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Fourth and way long: And how was your day?

I was playing football with my friends and ran into the street to catch the ball. I didn't see a car coming, and the ball cracked the windshield. It was my crush's mom, and he and his buds were in the back. Now, the guys call me "the football-fumbling, street-running car crasher."

I was trying to impress my crush at gym by showing off my flexibility. I did a split and, when I stood up, he laughed at me. My pants had ripped! I had to wear a shirt around my waist the rest of the day.

At my church's Valentine's Day party, I wore a sparkly white dress. I got a cup of fruit punch and walked to where my date was sitting. These kids ran past me, and the punch spilled. My crush said, "I think you need to change." Red punch was all over my new dress.

I have a bottom locker, and my crush's locker is above mine. His locker was open, and I went head first into the corner of it. I fell on my butt, and he laughed at me. I was on the verge of crying.

A hot guy was walking in front of me. I tried to show off on my scooter--until I hit a crack in the sidewalk. I fell face first into a puddle.

I was shopping with my friend at the mall. She dared me to go to the dressing room and dress like a geek. When I came out, my crush was standing there with his friends. I had a pair of underwear on my head and a bra on over my shirt. On my way to the bathroom, I walked past my crush's classroom, was so distracted by him, I walked into the boys' bathroom by mistake. His class burst out laughing. I was the most talked-about person for a month.

I woke up one morning with black streaks all over my face. I had slept on my ink pen, and it leaked. I tried using cover-up, but it didn't work. At school, everyone looked at me funny. My crush walked toward me, saw my face and turned away! He still teases me.

My friends and I were out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I was psyched because I saw my crush at the next table. I sat down in my chair, and the whole middle fell through. I was stuck. It got quiet, and everyone turned to look at me. The waiter had to pull me up from the chair.

Instead of asking my crush out, I wrote a note and put it in his locker. Later that day, this geeky guy said, "I love you, too." I had accidentally put it in his locker. Ugh!

I was playing basketball with my buds, and my crush was on the next court. When he looked at me, I was dribbling and looking at the ground. I ran right into a pole. Ouch!

I was at the ice rink with my crush. I'm a pro skater, and he is so bad. As I went to do a jump, my crush came behind me and I hit him. He fell completely over! Oops.

I was biking around town and saw my crush up ahead. I looked at him and crashed into a tree. Smooth move!
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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