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Four Nieman fellows honored by Overseas Press Club.

The Overseas Press Club (OPC) announced the recipients of their 2008 awards at their annual dinner in April in New York City.

Dexter Filkins, NF '07, received The Cornelius Ryan Award for best nonfiction book on international affairs for "The Forever War," a narrative about his experiences covering the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. OPC said, "his vivid portraits of the are of violence and death that spreads from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Iraq and even the tip of Manhattan capture the fear and the feel of a global conflagration."

Amy Goldstein, NF '05, received The Joe and Laurie Dine Award for best international reporting in any medium dealing with human rights, along with fellow Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, for the series, "Careless Detention." The series exposed the unethical treatment and medical neglect of immigrants in deplorably run detention centers across the United States. The awards honored Goldstein and Priest's careful, critical investigation depicting the "horrors and torture" that detainees endured.

Alma Guillermoprieto, NF '05, received The Robert Spiers Benjamin Award for best reporting in any medium on Latin America for her New Yorker article, "Days of the Dead: The New Narcocultura." The article portrayed the roots of the "narcocultura" that has "so convulsed Mexico as to raise concerns about a failed state south of the border." OPC commended Guillermoprieto for going beyond headline stories and adding new context to the public's understanding of the situation.

Jeb Sharp, NF '06, received The Lowell Thomas Award for best radio news or interpretation of international affairs for "How Wars End," a series for PRI's "The World" Sharp reported the series and Patrick Cox was the editor. The series explored the issue of how to determine the appropriate time and way to "disengage from war." One judge highlighted the series' approach to thinking about "abstract questions, for example, the tension between stability and justice."

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