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Further to the general assembly of 23 May 2011, the Board of the French Group changed. Elizabeth Giuliani, head of the Departement de la Musique in the BnF, was elected as president. The Vice-Presidents are Isabelle Gauchet Doris and Laurence Decobert, the Secretary is Christiane David, and the Treasurer is Nicolas Renoult. We have 81 members: 54 institutional and 27 individual.

In 2011, the French group developed activities of two types: participation in professional meetings that it organizes or in which it collaborates; publications on its website or in its printed Bulletin.

* We have been very active in terms of professional meetings. For example: the annual meeting of ACIM (Association pour la cooperation des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation musicale), took place on 28 to 29 March 2011 in Auxerre (Burgundy). The programme was: La mediatheque: un carrefour de la vie musicale (The Media Library: A Crossroads of Musical Life). Dominique Hausfater led a Round Table on the " Vitality of Musical Heritage Holdings " and Helene Perret, who is in charge of the Music section of the City Library of Auxerre, presented the publication of the catalogue of 17th and 18th century scores, and the musical performances from these scores.

* Lobbying inside IABD (Interassociation des bibliotheques, archives et centres de documentation), available through its site (, asking for a rebalancing of restrictive measures in recent laws regarding copyright in digital context, etc for the benefit of libraries and public cultural institutions.

* Participation in the technical groups within the AFNOR (French national association for standardization) for the adoption of RDA, in contact with EURIG (European RDA interest group)

AIBM professional meetings included the following:

* On 18 November 2011 in the Conservatoire national superieur de musique et de danse de Paris, a meeting that asked How We Can Share Electronic Information Resources About Music. French and foreigners librarians in educational establishments of music, representatives of ministries, and some users drew up a current "etat des lieux": detailing the difficulties in reaching such resourcesand the rarity of documentary information, which illustrated its very uneven dissemination in France. They finally had a debate on possible solutions, particularly through consortium or through national licencing of cooperative acquisitions.

* On 16 April 2012 in the Conservatoire a rayonnement departemental de Mantes en Yvelines (near Paris), the annual professionnal day was dedicated to New Services And Tools for The Public Inside and Outside of Music Libraries. We discussed the methodological point of view (how can we know the public and its expectations), and gave the practical example of new activities in the Strasbourg public libraries (see the article in Fontes Artis Musicae, issue 2), and the public level of BnF and Mediatheque of La Cite de la musique.

We regret to announce that this year, because of the change of chair and for lack of payment of the annual subsidy by the Ministry of Culture, the French Group did not succeed in publishing an issue of the Bulletin. On the AIBM website ( we were able to make a very important revision of the contents, in particular the section of "bookmarks"; revising the management tools of the contents and made a total transformation of the graphic display and browsing.

Elizabeth Giuliani

President, IAML (France)
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Author:Giuliani, Elizabeth
Publication:Fontes Artis Musicae
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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