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 BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Fox Broadcasting Company today was awarded rights to broadcast the National Football League's National Conference television package for four years beginning in 1994, it was announced today by Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Inc.
 "FOX will be very proud and honored to broadcast the great American institution that is the NFL," Mr. Murdoch said. "We will bring to it our unique, high energy perspective in creating a new and better viewing experience.
 "FOX will assemble the finest sports division in the business to deliver to the American people the highest quality coverage possible. We will retain the best of what has been done before and build on it to make it even better.
 "We regard this NFC franchise as the crown jewel of all sports programming in the world and will give it our complete commitment.
 "Our winning the NFC package gives FOX and all its affiliates a totally new dimension. This is going to be a year-round partnership that will be beneficial to everyone involved, particularly the viewing public."
 The Perfect Partnership
 Why It Works
 FOX is an exciting new network that offers the NFL tremendous potential for the future. FOX brings to the NFL a seven-year track record of steady audience growth and programming expansion.
 FOX has built its reputation an appealing to men and women I8 to 54 years old and teens, people who will be the NFL's future core audience.
 The success of FOX is the most impressive story in broadcasting history in the past 40 years -- actually since the ABC network launched to compete with CBS and NBC. FOX has doubled its audience delivery in the few short years since it launched.
 FOX's unique, cutting-edge, aggressive brand image will have an immediate positive impact on the NFL.
 In contrast to the other networks, the NFL will be FOX's only sports commitment. FOX will build the highest-quality, most exciting sports division, and it will be entirely dedicated to the NFL.
 FOX's commitment to the NFL extends beyond the traditional football season. FOX will use the marketing expertise that successfully created the only brand name in television and apply it to aggressively promoting the NFL on a year-round basis.
 Viewers are familiar with the long tradition of tuning to FOX affiliates to watch major sports franchises (i.e., Washington Redskins, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Red Wings). FOX affiliates are ready and able to be an integral part of the weekly NFL TV schedule.
 What FOX Provides
 FOX is now programming with a full seven nights of prime time, morning, afternoon and late night time periods. FOX is a leader in young adult demographics, teens and kids.
 FOX is a major broadcast network in terms of coverage of U.S. TV households. Currently the 139 FOX affiliates reach 95 percent of homes in the U.S. If the 56 markets where affiliates of non-FOX networks carry FOX's NFL games, a coverage of 98 percent of U.S. TV households is projected.
 In many of the major markets -- 19 in total -- FOX is carried on a VHF channel. The remaining 120 are UHF.
 The FOX-owned stations are a powerhouse and key driver of the FOX network. This station group stands significantly above the station operations of ABC, CBS and NBC in terms of number of stations and total U.S. coverage. Only FOX can reach more than one-fourth of the homes with stations directly under our ownership and control. Our performance and aggressive growth and expansion of this station unit is a key difference and FOX advantage.
 FOX has successfully executed a positive game plan with the cable industry that assures our continued growth and success into the future.
 In today's television environment, the majority of homes watch via cable. As a consequence, the channel position FOX has on local cable systems is very important. FOX and our affiliates have successfully secured channel positions 2-13 on 86 percent of the cable homes in the U.S.
 Across all U.S. homes, cabled and un-cabled, 59 percent see FOX on channels 2 through 13.
 In addition to lower channel positions, brand identity for networks and the programs offered will become increasingly important.
 FOX's Powerful Brand image
 FOX has the most powerful brand image in television. Our image is very strong among young women and men, as well as teens and kids. In fact, FOX is the only broadcast network that has established a brand identity.
 A major New York-based advertising agency Lintas, did a study of which networks were preferred by young adults. Despite its brief history in comparison to the well established three other networks, FOX scored number one among young adults, its target audience. Viewers consistently referred to FOX as the network that is unique, new, different, the network that tries harder, willing to take chances, and setting the standards for tomorrow.
 FOX Delivers The NFL Audience In Prime Time
 FOX has the marketing muscle to the NFL's core audience on Friday and Saturday nights by having the most male viewers in every important demographic category. This audience base will provide the NFL with a commercial platform to maximize viewing in their Sunday afternoon games.
 The NFL-FOX Commitment Goes Beyond The Network
 News Corporation, FOX's parent company, is the third largest media company in the world. Its vast array of media resources, including the phenomenally successful Sky Sports in Great Britain, will serve to reinforce and strengthen the FOX-NFL partnership.
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