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Frankford Arsenal Electronic Digital Caliper.

I sometimes think of myself (and often regarded by others) as somewhat of a dinosaur. I think the 1950s were the best and the older classic firearms stir my heart, soul, mind and spirit more than 21st century types even though the latter are held to tighter tolerances, are stronger and most of the time even shoot better.

This is one dinosaur who has not only entered the electronic age, but could not function without it. My articles are written on a voice-activated computer, I take pictures with a digital camera and then both articles and pictures are burned on a CD and sent to the magazine in a priority mail envelope with postage printed off the Internet. I also use a digital scale to set my powder measure for reloading and, on those rare occasions when our electricity is off, I'm out of work.

However, my digital equipment does not stop there. I have several chronographs with LCD displays, a rangefinder and a trigger-pull gauge, all battery operated and all of which make my work so much easier. One of the handiest items on the reloading bench is a set of calipers. I started with dial calipers and as soon as possible graduated to Electronic Digital Calipers. Battenfeld Technologies offers the Frankford Arsenal Economy Electronic Calipers at a most reasonable $50 price.

This digital caliper features an easy to read LCD which can be set for either inches or mm with a range up to 6". I use electronic calipers for measuring such items as bullet diameters and lengths, case lengths, loaded cartridge lengths, and cylinder and barrel diameters. When working with case expansion of unknown loads, it also helps to give some idea of pressures and these can be easily measured with an electronic caliper. This most handy tool comes packaged in a sturdy plastic case complete with an extra battery.




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Title Annotation:QUARTERMASTER
Author:Taffin, John
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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