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France : Business Mobilization for the Territories.

This is not a speech where I will come to make announcements and it is not classic for an event at the Elysee where many of you can sometimes meet to hear a policy reform speech that they drive or measures they would have or to undergo or accompany; on the contrary. I am simply here first and foremost to say thank you.

There are in this room - I recognize the familiar faces - first several government ministers and not least, public policy makers in the administration, important, social partners, leaders of employers' federations or employees extremely important, business leaders of the 100 largest French companies and major investors are present in this room, leaders of associations, young people, and our elected representatives of the Republic who took on their time.

I have rarely seen such a meeting at this level, I tell you very sincerely because often, when we make events of this type, forgive me this frankness, even when we are President of the Republic, often we have the numbers three or four, very quickly it fray. You are there at the highest level, you took your time, and sometimes your convalescences, thank you to the "square" - dear Patrick - to be present today. It means something. Not just for me; it also means something of the collective awareness that there is in the country.

The second thing is that, many reminded, they started to engage after the 2005 riots, because something had happened in the country. This time, we do it before. That does not mean that all is well, we must not be wrong, but we are a country a little particular who knows how to recover, do things in depth when he realizes that he is sometimes on the precipice. Things are going, in some parts of the Republic, badly, the fractures have reopened, but this time we did not wait for riots all over the country to mobilize us, and your presence today For me, it is physically, concretely, and so we need this commitment.

Then, through this mobilization, we show, I believe, something that is also part of what is the reinvention of public action. And let me share on this point, some convictions. We only speak in our country about laws. They are very important, some are being brought to Parliament, others are getting there, others have been conducted it gives the framework, a law. But once the law is over, we forget everything. And there is in public action, in a way, very little attention put to execution, to implementation.What you talked about today is just that, and all the business leaders, the association leaders, knew one thing: the strategy, the definition of it, its statement, is very well, but finally it's 10% of the work; 90% is the execution. If the execution is out of step with what we announced, it's over.

It's the same in public action. We can make big announcements, big plans, we made piles and lots, everyone has forgotten, I refused to do for neighborhoods. What matters is concrete action. We are also shaking up this cleavage, and the presence of parliamentarians shows this collective reinvention. It is not the law that counts, it is public action, what the sovereign people demand is this continuum.

The second thing is that this issue, it will not be treated only by public leaders, it is treated by the Nation - that's why this meeting has its good place here - the Government, the Parliament, the economic and social actors, the legitimate representatives of the social partners. It is this set that can provide a concrete response with our elected representatives of the territories, with all local authorities, which constitutes the very heart of the Nation. And the fact that you are here to engage, and by presenting the first elements, the first advances on this subject, for me testifies to this awareness and another cleavage that makes, in doing so, jump.

The other cleavage that is jostled is that which exists, to which I have never believed, before Congress, between the economic and the social. We are a strange country where we think that when we love employees, we must hate the company, when we love the social, we should prevent economic success. But we must not forget that there are also many places where economic success has forgotten territorial success, that of the rest of society. That's why I believe in this set, I wanted to translate it by this image of the rope, it displeases many, so I will continue to use it, because I think it speaks. The rope, there is one who climbs ahead!It is rare, for those who really mountaineering, that he is the one who really pulls those behind. He shows the catches. But finally it is not the leader who pulls the others on the rope! Everyone must go, asperity after roughness, take his own decision! But someone led the way. On the other hand generally, there is always one who ensures in a rope. And it is not the first who ensures.

I say that because a company that does not have its first roped, who does not have people who can lead the way in an economic sector, social, innovation, do not climb the wall; but when there is no one who ensures, the day it falls, it falls completely. This is what Anglo-Saxon societies are in the process of living and living; Brexit is one of the testimonies. When we think that this can be the success of a few and that we can forget the rest of the country, we are mistaken, because there is a democratic divorce at that time.

The fight that we are delivering all, this awareness that there was and that justifies your presence, your commitments, the actions that were announced today beyond what was presented - I really thank everyone for that - it's also the shared belief that a country can not succeed when just a few are successful. There must be successful ones who can continue to open paths, but we need everyone to find their place.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 25, 2018
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