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Frankenmuth beer wins in Germany.

Besides winning awards in the United States, Frankenmuth beers have now won international laurels, according to the Michigan-based brewer.

At a recent taste competition in Brodenbach, Germany, Frankenmuth Pilsener and Dark were awarded first prize in their respective categories. It was the first time that Frankenmuth products were entered in a European competition.

"It is a special honor from Frankenmuth Brewery that in a country where the world's best beers are produced, Frankenmuth beers received top honors," commented Fred Scheer, Frankenmuth brewmaster.

Scheer added that in the brewery's five years, Frankenmuth beers have been awarded a total of four medals at the last three Great American Beer Festivals. Two of those medals, for Dark and Bock beers, were gold medals, Scheer said.

"Recognition from a country that is known for its beer reinforces our pride in Frankenmuth beers," noted Randy Heine, Frankenmuth's owner.
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Title Annotation:Frankenmuth Brewery Inc.'s Frankenmuth Pilsener and Dark
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 21, 1992
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