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Frank Jones Brewing comes home again.

Frank Jones Brewing comes home again

After an absence of 74 years, the city of Portsmouth, NH, has welcomed the return of the Frank Jones Brewing Co.

Upon hearing of the brewery's return, Portsmouth Mayor Eileen Foley said the brewery brings with it a sense of real excitement and prosperity.

"After all," Foley noted, "a hundred years ago the Frank Jones Brewing Company was the largest business in Portsmouth. We're all looking forward to an equally successful revival."

The company, headed by Frank Jones' great, great grand-nephew Don Jones, has returned to Portsmouth due largely to its historic ties to the city, the favorable economic climate and the city's help and financial assistance in relocating the brewery.

Credit for the brewery's homecoming must also be given to the dedicated work of Portsmouth's economic director James Pereira and Coldstream Real Estate Advisor's David Choate III, according to Jones.

Another factor in the brewer's decision was the availability of the Frank Jones Brewing Co's original source of water. Jones built an aqueduct for the first brewery in the 1880s in an effort to tap into the area's calcium-rich waters - the best water for brewing fine ales. Today, that water still can be found in the city.

The new brewing facility will be headquartered in the Portsmouth Industrial Park in a 25,000-square-foot facility. According to Jones, up to 35 jobs will be generated when the brewery reaches full capacity.

The first ales from Frank Jones are expected to be available to consumers later this fall, while the plant's finishing touches will be completed by early 1992.
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Title Annotation:Portsmouth, New Hampshire's Frank Jones Brewing Co.
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Date:Nov 18, 1991
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