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Fragmented identity: high school.

The Art Problem

Construct your identity, one feature at a time. Draw each of your individual facial features including an eye, nose, lips, ear, and hair. Each will be drawn into a predetermined shape. Work with a range of pencil values to create a representational image of each.


1. Draw your features by looking carefully into a mirror. With your mirror move around the room to a secluded space; work without any conversation. Draw each individual feature into irregular shapes (like pieces of broken glass, puzzle pieces, or geometric shapes).

2. Look carefully at each of your individual features, observing details, lightness and darkness, etc.

3. Place these pieces into an interesting composition. Arrange all parts on one page with some parts overlapping to create depth and interest.

Guiding Questions

Have you effectively interpreted each of your own features? How does the composition contribute to the effectiveness and meaning of the work? What message about identity does the completed work convey?

ClipCard submitted by Joan Maresh, an art teacher at G.W. Carver High School for the Arts in Houston, Texas.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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