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Frank Gerwer.


SO I'M AT MY HOUSE and Staba calls me up. "Come over! Sam Smyth's here and he's gettin' a tattoo--I'm tattooin' an Uzi on him!" "Alright. I'll be over in a little bit. Lemme hop on the bus." John Alden and I take off to Staba's place, get a pint--we're not even drunk at this point. We're just getting warmed up for the tattooing. John eats shit on the way, which is par for the course if you know him. We arrive just as Sam's finishing up with getting inked. I'm like, "What the fuck, dude? The trigger's on backwards! You got a Polish trigger! Alright, give me an Uzi tat too, but I don't need no Polish trigger." He's drilling it onto me, one of the sketchiest Uzis ... It looks like a water pistol. Since he'd given me a regular trigger, I got NPT under mine--for No Polish Trigger--but I had him do the "P" backwards to compensate. It's one of my favorite tattoos because it's so stupid and was done with such haste.

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Title Annotation:Ink Blot
Date:Oct 1, 2010
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