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Frame grabber.

The MVS-8501 frame grabber is designed for the next generation of highspeed analog cameras that use the latest progressive scan CCD sensor technology.

In addition to supporting doublespeed analog cameras, the unit is backward compatible with standard speed analog interlaced and progressive scan cameras. As a result, the MVS-8501 provides an economical platform for equipment builders and factory automation engineers currently migrating their PC-based machine vision systems to the new generation of 60 frame-per-second standard resolution analog cameras.

The CVL Software Developer's Kit can be used with the frame grabber to customize solutions for a variety of vision applications.

The unit provides real-time image transfer over the PCI bus to system memory for analysis. Independent direct memory access eliminates delays by allowing captured images to be processed at the same time other images are being captured.

The unit is a half-slot frame grabber that is PCI 2.31 compliant. It has an 8 MB FIFO for reliable image transfer and employs a high-speed 32-bit/33-MHz bus architecture.

Cognex Corp.

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Date:Feb 1, 2004
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