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Four Mile Run Stream Restoration.

This project provides for in - stream restoration work along the highly urbanized Four Mile Run channel that is the border between Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. The project is part of a jointly approved Arli ngton County Board and Alexandria City Council Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan (2006). When complete, it will be an international model of se nsitive, ecological stream restoration and will improve the environmental quality of a local watershed. It will accomplish this by integrating the surrounding natural areas with active an d urban nodes and maintaining flood control. A total of $1.536 million in State and Tribal Assistance Grant (STAG) awards and $1.35 million in City funds, with Arlington Cou nty contributing approximately the same amount to complete funding for the project. FY 2013 will provide the final funding neces sary for project completion. The anticipated project schedule for the Four Mile Run Tidal Stream Demonstration project follow s below. Because this is a tidal reach watershed system, scheduling is weather and riparian conditions dependent. March 2009 March 2012: Design March 2012 : Submittal of design to EPA and VA DEQ for review January 2013 May 2013 : Advertise and award c onstruction bids June 2013 April 2014 : Construction June 2014 : Submit final payment Changes from Prior Year : Planned City funding was reduced from $205,545 to $171,443 and planned STAG funding from $250,000 to $ 231,500 after careful analysis was com pleted on allocated and unallocated funding to date for this project. Even with the reduction s , the project is fully funded and the scope of work has not changed.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 10, 2014
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