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France : France commends Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for winning Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize which has just been awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet recognizes the successful democratic transition in Tunisia. It s also an encouragement to further support Tunisia in the ordeals it is going through, because they re not over yet. We saw this with the terrorist acts of recent weeks and months.

This prize recalls every Arab spring, and Tunisia s was let s acknowledge it the only one to have had this result, with indisputable elections and democracy established at last.

France, too, must learn every lesson from it and maintain cooperation with Tunisia at the necessary level: at economic level, in terms of tourism and also in terms of defence. A few days ago, an agreement was reached with Tunisia to support the Tunisians defence forces.

Europe and the world must also not simply hand Tunisia a prize but attach importance to the assistance that must be granted to Tunisia. Symbolic moments and endorsements are always very important, but there s also what we must do to enable Tunisia to go even further in the success of its transition.

This will be France s position, and I m happy today for all Tunisians, because I met these people, these organizations in the Quartet, before and after I became President. I know what this means, and I want to salute all those actively engaged, men and women because many women got involved who today have been given genuine recognition for what has been done in Tunisia.

At a time when other Arab countries are suffering because of wars and conflicts to bring down dictatorships, Tunisia can provide a fine example, including against terrorism. The Nobel Prize which Tunisia has been awarded also represents a battle against terrorism, which must be reaffirmed once more.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 10, 2015
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