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Four homestead uses for PVC pipe.

Use I: I made a convenient planting tool with nothing more than a 3-foot piece of plastic pipe and a recycled plastic jug. Cut the bottom off the jug and put the mouth on the pipe, like a funnel.

If the pipe doesn't fit the jug snugly, make several slits in the end of the pipe with a hack saw, heat them, and bend them to make a good base for the neck of the jug.

With this tool seed can be dropped in a furrow just where you want it, even on a windy day--and without stooping.

Use II. In the same mail with the above tip came a request from a reader asking where she can find a part for her cheese press. The press (Lehman Hardware: see ad on p. 10) came with two molds, 4[inches] and 6[inches] in diameter, and the smaller one is missing.

But we're familiar with the press (we used to sell them in the Countryside General Store). The molds are nothing more than PVC pipe. She could easily replace hers... and anyone could make a similar cheese press with materials available from any good hardware store.

Use III: Jon & Betty Meeks, Gatewood, Missouri, sent this suggestion for making a poultry feed hopper.

Take a section of 6[inches] chimney pipe and with three 1[inches] x 2[inches] metal brackets, attach an 8[inches] pie pan about 1[inches] below the bottom of the pipe. This space allows the feed to trickle down into the pie pan.

Punch two holes in the top of the pipe for a wire hanger.

You could substitute PVC pipe for the stovepipe...

Use IV. This in turn reminded us of a new craze among some young people: the potato gun. A 4[feet] length of 2[inches] PVC pipe is fitted with a shorter pipe and a plug containing a gas grill igniter. A potato is rammed down the tube, and a dash of hair spray is squirted into the "chamber." The plug is firmly screwed on, and when the ignition button is pressed... VA-VOOM.

(Some authorities are moving to make potato guns illegal, claiming that they can be lethal weapons. If nothing else, it makes you wonder what creative minds might come up with if all the gun control bills under consideration were passed. Next they might want to outlaw hair spray.)

Then there's the bird feeder on page 58. And, we suspect, even all this is only a start.

What else can PVC be used for?

Odd lengths are often left over from construction projects. Might these join burlap bags, plastic jugs and 5-gallon buckets as another multi-purpose homestead recycling treasure?

Send your ideas for uses for PVC to Countryside, W11564 Hwy. 64, Withee, WI 54498.
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Date:Jan 1, 1994
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