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Four Craft Ballads.

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[Order 3 Travesty of K. Silem Mohammad's Hovercraft
, freely redacted via prosodic and other concerns. 3/15/07]
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[Freely redacted rendition of "Craft Ballad I." 7/19/07]
You get a psychic chill to sing by You sing of death, risk, your doctor
Explicating to the elite gathered Try marketing endless ability and
In studying dye defined as sign figments Or gross data, the provider
weighs a chill Diamonds can risk death before dried dye Can try to sing
of mints or cheer
(The lengthened shadow of a man Is history said Emerson, Who had not
seen the silhouette Of Sweeney straddled in the sun,
Sang Eliot by way of Poe I mention it so as to throw Some light on the
exuding Shadows televisions throw)
The collector, the patron, the critic have Their common meeting ground
in the realm Of taste. To re-create in their own souls the artist's
Vision of reality is at once their triumph and their joy.
The patron and the collector should Cultivate the madness of poets. They
may Enrich the life and culture of the society Even though they can
render no service to art.
[Stanzas 1 and 2 are homophonic translations of an order 3 Travesty of
Joseph Dumit's "The Depsychiatrization of Mental
Illness." Stanzas 3 and 4 are freely written or otherwise
appropriated. Stanzas 5 and 6 paraphrase and cite Joel Spingarn's
"Creative Connoisseurship: Letter to an Artist on the International
Exhibition, February, 1913." 7/19/07]
a kind of mustard taint emerges from below that black block letter to be
ostentatious is to bear a future over which three reeks flinch
we do our "work" find homes routines the disinterest is
especially mindful like essays
compare once the bird's impersonal joys makes unity this limit big
future acquired pattern not found gestures feline laugh
[Diastic readings of various, now forgotten texts, along with exegetical
notes on the procedural output compiled and read diastically, then
freely redacted. 9/20/07] 
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Author:Durgin, Patrick
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2010
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