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Fraillon, Zana (text) Simon Swingler (illus.): Monstrum House--Locked In.

** FRAILLON, Zana (text) Simon Swingler (illus.) Monstrum House--Locked In Hardie Grant Egmont, 2010 170pp A$14.95 NZ$16.99 pbk ISBN 9781921564253 SCIS 1456387

Jasper McPhee's mother is a garbage collector and after the Principal of his school made an unfair remark about her occupation, Jasper used a whole lot of smelly garbage to decorate the inside of the Principal's car.

This is the last straw for the Education Department who have expelled Jasper from several schools, his overdeveloped sense of justice is interpreted by them to be rebellious and anti-social. He is sent to Monstrum House a kind of reform school for badly behaved children. It is not like any school Jasper has seen before though and it doesn't take long to find out just how different it is--the students of Monstrum House only have one subject to learn and it is not English or Maths, they have to learn how to hunt.

This is a book written for younger readers (810) and is followed by a sequel where Jasper and his friends have more scary adventures in their very extraordinary school with their very extraordinary teacher Stenka. Recommended. MM

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Author:Murray, Marilyn
Publication:Reading Time
Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 1, 2010
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