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France, rulers of.

France, rulers of

Like earlier members of his house, Pepin the Short ruled the domain of the Franks as mayor of the palace on behalf of the ineffectual Merovingians; the

Carolingian dynasty began when Pepin set aside the last of the " do - nothing kings " and had himself crowned in 751. The monarchy was destroyed by the French Revolution, and the first Republic established in 1792. Napoleon became Emperor in 1804. He was eventually defeated, and the monarchy was briefly restored, to be followed by the Second Republic in 1848, and a Second Empire in 1852. The Third Republic, established in 1852, continued until World War II. In 1940, France fell to Germany. The Vichy government of unoccupied France was a tool of the Germans. The Germans were finally expelled from France, and, after a provisional government, the Fourth Republic was officially proclaimed in 1946. It was undermined by the unpopular colonial war in Algeria, and in 1958 Charles de Gaulle proclaimed the Fifth Republic.
             The CAROLINGIANS
Pepin III (the Short)               751- 768
Charlemagne                         768- 814
Louis I (the Pious)                 814- 840
Charles II (the Bald)               840- 877
Louis II                            877- 879
Louis III                           879- 882
Carloman                            882- 884
Charles III (the Fat)               884- 887
Eudes (Odo)                         888- 989
Charles IV (the Simple)             898- 922
Robert I                            922- 923
Rudolf                              923- 936
Louis IV                            936- 954
Lothair                             954- 986
Louis V                             986- 987

               THE CAPETS
Hugh Capet                          987- 996
Robert II                           996-1031
Henry I                            1031-1060
Philip I                           1060-1108
Louis VI                           1108-1137
Louis VII                          1137-1180
Philip II (Augustus)               1180-1223
Louis VIII                         1223-1226
Louis IX (St. Louis)               1226-1270
Philip III                         1270-1285
Philip IV (the Fair)               1285-1314
Louis X (the Quarrelsome)          1314-1316
John I                                  1316
Philip V (the Tall)                1316-1322
Charles IV  (the Fair)             1322-1328

            HOUSE OF VALOIS
Philip VI                          1328-1350
John II (the Good)                 1350-1364
Charles V                          1364-1380
Charles VI                         1380-1422
Charles VII                        1422-1461
Louis XI                           1461-1483
Charles VIII                       1483-1498
Louis XII                          1498-1515
Francis I                          1515-1547
Henry II                           1547-1559
Francis II                         1559-1560
Charles IX                         1560-1574
Henry III                          1574-1589

            HOUSE OF BOURBON
Henry IV                           1589-1610
Louis XIII                         1610-1643
Louis XIV                          1643-1715
Louis XV                           1715-1774
Louis XVI                          1774-1792

             FIRST REPUBLIC
National Convention                1792-1785
Directory                          1795-1799
Napoleon (Consul)                  1799-1804

              FIRST EMPIRE
Napoleon I                         1804-1814

             HOUSE OF BOURBON
Louis XVIII                        1814-1824
Charles X                          1824-1830

             HOUSE OF ORLEANS
Louis Philippe                     1830-1848

              SECOND REPUBLIC
Louis Napoleon                     1848-1852

               SECOND EMPIRE
Napoleon III                       1852-1870

From the deposition of Napoleon III, France has been ruled by a succession of political presidents. Those worthy of note will be found listed under their own names.
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