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Francistown youth sees beyond waste.

Despite her qualification in a totally different field, Ms Boemo Tiragalo, 27, has ventured into a business of recycling waste material to use in designing different appealing fashion accessories.

The young lady holds a Degree in Tourism and Hospitality from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

That qualification did not deter her from exploring other available opportunities that are out of her line of qualification.

She uses waste materials such as old magazines, newspapers, card boxes and pieces of cloths to design hand bags, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The pieces of cloth are used to revamp old hand bags and shoes, covering them to give them an appealing cover and her main idea in venturing into this was to become independent and tackle the unemployment rate, which in most instances affected them as the youth.

In an interview, the Francistown- based youth explained that while some people took it that old magazines and card boxes were a waste, she felt the needed to re-use and recycle them for a good cause.

She said staying at home doing nothing making excuses of not getting a job despite holding tertiary qualifications was not her style.

Ms Tiragalo embarked on this production to have eligible ways of generating income that could ultimately help her make ends meets for her family.

She instantly pointed out that since she ventured into this kind of business two years ago, she had never gone wrong as the profits she accrued were satisfactory.

When Ms Tiragalo first carried a feasibility study upon what she intended to embark on, she realised that women would be her target audience.

'Females were fascinated by fashion and these accessories I manufacture compliment their outfits. For those who prefer traditional attire such as German prints famously known as leteisi, they normally opt for necklaces and earrings manufactured out of the matching material,' she said.

She noted that she had been a sought after designer for fashion accessories for the past two years in the second city of Francistown.

'When I make my accessories from the waste materials, I end up applying a glazing coat so as to make them water resistant and give them a shiny appealing colour,' she said.

'Designing these accessories is relatively simple as I roll out the cut papers into tiny balls and thereafter join them using a needle and a matching thread,' she explained.

Ms Tiragalo operates from her home in Bluetown and the support she receives from the general public is satisfactory.

She said her business had grown in leaps and bounds as a result of marketing it through word of mouth as well as when people pass by.

An interesting thing with this self-made business woman is that she gives her customers a room to express their feelings when they place orders.

'I always interact with my customers for them to feel free and I pay attention to their expectations on what kind of the accessories they want so that they get satisfied,' she said emphasising that in business, customer satisfaction is imperative.

The youthful and determined entrepreneur observed that starting a business was not an easy thing as there would always be obstacles ahead but such should not discourage one to attain his or her ambitions.

She stated that becoming an entrepreneur requires one to persevere, be determined, passionate and have the desire to succeed despite the circumstances one could face in the business world.

Most people dismissed her/labelling her attention seeker when she opted to make good use of waste materials.
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Publication:Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, Botswana)
Date:Jun 13, 2018
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