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Four more fruity flavours from Treatt.

Treatt has unveiled the latest launches in its 100 percent natural TreattaromeTM range of clear distillates.

Black Raspberry Treattarome 9846, Marionberry Treattarome 9848, Pear Treattarome 9870 and Papaya Treattarome 9835 are the most recent additions to Treatt's expanding range of FTNF flavour ingredients. These new varieties offer flavourists added versatility to incorporate both unusual and traditional fruit flavours in a wide range of applications.

Black Raspberry Treattarome 9846 is wholly distilled from black raspberries, Rubus leucodermis or Rubus occidentalis and delivers an authentic and well-rounded black raspberry character.

The product provides a full black raspberry flavour profile with fruity and estery notes followed by a distinct, seedy character.

Varying dosage levels are possible. At 0.I percent, for example, it delivers an intense, seedy black raspberry character--fresh, creamy, floral, berry-like notes and fruity as a sole flavouring. At 0.05 percent or less, it confers a fruity, berrylike character with seedy undertones, which is excellent for fruit drinks.

A cross between Chehalem and Olallieberry blackberries, Marionberry captures the best attributes of both berries and yields an aromatic bouquet with an intense blackberry flavour.

Distilled wholly from Rubus Euhatus cultivars (minimum 90 percent Marionberry), Marionberry Treattarome 9848 delivers a unique and complex flavour profile with an underlying earthiness, hints of sweetness and a lively tartness.

Pear Treattarome 9870 is distilled from European pears, Pyrus communis. From the fruit ester top notes to the warm succulent back notes, this essence provides a complete, well-rounded and fruity pear flavour to a wide range of applications, including beverages, dairy products and desserts.

Imparting an authentic papaya flavour to many food systems, Papaya Treattarome 9835 confers a tropical, fruity top note with a contrasting acid aroma for an authentic, full-bodied papaya profile.

All ingredients in the Treattarome range are extracted using Treatt's specialised, proprietary technology to ensure maximum flavour entrapment. The resulting products are water white, high impact distillates which are entirely water soluble.

Treattarome flavour ingredients are suitable for a multitude of applications including beverages, alcoholic drinks, dairy and confectionery products.

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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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