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Four'N Twenty snack pies beef up U.S. distribution.

Four'N Twenty Snack Pies Beef Up U.S. Distribution

After racking up a 9% brand share in Denver and Colorado Springs test markets, Four'N Twenty/Wedgewood is rolling west of the Rocky Mountains with its line of Aussie Snacks. Supermarkets and covenience stores in Seattle, Portland and Spokane are now stocking the frozen beef pies which, while British is origin, have been described as the "national dish" of the land down under.

"Australians have enjoyed beef pies for half a century," said Barry Harvey, marketing director and product spokesman for Austco Enterprises, which handles the product in the States. "With about 200 million consumed every year back home, they're as popular with us as hot dogs and hamburgers are among Americans."

After selling more than 150,000 beef and gravy or sauce units in Colorado, two new flavors were added in advance of the launch into Washington and Oregon: beef and onion and barbeque. Available singly or in twin packs, each six-ounce pie features 100% Australian beef encased in pastry.

Aussie Snacks are produced in a USDA-registered factory on the outskirts of Melbourne. Austco Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Austo Enterprises Prop. Ltd. of Australia, a company that specializes in packing beef and pork products. Its three-year-old U.S. office is head-quartered in Monument, Colo.

The Four'N Twenty/Wedgewood brand, which claims annual sales of some $100 million in Australia, reportedly enjoys 60% of the domestic pastry market there. A subsidiary of Petersville, a large Australian food company, it also turns out sausage rolls, pasties, baked goods, fruit cakes and donuts.

In addition to North America, export markets include Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and countries in Southeast Asia. If successful in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, the packer plans to further expand its penetration into Utah, Arizona and Texas.

PHOTO : Aussie Snacks are shown off by Barry Harvey, a Paul Hogan look-alike who also happens to

PHOTO : be marketing director for the product line. Now available in the U.S. Pacific Northwest,

PHOTO : single pies sell for $1.69 while twin-packs retail for $3.09.
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Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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