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Four rooms become two rooms...and two counters divide the new enlarged spaces.

Four rooms become two rooms . . . and two counters divide the new enlarged spaces

An open-plan house still needs specific areas for specific tasks. Creating large, free-flowing spaces was the key to Ellen Shenkarow and Mark Raven's remodel. Within their open plan, they still wanted spaces to serve as living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room.

Tucson architect Bob Nevins knocked out the walls between the pairs of rooms you see here and replaced them with cabinets. Though the cabinets define the room boundaries, they don't intrude on the sense of volume the open plan provides.

The two counters share the same support detail: oak feet that lift them off the floor. This enhances the feeling of openness, letting the floor run uninterrupted beneath the units. Between the somewhat formal living-dining room and the more casual kitchen--family room, the original wall and doors were unchanged.

The checkerboard tile floor in the kitchen (echoed in the backsplash) meets the family room floor at a diagonal slash near a small breakfast table, pictured at left.

Photo: Freestanding sideboard serves as "wall' between living and dining areas. Open display shelves tuck into living room side; drawers, shelves, and cabinet fill dining side, Painted unit has banded oak plywood top, oak feet

Photo: Look-alike counter demarcates kitchen from family space, with help from contrasting tile and hardwood flooring. Unit here has plastic laminate top, cabinets beneath
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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