Seller, Barbara E. Cairel; buyers, Derrick J. Cairel, Frank M. Cairel; Deed; PT SW/4 NE/4 NW/4 NE/4 2-7-3.

* Sellers, Cynthia Britton trustee, Carol P. Anderson revocable living trust; buyers, Cynthia M. Britton, William R. Britton; Deed; PT NE/4 NE/4 19-6-3.

* Sellers, Jane S. Williams, June S. Williams, Marty E. Williams; buyers, Stephanie Beavers, Jason Beavers; Deed; PT NE/4 SE/4 29-7-2.

* Sellers, Deborah J. Canup, Joe M. Canup Jr.; buyers, Egena J. Hilliard, Thomas O. Hilliard; Deed; 3rd Add Valier Lots 7 thru 18 Blk 3.

* Sellers, Donald E. Carpenter, Sherry A. Clark, Vera M. Mills; buyer, And-Sand Future Investments LLC; Deed; Original Plat Zeigler Lot 12 Blk 3.

* Seller, Ronald C. Robertson; buyer, Patricia Shatzer; Deed; Blake-Harris Add West Frankfort Lot 7 Blk 7.

* Seller, Jon E. Clark; buyers, Dianna Hogue, Glenda Page; Deed; Original Plat Lindsay now Buckner Lot 23 Blk 1.

* Seller, Lester Snyder; buyers, Deborah Snyder, Lester Snyder; Deed; PT SE/4 NE/4 36 7-2.

* Sellers, Scott Karnes, Kim Odum; buyer, Cecil Dougas Karnes; Deed; PT NE/4 SE/4 25-7-2.

* Seller, Cecil Douglas Karnes; buyer, William Stanley Jr.; Deed; PT NE/4 SE/4 25-7-2.

* Sellers, Paul E. Adams, Rebecca G. Adams; buyers, Jason Cochrum, Laura Cochrum; Deed; Martin & Moores Add Benton Lots 7 & PT 8.

* Sellers, Georgia S. Hill trust, Brandon R. Hill co trustee, Robert S. Hill trust, Robbye Hill Toft co trustee; buyers, Randy R. Frank, Stacie L. Frank; Deed; Lincoln Heights Add Benton Lots 11 & 12 Blk 5.

* Sellers, Fred Carnevali living trust, Emma Rodriguez successor trustee; buyers, Bryant S. McCoy, Robin M. Richards; Deed; Sportsman Add 17-7-4, 18-7-4, 19-7-4, 20-7-4 Lot 2.

* Sellers, Mike Arview, Kristena Lintner-Arview; buyers, Jean A. Huie, John R. Huie; Deed; Moses Jordans Subd of PT NE/4 NE/4 23-6-1 Lots 5 thru 27.

* Sellers, John Edward Bonenberger, Rebecca Lynn Bonenberger; buyers, Brandon Scott Jones, Vanessa Paige Jones; Deed; McFalls 3rd Add Benton Lots 9 & 10 Blk C.

* Sellers, Josephine Correll; buyers, David Smith, Vickie Smith; Deed; County Surveyors Survey of Outlots in NW/4 NW/4 29-7-3 Lot 4.

* Seller, Ralph R. Lewis; buyer, Dynamite Road Service Inc.; Deed; PT SW/4 NE/4 23-7-2.

* Seller, L.C. Robertson; buyers, Lori Falatic trustee, M I L C irrevocable trust; Deed; S E Horrells Subd of PT NE/4 NW/4 & PT NW/4 NE/4 20-7-3 PT Lots 3 thru 5.

* Seller, County Clerk; buyer, Sabre Investments LLC; Deed PT SW/4 NW/4 7-6-4.

* Seller, County Clerk; buyer, S I Resources LLC; Deed PT SW/4 SW/4 19-7-2.

* Sellers, Jo Ann M. Golis, Joann Marie Golis; buyer, Larry D. Burns; Deed; 2nd Add Ritchasons Country Club Estates West Frankfort Lots 20 & 21; PT SE/4 SW/4 25-7-2.

* Sellers, Eva Apolinar, Vera Oro; buyer, Ann Elizabeth Chance; Deed; L E Humphreys Add Royalton Lots 3 thru 6 Blk 3.

* Seller, C. Keith Vaughn; buyer, Williamson Energy LLC; Deed; PT SW/4 NW/4 17-5-3.

* Sellers, Madyson Whittington supervised administrator, estate of Deborah Ann Dial; buyer, Madyson Whittington; Deed; McFalls 3rd Add Benton Lot 21 Blk D.

* Seller, Steven Lee Bradley; buyer, Jeff Jones; Deed; PT SW/4 NW/4 17-5-3.

* Seller, Morthland Business Enterprises LLC; buyer, Southern Illinois Bank; Deed; PT NW/4 NE/4 23-7-2.

* Sellers, Carl A. Kaskie co independent administrator, Darrell G. Kaskie co independent administrator, estate of Valda Ree Kaskie; buyer, Darrell G. Kaskie; Deed; Zeigler Coal Cos 2nd Add Zeigler Lots 21 & 22 Blk 2.

* Seller, Tyler Hopkins; buyer, Robert Wayne Frye; Deed; PT SW/4 SE/4 10-6-3.

* Seller, State Bank of Whittington; buyer, Bonita Wininger,

Donald Wininger; Deed; Lincoln Heights Add Benton Lots 7, 8 & PT 6 Blk 4.

* Seller, David McCollum; buyer, Bill G. Rone; Deed; Walter S Akins Add Benton PT Lots 5 & 6.

* Seller, Captain Prak; buyers, Andrew Prak, Roseanne Prak; Deed; Browning & Jones 2nd Add Christopher PT Lot 5.

* Seller, Sheriff of Franklin County; buyer, Bank of America NA; Deed; 17 CH 35; Colemans 3rd Add West Frankfort Lot 1 Blk 1.

* Seller, Willian R. Little; buyer, Deanna R. Veteto; Deed; George W Murphys Add West Frankfort Lot 6 Blk B.

* Seller, Lutheran Senior Services; buyers, Patricia J. Cummings, Maggie A. Markham; Deed; F W Dimmicks 2nd Add West Frankfort Lots 8 & 9 Blk 2.

* Sellers, Jennie L. Brown, Timothy S. Brown; buyer, Robert Goins; Deed; SE/4 NE/4 20-6-1.

* Sellers, Bob R. Stone, Irma Jean Stone; buyer, Zachary R. Stone; Deed; Richview Add West Frankfort Lot 21 Blk 5.

* Seller, Barbara E. Cairel; buyers, Derrick J. Cairel, Frank M. Cairel; Deed; PT SW/4 NE/4 & NW/ NE/4 2-7-3.

* Sellers, Loutricia L Brock, Ronald D. Brock; buyer, Siti N. Baker; Deed; 1st Add Orchard View Add Benton Lots 9 & PT 8 Blk 4.

* Sellers, Thomas S. Malkovich, Stanley William Jr.; buyers, Mark W. Saunders, Sandra D. Saunders; Deed; Orchard View Add Benton PT Lot 2 Blk 22.

* Sellers, Blake A. Shelton, Brenda J. Shelton, Donnie E. Shelton, Susan L. Shelton; buyers, Blake A. Shelton, Susan L. Shelton; Deed; North Side Add Frankfort Heights now West Frankfort Lots 1, 2, & 10 Blk 1.

* Seller, Michael J. Newberry; buyer, State Bank of Whittington; Deed; Subd of SW/4 SW/4 14-6-1 & SE/4 SW/4 14-6-1 & PT NW/4 NW/4 23-6-1 PT Lot 6 Blk 4.

* Sellers, Dewayne Kirkman, Dwayne Kirkman; buyers, Teresa Rubenacker, William Rubenacker; Deed; PT SW/4 18-6-3 PT Lot 30.

* Seller, Robert S. Munday; buyers, Lonnie P. Hart, Mary L. Hart; Deed; Rea Brothers 1st Add Benton Lot 8 Blk B.

* Sellers, Danielle E. Harmon, Danielle E. Meyer; buyer, Michael P. Good; Deed; J W Royalls 3rd Add Royalton Lots 10 & PT 9 Blk 6; J W Royalls 3rd Add Royalton Lots 8 & PT 9 Blk 6.

* Sellers, Jerry Wayne McDowell, Margaret Elaine McDowell; buyers, Brittney Needham, John Needham; Deed; J W Royals 3rd Add Royalton Lots 6 & 7 Blk 5.

* Seller, William Scott Sandusky; buyer, Jerry Garbo; Deed; PT SE/4 SE/4 34-6-2.

* Sellers, Judith Ann Prather independent executor, estate of Samuel Harper Kirk; buyers, Susan Jane Frassato, Nancy Ellen Hester, Charles Samuel Kirk, Judith Ann Prather, Connie Darlene Wanack; Deed; 2017 P 47; 1st Add Sesser Lots 14 & 15 Blk 1.

* Seller, Mark W. Doggett; buyers, Mark W. Doggett, Stacy Doggett; Deed; PT NW/4 & PT SW/4 24-7-1; PT SW/4 NW/4 SW/4 24-7-1; Zeigler Coal Cos 8th Add Zeigler Lots 6 thru 8 Blk 1.

* Seller, John E. Holland; buyer, Linda A. Holland; Deed; Zeigler Coal Cos 6th Add Zeigler Lot 8 Blk 1.

* Sellers, Joan Kerrone trust, Cathy Richey successor trustee; buyer, Reginald Shelton; Deed; PT SW/4 NW/4 9-7-3.

* Sellers, Julie A. Ridgeway, Rocky Lane Ridgeway; buyer, Don Bethune; Deed; PT SE/4 NE/4 30-7-3.

* Sellers, Kevin Simpson, Valerie Simpson; buyer, Lucas C. Allen; Deed; Peter Wastiers 7th Add West Frankfort Lot 8 Blk 1.

* Seller, Aquiline Acres; buyers, Ameren Illinois, Ameren Illinois Company; Deed; PT SE/4 23-7-2.

* Seller, Marilyn Davis; buyer, Jeremy Michael Joplin; Deed; Plat of Whittingtons Subd being Subd Lots 181, 182, & 183 Crisp Copple & Martins Add Benton Lot 4.

* Seller, JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association; buyer, Ronald Perry; Deed; PT NE/4 NW/4 20-7-3.

* Sellers, Paige Riechman, Shaun Riechman; buyers, Christina M. Roach, Robert D. Roach; Deed; W W McFalls 2nd Add Benton Lot 5 Blk A.

* Seller, Castlerock 2017 LLC; buyer, Richard Eickelman; Deed; 5th Add Valier Lots 7 thru 14 Blk 21.

* Sellers, Jimmy Dean Hosick, Myra Hosick; buyer, Charlie Pauls LLC; Deed; Martin & Wards Add Benton PT Lot 1
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