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Frankenstein's given Dan a real chemistry with his hero James; HOGWARTS TO HORROR RADCLIFFE ON BEING ASSISTANT TO McAVOY'S SCIENTIST Monster role highlights the expanding CV of Potter star as he continues to make fans sit up after playing gay, disturbed and nude characters.


FOR fans of Harry Potter and X-Men, a new movie finally brings together a dream duo - Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.

It is a dream for Radcliffe, too, as Scots actor McAvoy is one of his idols and proved an inspiration as he was growing up on screen from boy wizard to established star.

"I'm pleasantly nervous," admitted 24 year-old Radcliffe, on being on screen alongside McAvoy.

And so he should be. The two men have teamed up for a version of the horror classic Frankenstein, with McAvoy in the title role and Radcliffe as Igor, his assistant. Based on Mary Shelley's 19th-Century novel, this version is described as a tale of friendship and redemption told from the perspective of Igor.

Radcliffe was cast in the role from an early stage but finding the right man to play Frankenstein was less straightforward.

Names linked to the role included Boardwalk Empire star Jack Huston, until McAvoy, 34, stepped in and snagged the part.

Radcliffe said: "We've had one rehearsal and he's fantastic. After one session I can tell he works the same way as me and wants the same thing. There's real chemistry."

STAR James plays Frankenstein " Radcliffe spent 10 years starring in Harry Potter, the highestgrossing film series in history. Along the way, he looked to older actors as rol models - including McAvoy. While Radcliffe was practising spells, McAvoy was starting to make a name for himself on TV shows such as Shameless, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and Last King of Scotland. "James was somebody I looked up to," he admitted.

Rather than master and servant, Igor and Frankenstein have "a brotherly relationship", while Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay has landed the female lead as Lorelei, a beautiful circus performer who forms a close bond with Igor.

Radcliffe said: "It will not be called Frankenstein because that name is owned by another company but it's basically the story of Frankenstein and Igor, his hunchback assistant, and it's a mad retelling of the story."

The film is due to be released in 2015 and Radcliffe has high hopes of his souped-up creature feature, written by Max Landis.

"It's the most original script I've read since finishing Potter," he said.

The new take on Frankenstein is a big Scots project, since it's being directed by Glaswegian moviemaker Paul McGuigan.

"He is best known for films such as Gangster Number One and Lucky Number Slevin, as well as the hugely popular Sherlock Holmes series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Radcliffe said: "Scotland is wellrepresented on this set although James is going to have a posh English voice, so I apologise to Scotland for that."

However, he jokes that with so many Scots accents on set, he might learn a lot of new words -"although none that Robbie Coltrane didn't teach me."

His relationship with Coltrane on the Potter set began when Radcliffe was just 12. As half-man, halfgiant Hagrid, Coltrane was a beloved part of Potter mythology, but that didn't stop Radcliffe from testing him with the sort of groan-worthy jokes that children love.

The actor's youthful love of pranks also left Coltrane lost for words - especially when Radcliffe changed the language settings on his mobile, leaving Coltrane unable to make calls.

With his phone set to Turkish, nobody could work out how to change it back - until a make-up artist with a Turkish Cypriot family found out how to swap it back.

It's been three years, four movies, one TV series, a Broadway musical and a West End play since Radcliffe last donned those glasses but he insists he's still grateful to the series.

A canny deal struck by his parents means the films have made him one of Britain's wealthiest actors with a fortune estimated at PS60million. Yet he says it has been a struggle at times to wave a magic wand and convince movie directors that there's more to him than boy wizardry.

"If anybody thinks that it was all on a plate for me since the finish of Potter, that certainly was not the case," he said firmly.

Frankenstein is Radcliffe's biggest movie since Potter, although he had a huge hit with the creepy horror, Woman in Black and danced his way through a year-long musical on Broadway.

Next is horror thriller Horns, where he stars as a man who sprouts horns, followed by his first romantic comedy, The F Word.

He is currently playing hip 60s poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings.

The fast-talking, friendly actor is thrilled with the response to his performances, although it's been slightly clouded by the interest in his gay love scene with True Blood star Dane DeHaan in Kill Your Darlings.

"It saddens me that I'm getting so many questions about our kiss", he said.

Radcliffe is used to making fans sit up and take notice. When he was 17 he appeared in Equus, a stage play that required him to appear nude every night.

"I played a character who blinds six horses with a metal spike and who is deeply disturbed," he recalled.

"But I didn't get half as many questions about whether I thought that was a bad thing to do, compared to Kill Your Darlings."

If anybody thinks that it was all on a plate for me, that was not the case DANIEL RADCLIFFE


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Date:Dec 5, 2013
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