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Four Corners!

Four Corners! Berlin Philharmonic Horn Quartet: Stefan Dohr, Fergus McWilliam, Klaus Wallendorf, Sarah Willis, horns. Gebr. Alexander, Mainz

Contents: Best of the West--4 Hits from Western Movies, arr. Andreas Kowalewitz; Ol' Man River, Jerome Kern/Klaus Wallendorf; Besame Mucho, Consuelo Velazques/Arturo Pantaleon/Gabriel Soto; El Condor Pasa, Traditional Peru/JeanFrancois Michel; Cornalera (Corralera), Anselmo Aiety, arr. Wallendorf; Aria Cantilena, Villa-Lobos/Benjamin Garzia; Farruca, Manuel de Falla/Wallendorf; Sous le Ciel de Paris, Hubert Giraud/Wallendorf; Traditional English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish Songs, Four Corners, arr. Michael Barnett; Solveig's Song, Grieg/Wallendorf; In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg/Wallendorf; Pizzicato Polka, Joseph & Johann Strauss/Leigh Martinet; Funiculi Funicula, Luigi Denza/Michel; Nessun Dorma, Giacomo Puccini/Florian Janezic; Kalinka, Iwan Petrowitsch Larionow/Michel; The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Solomon Linda/ Wallendorf; Wanton Horns (Chinese Kitchen Dreams), Klaus Wallendorf; Zui Zui Zukkorobashi, Traditional Japan/Masaru Kashiwahara; Tokyo Subway Polka or Nishi-Takashimadaira (Bilben aus dem Yenseits), Wallendorf; Waltzing Matilda, Traditional Australian/Joshua Davis; Guten Abend, gut' Nacht, Brahms/ Wallendorf.

The Berlin Philharmonic horn section takes us on a tour of the world in this tour de force recording of folk music, popular tunes and cultural musical mainstays of many of the places they have visited with the Berlin Philharmonic. The immensely talented Klaus Wallendorf did many of the arrangements. Clearly aware of the impressive musical breadth of his colleagues in the horn section, he does everything possible to exploit their technical skill, range, and musical panache. Throughout the recording, great fun is had with the orchestral music genre, as orchestral quotes are offered out of context, and the occasional barbaric yawp, collective crooning, aural theater, or foot stomping irreverently and joyously punctuates the music.

The recording is fun to listen to, and it comes with an elaborate fold out booklet reminiscent of a scrapbook or travelogue. Polyglots will be particularly pleased, as poems, vignettes, and photo captions are written in German, English, Norwegian, and Chinese. If you don't already own a photo of a kangaroo peering curiously into a horn bell, you should definitely get this CD.

Lydia Van Dreel, Editor

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Author:van Dreel, Lydia
Publication:The Horn Call
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:May 1, 2012
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