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Four can swing at once.

Four can swing at once

Built on a small budget, in a very short time, and with minimal impact on the rest of the garden, this structure handles a big family-- even when everyone wants to swing at the same time. It was the brain child of Marcia and Peter Wahlman, of Seattle.

Posts and beam are pressure-treated fir. The posts are 6-by-8s, the beam a 6-by-6. Anchored in 3 feet of concrete, the posts stand 8 feet tall. Predrilled holes in the beam fit over 18-inch lengths of 1/2-inch steel reinforcing bar driven into predrilled 12-inch-deep holes in the post tops. To reinforce these joints, the Wahlmans added wooden cleats made from 2-by-6s, securing them with 2-inch-long woodscrews.

Swings, bought at a playground equipment outlet, hang on heavy screw eyes with 4-inch shanks.

Although the structure would be relatively simple to dismantle (and the posts to dig out or cut off), it is strong enough that it could be called upon to serve as the understructure of an elevated playhouse. Or the owners may decide to cap the unit with a small roof and install an adult porch swing.

Photo: Quartet in motion--the Wahlman family swingers all take part. Each one gets an adjustable, convertible swing station

Photo: Each post is anchored in 3 feet of concrete and is locked into the beam with a length of rebar
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Title Annotation:swing station project
Date:Apr 1, 1988
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