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Fowling up the hunting--Erie County.

ECO Mark Mazurkiewicz investigated a hunter harassment complaint by two hunters alleging that an Eden area man had interfered with their lawful waterfowl hunting activities. Responding to the complaint, ECO Mazurkiewicz joined the two hunters in their attempt to hunt Canada geese. Their allegations proved to be accurate. Soon after the hunters shot, a nearby homeowner came out of his residence with a chainsaw. As had been reported, the man started his chainsaw, held it over his head, revved it up, and start yelling as he walked toward the edge of the pond. The chainsaw was turned off as soon as an incoming flock of Canada geese flew away. The act was repeated when another flock attempted to land. As ECO Mazurkiewicz had previously warned the homeowner after a similar complaint, in this incident, the man was charged with interfering with the lawful taking of wildlife. The matter is pending in the Town of Eden Court.

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Title Annotation:On Patrol: Real stories from Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers in the field; a hunter harassment complaint by two hunters that their hunting activity is lawful
Publication:New York State Conservationist
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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