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Fox offers tips on selling apartments.

Is there a more important time to lavish care on your home than when you're ready to move in? Yes, when you're ready to move out.

Well cared for homes -- even those needing renovations -- sell more quickly and at better prices, according to Barbara S. Fox, president of Fox Residential Group, Inc., a leading broker of luxury residential properties.

Paying attention to the details not only presents a welcoming image -- but also a reassuring one, suggesting that you have cared for the unseen systems such as plumbing, electrical and general maintenance, as well as the visible decor.

That's one piece of advice from Fox Group, which offers a series of tips to New Yorkers who are trying to sell their apartments and townhouses.

Fox outlines 10 easy steps to making your home more attractive - and more saleable. They are:

1. Do a thorough top-to-bottom cleanup of every inch of your home.

2. Repair and replace any water damage, mildew or other obvious damage or deterioration, especially where paint is chipping or peeling.

3. Replace existing light bulbs with higher wattage.

4. Keep the kitchen spotlessly clean with all dishes, pots and pans put into neatly arranged cabinets. Repair any broken cabinets, hardware, appliances and mirrors.

5. Keep bathrooms even more spotlessly clean. Regrout wall tiles and clean tile grout. Repair any broken cabinet, hardware or mirrors. Replace old shower curtains. Keep towels neatly folded.

6. Straighten all closets and remove excess clothing. The less crowded a closet, the larger it appears. Straighten shoes and clear off closet floors. Make sure closet lights are working.

7. Make sure your home is free of odors such as cat litter boxes, cigarette smells and cooking odors. Use potpourri, scented candles and/or room spray when needed.

8. Keep fresh flowers or plants in abundance to give your home a warm, "homey" feeling.

9. Keep your home as "neutral" as possible so potential purchasers can project their furnishings and personal taste into the space.

10. Pull black-out shades, curtains or blinds up to their highest point, or remove them completely.
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Title Annotation:president of Fox Residential Group Inc., Barbara S. Fox
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Jul 21, 1993
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