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Foxes are bred to be slaughtered; LETTER FROM THE PAST.

DURING the cubbing season, small children who have been taught to enjoy fox hunting during their 13 Hunt Pony Club lessons watch the massacre of fox cubs.

Many of the cubs are reared in man-made artificial fox earths in carefully-maintained fox coverts.

Frequently one of these fox coverts is adjacent to Hunt kennels - thus making absolute nonsense of the plea that fox hunting is necessary to keep foxes down. It would seem even hunting folk are secretly ashamed of cubbing - it takes place early in the morning when few can witness the slow massacre of defenceless animals by young hounds being trained to kill.

Furthermore, one can only attend cubbing upon the invitation of the Hunt Master.

Vera Sheppard, Alcester Birmingham Mail, September 7, 1974
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 28, 2014
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