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Foundry Networks Announces a Complete Suite of Standards-Based 10-Gigabit Ethernet Products for High Performance LAN, MAN and WAN.

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Performance Leader Extends Market Leadership Position

with a New Generation of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Products

Foundry Networks(R), Inc. (Nasdaq:FDRY), a performance and total solutions leader for end-to-end switching and routing, today announced a family of 10 Gigabit (10 Gbps) Ethernet modules for the Enterprise, Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) service provider, and Internet Service Provider (ISP) markets. Designed to enhance and extend the power, performance, capacity, and ease of use of the BigIron(R) Layer 3 switch, these new 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules enable network infrastructure expansion by magnifying the overall speed, efficiency, and potency of the world's most widely understood and deployed networking technology. Furthermore, these state-of-the-art 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules are compatible with the existing Foundry BigIron chassis-based products allowing customers to migrate to the new 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Ethernet technology cost-effectively with minimum disruption to their existing networks.

Delivering Tenfold Performance Gain Without the Forklift Pain

The BigIron switch, introduced in 1997 was the first ASIC-based modular device to announce support for 10 Gbps Ethernet without requiring a chassis swap-out or forklift upgrade. Foundry's unique 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Ethernet module architecture extends support of the advanced switching and routing feature sets offered on all of Foundry's Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet modules to 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) of packet forwarding throughput. These functions include Dynamic VLANs based on port, protocol, and subnet; IronClad QoS with the ability to prioritize traffic based on a multitude of customer-definable policies; full and robust IP and multicast support; extensive security through wire-speed Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Extended ACLs; and up to 15 Million packets per second (Mpps) wire-speed performance per 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports while supporting all the existing IEEE 802.3 and 802.3ae standards.

"Increasing the need for bandwidth to support Internet enabled processes for knowledge workers has resulted in a steady growth of Gigabit Ethernet ports within government organization and installation level networks. I expect this growth to continue as government workers become more conversant with and more dependent upon modern productivity tools including distributed, real-time modeling and simulation, voice and video collaborative environments, multi-media, multi-user applications, and interactive, collective, virtual training and education environments," said Colonel Ronald R. Heuler, Project Manager, Signals Warfare U.S. Army, a long time Foundry customer. "It appears obvious that, as Gigabit Ethernet desk-tops continue to proliferate, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution for the network core will be required to support the aggregation of data and provide effective data handling. I expect to see the implementation of 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone connectivity become a fairly commonplace solution for Army installation infrastructures within the next two or three years."

The Ultimate Flexibility for 802.3ae Standard-based Optics

Employing field-upgradeable and replaceable 10 Gigabit Ethernet optics makes Foundry's 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution the industry's most flexible accommodation, which assures full compliancy with the emerging 10 Gigabit Ethernet physical medium dependant (PMD) optical specifications as defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet Working Group.

By employing this unique modular architecture, Foundry's 10 Gigabit Ethernet products will have the ability to support a new modification made to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, not supported by the lower speed versions of Ethernet. The first is the inclusion of a long haul (40 Km) optical transceiver PMD for single mode fiber that can be used with either a LAN or WAN physical (PHY) standard, applicable for building MANs. The second is the WAN PHY option, which enables 10 Gigabit Ethernet to be transported, transparently, across existing OC-192c/SDH SONET infrastructures.

"One of the greatest advantages that 10 Gigabit Ethernet has to offer is that all the native Ethernet framing is preserved, as is the data structure, payload, 802.1Q virtual LAN (VLAN) tagging, 802.1p prioritization, DiffServ, and all the other Layer 2 and Layer 3 services," said Vipin Jain, vice president of systems engineering of Telseon, the leading metropolitan optical network provider. "In addition, you retain all the established standardized protocols used to increase the resiliency and redundancy created for Ethernet such as 802.3ad link aggregation and 802.1w rapid spanning tree. It also means that you end up with the same features and no learning curve as you ratchet up, by ten times, the bandwidth in your network."

10 Gigabit Ethernet Applications for High Bandwidth Enterprise,

Metro, and ISP Networks

Foundry will offer a full range of 10 Gigabit Ethernet optics (PMDs) to accommodate configurations across a wide variety of networking infrastructures.

Foundry's field-installable and replaceable 850-nanometer Serial optical interface will support links up to 65 meters on existing FDDI-grade multimode fiber and up to 300 meters on the new 2000MHz/km multimode fiber. This low-cost, short range optic would normally be used within wiring closets to provide connectivity between core BigIron Layer 3 switches inside the data center as well as very short riser connections to high performance wiring closets.

Foundry's field-installable and replaceable 1310-nanometer WWDM optical interface will support links up to 300 meters and 10 Km on multimode and single mode fiber, respectively. Multimode fiber connections would normally be used in enterprise networks to provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet riser connections to high-performance work groups within a building (intra-building) or to provide interconnectivity between multiple ultra-high capacity core BigIron Layer 3 switches inside a data center. Service providers can use 10 Gigabit Ethernet links to provide higher levels of aggregation bandwidth services between distribution switches and NetIron(R) Internet edge or core routers. Depending upon the physical distance between the enterprise buildings, campuses, or service provider facilities, single mode fiber might be required to span links beyond 300 meters. The 1310 CWDM optic provides a dual role and is a key Foundry advantage because it accommodates both multimode and single mode fiber. This Foundry offering reduces the number of individual components deployed within an infrastructure comprised of both cable plant types, thereby providing a higher return on investment.

Foundry's field-installable and replaceable 1310-nanometer Serial optical interface will also support single mode fiber links up to 10 Km. Network administrators would use these interfaces to provide connectivity between campus buildings (inter-building).

Foundry's field-installable and replaceable 1550-nanometer Serial optical interface will support single mode fiber links up to 40 Km and serve as the foundation for connectivity between data centers built for next generation Metro and Application Service Provider (ASP) infrastructures. Foundry's 10 Gigabit Ethernet enables these businesses to create ultra high-speed links at a very low cost between co-located, carrier-class NetIron Internet routers and BigIron Layer 3 switches. This technology allows for the construction of MANs and Wide Area Networks (WANs) that connect geographically dispersed LANs as well as provide Inter-Metro POP to Metro-POP connectivity. This interface, built to International Telecommunications Union (ITU) grid spec, is DWDM long haul ready and requires no optical-electrical-optical (OEO) conversion.

Foundry's field-installable and replaceable WAN PHY optical interfaces will support 10 Gigabit Ethernet transport across SONET/SDH infrastructures and decrease the overall cost of constructing and building networks that already have substantial amounts of SONET/SDH equipment installed.

"With these 10 Gigabit Ethernet products, Foundry advances its position as the performance leader with next generation Ethernet technology, offering a complete line of interface options that span from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps Ethernet. Combined with our Internet routers, Layer 3 Gigabit backbone switches, Layer 2/3 wiring closet switches, and Layer 4 - 7 Web switches, we have a very powerful and compelling solution for the construction of next generation, high-performance networking infrastructures," said Bobby Johnson, President and CEO of Foundry Networks. "Add to that the ease by which you can install and interchange these modules and optical interfaces, without requiring a chassis or forklift upgrade, and Foundry provides a comprehensive technology advantage unmatched by the competition today."

Pricing and Availability

Foundry's B10Gx, single port 10 Gbps Ethernet base module will be available starting in mid-July, with an U.S. list price of USD $44,995.

Optical inserts will be available starting in mid-July, with the following U.S. list prices:

850-nanometer Serial optical insert is $4,495 1310-nanometer WWDM optical insert is $9,995 1310-nanometer Serial optical insert is $14,995 1550-nanometer Serial optical insert is $39,995

About Foundry Networks

Foundry Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:FDRY) is a performance and total solutions leader for end-to-end switching and routing including Internet routers, Layer 2/3 LAN switches, and Layer 4-7 web switches with Internet traffic and content management. Foundry's 3,300+ customers include the world's premier ISPs and enterprises, portals, search engines, e-commerce sites, and universities along with the leading entertainment, pharmaceutical, government, financial, and manufacturing companies. Some of these customers include: AOL (NYSE:AOL), EarthLink (Nasdaq:ELNK), AT&T WorldNet, MSN, and Cable & Wireless (NYSE:CWP), Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO), Incyte Genomics, Inc. (Nasdaq:INCY), The University of Washington, University of Miami, LucasFilm, U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy, NASA and NIH. For more information about the company and its products, call 1.888.TURBO.LAN or visit

This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the safe harbor created by this section. These forward looking statements include statements regarding planned products or product features (Products) that are under development, such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet. While Foundry is planning for the commercial availability of such Products, they are still under development and subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, which could delay the planned availability. Actual results may differ materially due to these and other factors. The matters discussed in this press release also involve risks and uncertainties described from time to time in Foundry's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In particular, see the Risk Factors described in Foundry's final Prospectus dated September 27, 1999 for its initial public offering as well as its most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q and Annual Report on Form 10-K. Foundry assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking information contained in this press release.

Note to Editors: Foundry Networks, NetIron, and BigIron are registered trademarks of Foundry Networks, Inc.
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