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Fox night.

One night you might see a fox by a

willow tree.

She might have food or a mate with


Sometimes you're not quite sure.

She moves so quietly in great balance;

I guess that's one of the fox's talents.

She comes every night to the tree;

Sometimes I sneak down, I think she

likes me!

But for the last few days she hasn't


It makes me wonder what's going on.

Three weeks went by,

"I give up," I sighed.

But one month later I heard little cries.

I jumped right up, and to my surprise,

I looked out the window by the willow


My fox brought some food and the

whole family!

Six pups she had,

And when she looked up at me,

I could tell she was glad.
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Author:Rimmerman, Rachel
Publication:Jack & Jill
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 1998
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