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Fr. Ted Colleton, dead at 97.


Canada, and the world, lost a great pro-life hero on the evening of Tuesday, April 26, 2011, when Spiritan Father Ted Colleton passed away at La Salle Manor, Toronto. He was born in Ireland where he was ordained in 1940 for the missionary order, then known as the Holy Ghost Fathers. He worked in Kenya until his expulsion by dictator Jomo Kenyatta in 1971.

Having arrived in Canada, he found more missionary work ahead of him in a country just on the brink of embracing the Culture of Death. So, he embarked on a career as a pro-life missionary, defending the unborn in whatever way he could, preaching and helping raise funds and also by practical action. A columnist for the Interim newspaper for over 25 years, he also contributed sizeably to the early pages of Catholic Insight magazine and wrote three best-selling books, one of them his autobiography. One of his more "radical" acts was to chain-close the gates of the Morgentaler abortuary during a protest in the 1980s. For this he was arrested and spent time in custody along with other heroes of the movement.

Father Colleton retired from active pro-life work in 2007, continuing to give his support in prayers and to make occasional appearances at such events as Life Chain. (His last time was in October 2010, in his wheelchair).

Campaign Life Coalition President Jim Hughes called Fr. Ted "a giant of a man, a giant of a pro-lifer." CLC national organizer Mary Ellen Douglas who has fond memories of his disarming Irish sense of humour, refers to him as "an exceptional, fiery speaker" who "left a lasting impression" on all who met him.

Fr. Colleton's funeral was held at the Spiritan parish of St. Joseph, Highland Creek, Toronto on May 3, 2011.

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Date:Jun 1, 2011
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