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Fourth generation high performance CD-ROM drives from LMS.

Fourth Generation High Performance CD-ROM Drives from LMS

Last month, Laser Magnetic Storage International Company (LMS) debuted its fourth generation high performance CD-ROM drives, the CM 202 and CM 214. The CM 202 is a 5 1/4-inch half-height drive that offers a rapid access time of less than 350 msec, a 40,000 hour MTBF, embedded audio capability and one of the fastest serial interfaces. The CM 214 5 1/4-inch half-height drive features the same performance and reliability, compact disc audio capability and an embedded SCSI interface with 64 kByte buffer/cache standard (256 kByte optional).

The design of the CM 202 and CM 214 allows the user to play audio discs, change tracks and adjust the volume without the need for special software utilities and without interference with the host computer.

The drives include an integrated (patented) laser diode and detector module, which greatly reduces dust sensitivity while improving tracking performance and reliability.

Developed and manufactured in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the CM 202 and CM 214 are the only American-made CD-ROM drives. Targeted at OEM markets and other performance environments, the CM 202 and CM 214 are now available for evaluation. Production quantities will ship before year end.

LMS will offer both drives in plug-and-play subsystem configurations for Apple, PC and PS/2 environments, in 5 1/4-inch half-height and desktop models. In OEM quantities, the basic CM 202/CM 214 drives will be offered at prices under $350.

In a related announcement, LMS stated that is is increasing its product warranty to 24 months.

"The new warranty will apply to all CM 200 Series CD-ROM drives purchased in the future," said Arnold B. Wolfman, LMS vice president of marketing.

"A CD-ROM drive is a critical system component. Drive failures can prevent access to valuable information contained on the discs, some of which sell for more than $5,000," remarked Mr. Wolfman.

PHOTO : The CM202 (serial) and 214 (SCSI) high performance CD-ROM drives feature less than 350 MSEC average access, a 40,000 MTBF and embedded audio capability.

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Title Annotation:Laser Magnetic Storage International Co.'s CM 202 and CM 214 drives
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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