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The colorfully designed DUET is a wheelchair bicycle tandem that combines the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design. It's the exhilaration of the wind rushing by your face as friends and family ride together!

Freedom to enjoy the great outdoors like never before! The DUET creates recreational opportunities no other product can provide. The DUET's "go-anywhere" ruggedness and unique design are appealing to people of all ages and abilities. Everyone wants a ride!

The standard low geared three speed hub enables easy and comfortable pedaling to ensure maximum maneuverability with minimum effort. A seven speed version is also available for more avid bike riders. Both models are available with an electric pedal assist motor. The electric assist works for you when you need it most as you pedal up steep hills and for those extra long rides. Simply turn if off when you desire more exercise!


The DUET is designed to promote active safety. The easy pneumatic-assisted steering provides light handling while three braking systems ensure complete control at all times. The wheelchair is equipped with drum brakes operated by the bike rider's hand controls. Back pedal brakes are also in place for added braking security. A parking brake provides stability when climbing on and off The DUET. The "tricycle" design concept creates a stable ride and when stopping for traffic, there is no need to worry about tipping or trying to balance as the bike sits on all three wheels at the same time.

The wheelchair's low center of gravity provides superior weight distribution and overall stability. This feature also makes it easier for smaller riders to climb aboard! The standard gel seat has an adjustable range of 8 inches and is comfortable for long rides. The DUET has been safety tested and has passed US and Canadian government regulations.

Transparent spoke covers and hand shields are available options to keep wandering hands safe from moving spokes and tires.


In 1991, The DUET was one of three products named "Best New Product of the Year" by North American medical equipment dealers. The award winning ergonomic design of the seat shell provides optimum positioning for the passenger while minimizing surface pressure and reducing the risk of pressure sores. The DUET seat supports the back in a natural position and aids in passenger relaxation.

The wheelchair seat upholstery is removable, washable and durable. Velcro strips hold the padding in place.

The headrest can be adjusted up and down, side to side or forward and backward to ensure a comfortable ride for the passenger. The footrest is also adjustable in the same manner, allowing The DUET to grow with your child. Swing Away Brackets allow the footrest to swing to either side making it easier for passengers to be seated. For passengers under five feet tall, a Childrens Footboard is available to bring the footrest to their level.


The DUET accommodates "kids" from ages 2 to 95 and all sizes from 20 to 275 pounds! It can be comfortably customized for almost anyone and the quick release coupling system allows you to stop and take part in other activities whenever you want. The wheelchair is easy to use on its own and with the optional push-rims, the wheelchair passenger can move around independently.

The DUET can even be ordered without a seat to facilitate customized prescription and special orthopaedic seats, although the majority of DUET owners find the standard seat shell comfortable, practical and medically appropriate.

A variety of accessories can be ordered to customize your DUET and make the ride more enjoyable for the rider and the passenger from extra safety belts to sun cover and wind protection for the passenger.


Riding The DUET is beneficial for everyone from mentally or physically challenged to pediatric or geriatric passengers. The sensation of the wind blowing in your face, the thrill of riding in the countryside, down a mountain, or through the city park on such a "neat" machine is therapeutically stimulating to the senses. The cyclist can easily communicate and supervise the wheelchair passenger and get some exercise at the same time!

More and more facilities are adding The DUET to their activity program. The DUET has been clinically proven to reduce symptoms of depression among nursing home patients when used as part of a specialized biking program. Please contact us for more details regarding this program.

You'll see smiles everywhere you go--everyone wants a ride!
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