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France is "poor value" for Brits.

SOME Brits seem to have made their minds up about the French without even visiting the country across the Channel.

Despite never having set foot in the country, as many as 49% of those surveyed by Post Office Travel Money felt it was not a value-for-money country. Of those who had been to France, only 50% thought it represented good value.

Based on responses from 2,085 UK adults, the survey showed that of those countries in which holidays had been taken, Turkey was seen to be the best value-for-money destination, followed by mainland Spain, Greece and Portugal. Based on perception rather than actual visits, the country seen as offering the best value was Bulgaria, followed by Turkey, mainland Spain and Croatia.

Of countries not visited, Dubai was bottom of the list, with only 38% deeming it a good value-for-money destination.

Turkey was the destination to which most people would return. Around two-thirds of people who had been before said they would go back, while 63% would return to mainland Spain. But - on a value-for-money basis - only 29% would go back to Dubai, only a third would return to France and only 40% would make another trip to Italy.

The survey also showed that, on average, people set aside PS552 in spending money while on a break but overspend by PS242. Also, 27% chose a destination as they had found it to offer good value on a previous visit.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: "Our new research shows the extent to which value is a determining factor in destination choice.

"Holidaymakers can best arm themselves with information that will help them make informed decisions about value by monitoring exchange rates to see where sterling has strengthened most this year."


The Eiffel Tower is a hit but Brits worry their money won't go far in France
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:May 22, 2014
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