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Fowl idea: the Eglu-what every discerning bird should have.

Latest thing for suburban homeowners is to awake to the gentle clucking of chickens and a newly-laid egg or two for breakfast--all happening in your garden. Recently on the market, and already hitting cult status in Europe, US and the Far East, is the Eglu--stylish keep-at-home chicken coups definitely at the top of the pecking order of the yuppie brigade.

Move over good industrial design, good marketing and a very different idea can become a cult in a few months. That's exactly what manufacturer Omlet did with its new product.

Says Omlet Ltd in its marketing brochure: "Designer chic for the modern living concept produces a lot of interesting new things for urban life. Imagine that you want to have a chicken as a pet or that you can have fresh eggs directly from your own garden. The Eglu is the world's most stylish and innovative chicken house or is the perfect way to keep chickens as pets.

"The Eglu introduces fresh, great tasting food and a healthier lifestyle, making keeping chickens that lay delicious eggs easy and fun. The Eglu is the first ever major rethink of domestic chicken housing and will make keeping chickens straight-forward and fun for anyone."

The Eglu is also fox and other predator resistant. "Keeping a couple of chickens in your garden doesn't require a large investment of money or time, and you get fantastic-tasting eggs and a good feeling inside," says one of Eglu's designers, Johannes Paul. "We also wanted it to be as easy as looking after a goldfish but more rewarding than owning a dog."

People get attached to their chickens, Paul contends. "The give them names and buy them special treats at the supermarket. They end up spending a lot of time with their chickens." Price wise, expect to pay around $700 for the Eglu complete with two hens, fowl food and accessories.
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Title Annotation:Omlet Ltd. launches new pet housing facility
Publication:African Business
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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