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Four GCC markets make gains with three others dip by weekend''s tradings -- report.

Four stock markets of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have closed tradings last week on gains, while the remaining three indexes slid under an average growth for most markets in what was reflected on the average total volumes and values for tradings all GCC over markets by weekend.Qatar Stock Market (QSM) came at the forefront of bourses that had their indexes making gains by last weekend with a rise of 2.41 percent under the impact of a hike in all market's segments, foremost among them are the sectors of industry and insurance, a report released by Bayan investment company said here Sunday.It also said that Muscat Securities Market was ranked second after its main index closed at a rally by 1.46 percent following on a growth in all market's segments led by the services sector.The same report said that Dubai Financial Market (DFM) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had topped all GCC markets on losses with its main index posting a retreat by 2.62 percent by the weekend due to pressures from all sectors of tradings, and at the top of them insurance and public utilities, it pointed out.As for the second dipping market, it was Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) which saw its index slipping by 0.56 percent as a result of a decline in most market's segments with non-Kuwaiti firms sector being the hardest hit.Regarding the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADSE), it was the least dipping market by the last weekend with its main index regressing by 0.53 percent due to the retreat of five market sectors of the total nine, and the at the top of them is the real estate sector.The same report said that average total volumes of tradings in GCC stock markets posted a growth by 11.22 percent as they hit 654.38 million shares last week against 588.38 million shares in the previous week.It also made clear that average total values of tradings also increased last week by USD 1.38 billion with a hike by 12.9 percent compared to the previous week in which they amounted to USD 1.22 billion.As for the traded values, the report said that there was a growth of the daily average volumes of tradings in four GCC stock markets, while volumes saw a retreat in the three others, adding that QSM achieved a hike with its daily average increasing by 30.50 percent.Regarding volumes rally, the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) was ranked second with a hike by 25.46 percent, while the Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) was ranked third with its average trading volumes growing by 22.82 percent, but Muscat Securities Market was the least rallying with its average soaring by by 18.9 percent.Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) notched down with its daily average of trading volumes slipping by 51 percent, followed by Dubai Financial Market which dipped by 31.6 percent, while the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADSE) was the least dipping market in terms of average tradings volumes as it receded by 5.43 percent, it noted.As for the biggest average of trading volumes among GCC stock markets, it went for Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) which notched up to 322.47 million shares, followed by Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) that was ranked second by with an average of 167.96 million shares.When it comes to average trading values of GCC stock markets, the report said that they saw a hike within five markets topped by Qatar Stock Market (QSM) which had its daily average increasing by 18.92 percent, while Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) was ranked second by 16.79 percent, and Muscat Securities Market was ranked third with its value average rallying by 7.28 percent.As for Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) average trading value, it was the least growing with its average only increasing by 1.53 percent.Regarding Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE), it dipped by a big percentage of 70.51, while Dubai Financial Market (DFM) saw its average trading value receding by 25.23 percent.The report concluded by saying that the biggest average trading value among GCC stock markets went to Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) which amounted to USD 999.56 million, while Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) was ranked second with a daily average of USD 155.57 million.

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Date:Jan 16, 2011
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