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New ASTM Standard Will Help Manage Heat Stress and Heat Strain in Foundries: The standard provides useful guidance based on best practices shared through a 2018 AFS foundry industry study. Slavin, Thomas Aug 1, 2021 1680
Minimizing the Carbon Footprint of A356 Castings: The contribution of melting, casting, heat treating, machining, and more is very small compared to the carbon footprint of the purchased metal used for making castings, making recycling extremely important. Hartlieb, Martin Aug 1, 2021 2057
Flexing for Success. Wetzel, Shannon Aug 1, 2021 452
Decatur Foundry Inc. completes new molding building. Aug 1, 2021 367
Blue Foundry Bancorp closes conversion and stock offering. Jul 16, 2021 186
Blue Foundry Bancorp closes conversion and stock offering. Jul 16, 2021 184
Evaluating Foundry Molding Emission Reduction Through a Slurry: Foundry trials explored the use of a slurry made from two plants' dust collection in green sand molds to lower HAPs and carbon monoxide. Steele, Robert; Imerys, Sandra Bohnke; Lafay, Patricia; Lafay, Victor Jul 1, 2021 2607
Fostering a Love for Foundries and Lifelong Careers. Lechner, Pam Jul 1, 2021 507
PS250k capital injection for town foundry firm enjoying new ownership; FOWLER & HOLDEN SECURES BACKING FROM THE NORTHERN POWERHOUSE INVESTMENT FUND. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Jun 23, 2021 277
FEF Alumni Shares Her Experiences in Metalcasting. Foundry Educational Foundation Jun 18, 2021 920
Africa Fintech Foundry, Access Bank promote 'Women in Tech'. Jun 11, 2021 316
Frontier Developments' Foundry to publish Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters game in 2022. Jun 5, 2021 182
Transformation of the Modern Foundry: This honorary lecture presented at the 2021 Metalcasting Congress examines how foundries have been transformed primarily by shifts in the workforce, market pressures brought by global flattening, environmental, health and safety and even by disaster. Miskinis, Greg Jun 1, 2021 3167
CASTING FOR BATTLE: An Army-directed research project is exploring the viability of a mobile foundry, where urgently needed replacement parts could be cast quickly. Phelan, Kim Jun 1, 2021 2262
Blue Foundry Bank begins 24.2m common stock offering at USD10.00 per share. May 24, 2021 350
Blue Foundry Bancorp commences stock offering. May 24, 2021 226
Blue Foundry Bancorp commences stock offering. May 24, 2021 224
MIT Launches Inaugural Legatum Foundry Fellowship for Entrepreneurs in Africa. May 13, 2021 556
Switch to Acquire Colocation Provider Data Foundry for USD 420m. May 5, 2021 384
Switch to Acquire Colocation Provider Data Foundry for USD 420m. May 5, 2021 359
Switch to acquire Data Foundry for $420M. May 3, 2021 172
MAGMA[R] Foundry Technologies, Inc. May 1, 2021 712
Industry 4.0 Meets the Modern Foundry. Kurkul, Doug May 1, 2021 565
Stainless Foundry & Engineering helps develop antimicrobial stainless steel. May 1, 2021 258
Why Business Insurance Costs More and Covers Less (And What Can a Foundry Do About It?). Phelan, Kim May 1, 2021 3068
Two Sessions Exploring the Business and Science of Metalcasting: Recaps of two special AFS Technical Division lectures given during Metalcasting Congress 2021 are shared here, one exploring cast iron trends and another revisiting a 25-year-old paper on corebox air flow variations. May 1, 2021 1223
Pittsburg State's Mini Foundry Connects With the Next Generation of Metalcasters. Lechner, Pam May 1, 2021 485
DISA Group. May 1, 2021 475
Hill and Griffith Company. May 1, 2021 449
Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp. May 1, 2021 448
Past, Present and Future. Wetzel, Shannon Apr 1, 2021 541
Three-part renovation in progress at Progressive Foundry. Apr 1, 2021 564
Ermak Foundry & Machining acquires Patriot Foundry & Castings, RDS Dock Hardware. Apr 1, 2021 352
Foundry-Retail Relationship WORKS OUT: A Michigan foundry stepped in to solve an urgent reshoring need for store-branded fitness products, creating a new, compact supply chain that quickly met customer demand while supporting a Midwest retailer's Made in America mission. Phelan, Kim Apr 1, 2021 1559
BUCK COMPANY: Becoming a Foundry for the Future: Investments in upgraded casting equipment, revamped maintenance, and safety and environment protections, combined with a team approach designed to promote employee engagement and trust have transformed the ferrous and nonferrous jobbing foundry. Wetzel, Shannon Apr 1, 2021 2134
Beyond the Buzz: A Practical Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Foundries: A practical case study of how Dotson Iron Castings and Neenah Foundry implemented real-time data collection to visualize and optimize their processes in order to increase their overall equipment efficiency and reduce operating costs. Wenson, Jim; Nelson, Eric; Balliet, Lizeth Medina Case study Apr 1, 2021 2241
Data-driven foundry cuts scrap by 45%. Madsen, Kasper Paw Apr 1, 2021 747
What Would They Say If They Came Back For A Day? Phelan, Kim Apr 1, 2021 2386
1: Where We Started. Apr 1, 2021 805
2: An Idea Whose Time Had Come. Apr 1, 2021 530
6: Health, Safety and the Environment. Apr 1, 2021 1501
8: 1916-1939: A Time of Scientific Advancements. Apr 1, 2021 470
9: The Foundry's Value in World War II. Apr 1, 2021 633
11: Recession, Contraction and Perseverance: 1970-2000. Apr 1, 2021 392
13: Reaching Out Regionally Through Chapters. Apr 1, 2021 624
14: A Look at the AFS Institute. Apr 1, 2021 905
15: A Legacy in Publications. Apr 1, 2021 1013
AFS Timeline. Calendar Apr 1, 2021 801
Gogglebox vicar in a divine visit to foundry; campaign to ap-peel to heritage enthusiasts. DAVID OWEN News Reporter Mar 31, 2021 393
Generational Equity Advises Patriot Foundry and Castings in its Sale to Ermak Foundry and Machining. Mar 9, 2021 183
Generational Equity Advises Patriot Foundry and Castings in its Sale to Ermak Foundry and Machining. Mar 9, 2021 153
Lawton welcomes Penn-Mar to iron foundry group. Mar 1, 2021 176
General Kinematics acquires Foundry Equipment Company. Mar 1, 2021 172
Successful Castings HINGE on Careful Customer Contract Review. Phelan, Kim Mar 1, 2021 2454
New Test Bar for Permanent Mold Casting Developed: An AFS research project updated the standard permanent mold test bar design for better representation of clean metal's highest mechanical properties. Neff, David; Sigworth, Geoffrey Mar 1, 2021 1303
Establishing Safer, More Sustainable Foundries. Mar 1, 2021 592
Foundry Days Give Hands-On Experience to MS&T Students. Lechner, Pam Mar 1, 2021 482
Access Bank Commits N10m To Empower Startups Through Africa Fintech Foundry. Feb 25, 2021 541
Access Bank Commences Accelerator Program, to Empower Startups Through Africa Fintech Foundry. Feb 24, 2021 545
Cast iron deal for town foundry; 101-YEAR-OLD BUSINESS FOWLER AND HOLDEN BOUGHT OUT BY TGM PARTNERS. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Feb 17, 2021 562
Crystal Lake manufacturer buys foundry business. Feb 9, 2021 154
For Immediate Release: General Kinematics announces their acquisition of Foundry Equipment Company. Heather Schuler Feb 3, 2021 524
Museum fires up foundry group's memory 25 years after 'Last Cast'. Feb 1, 2021 503
Missouri foundry seeks to build, grow, create more jobs. Feb 1, 2021 214
General Kinematics to supply material handling system at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Co.'s greenfield site. Feb 1, 2021 218
Becoming More Sustainable: Three case studies show how foundries reduced their consumption and environment footprint. Wetzel, Shannon Feb 1, 2021 1823
Supply Chain Snapshot: Belshaw Adamatic: The manufacturer of donut-making equipment relies on North American foundries to keep the baked goods coming. Wetzel, Shannon Feb 1, 2021 923
Metalcasting Congress Going Virtual: The ongoing pandemic may keep the industry apart physically, but AFS is connecting the supply chain virtually moving Metalcasting Congress online this year. Feb 1, 2021 1056
Africa Fintech Foundry to Boost Innovation and 'Techpreneurs' with 2021 'Accelerator' Programme. Jan 21, 2021 582
Bells will keep ringing out for Christmas as foundry is saved; LOTTERY HERITAGE FUNDING WILL KEEP TOWN SITE OPEN. NICK DAWSON Jan 6, 2021 595
Waupaca foundry receives Cummins award. Jan 1, 2021 197
Naval Foundry and Propeller Center makes 200,000-lb. casting for submarine. Jan 1, 2021 200
The Pandemic Economy: Foundries may be struggling in uncharted waters during this economic downturn, but with proper management and planning, they can recover. Silhacek, Bob; Wise, Michael Jan 1, 2021 1525
Foundries, suppliers have simple solution to effective web advertising. Jan 1, 2021 152
Reaching Out Regionally Through Chapters. Jan 1, 2021 471
Samsung Foundry Using Spectre X Simulator for 5nm Design. Dec 14, 2020 275
Samsung Foundry Using Spectre X Simulator for 5nm Design. Dec 14, 2020 275
Samsung Foundry Using Spectre X Simulator for 5nm Design. Dec 14, 2020 262
US' Diamond Foundry sets up in DMCC. Dec 7, 2020 569
The Silica Inspector Is Coming ... Relax, You've Got Facts: Enforcement on OSHA's RCS 1910.1053 rule will gear up once COVID clears out--till then, read up on what inspectors will be looking for, and keep on documenting ... everything. Dec 1, 2020 2520
Metalcasting: Industry Year In Review: Modern Casting reviews the major foundry news from the last 12 months. Dec 1, 2020 2868
Quest for a Better Boot. Dec 1, 2020 754
Seneca Foundry Sees Benefits of Barinder Grinder. Dec 1, 2020 505
Next stage for foundry. Nov 24, 2020 439
Foundries firm in loss as Covid dents performance. JAMES PUGH Nov 16, 2020 405
Molding the Next-Gen Workforce: An industry supplier and a foundry owner are each taking the Skilled-labor shortage problem into their own hands. Phelan, Kim Nov 1, 2020 2885
CASTING Editorial Index. Editorial Nov 1, 2020 986
AFS issues call for papers for Foundry Industry 4.0 Conference. Conference news Nov 1, 2020 177
AFS honors metalcasters for EHS achievements. Nov 1, 2020 304
Foundry workers in protest over pay. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Oct 24, 2020 301
Union casts scorn on foundry plans as staff protest. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Oct 23, 2020 394
Refurbishment and changes to Taylor's Foundry planned; Plans submitted to Charnwood Borough Council. Oct 14, 2020 1859
Medtronic, The Foundry partner to develop mitral valve repair technology. Oct 14, 2020 179
Union warning over 147 rail foundry jobs; Missing out on contract 'could close plant'. CHRIS McCALL Oct 9, 2020 436
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Co. donates $1 million to college. Oct 1, 2020 208
Passion for Protection. Phelan, Kim Cover story Oct 1, 2020 2050
THE SAUGUS POT: The Birth of the Foundry Industry in Colonial America: Two metalcasters sought to make a replica of the historic Saugus Pot--a symbol of colonial self-sufficiency and American rebellion. Trueba, Luis, Jr.; Habingreither, Robert Oct 1, 2020 2696
Mull-to Energy Strategies for Controlling Green Sand Systems: A study looked at the experiences of three production green sand foundries as they transitioned from managing batch mulling time to batch energy to control their sand systems. Torielli, Rose; Lele, V.; Voigt, Robert; Furness, Jim; Headington, Frank; Nelson, Eric; Lewallen, St Oct 1, 2020 1880
Foundry Files: Changes to New Sand Additions at Cadillac Casting. Hepfner, Travis Oct 1, 2020 689
Homes at historic foundry under new management. Sep 28, 2020 152
Prez lays foundation for construction of Foundry and Machine tooling centre. Sep 3, 2020 806
Capital investments beef up Adalet's molding efficiency as much as 5,000%. Sep 1, 2020 463
WEAR and CARE. Phelan, Kim Sep 1, 2020 3400
LOOKING SHARP: Astech Alloys Steel Technologies transformed its operations and improved its safety and health metrics by achieving esteemed SHARP status through OSHA. Wetzel, Shannon Sep 1, 2020 1378
AFS to honor Atsushi Nagai with 2020 Grede Award. Sep 1, 2020 175
Waste Foundry Sand as Permeable and Low Permeable Barrier for Restriction of the Propagation of Lead and Nickel Ions in Groundwater. Faisal, Ayad A.H.; Ridah, Zaid Abed Al-; Naji, Laith A.; Naushad, Mu.; Serehy, Hamed A. El- Aug 31, 2020 8086
JOBS TO BE AXED AT FOUNDRY FIRM. JOHN CORSER Business Editor Aug 15, 2020 248
Coronavirus outbreak linked to pub barbecue as urgent appeal made to 70 punters; Health officials are telling people who were at The Soho Foundry Tavern in Smethwick, West Mids, on August 2 to self-isolate until August 16 after a coronavirus outbreak. By, Tom Hitchenor Aug 10, 2020 332
Historic city foundry finally reopens as pub; HOSPITALITY. CHRIS MACLENNAN Aug 8, 2020 266
Defense Department Awards $22 Million to Support Miss. Foundry. Aug 1, 2020 183
C.A. Lawton acquisition nearly doubles capacity. Aug 1, 2020 379
Put Down the Firehose ... and Improve Your Maintenance Department: Foundry insiders point to the problem-solving mindsets and downtime-reducing technologies that are moving the industry forward--one preventive step at a time--on the equipment maintenance continuum. Phelan, Kim Aug 1, 2020 3426
Hexavalent Chromium in Foundries. Rowntree, Kay Aug 1, 2020 786
Early Roots in Metallurgical Research. Aug 1, 2020 390
AFS RESEARCH MAKING AN IMPACT: Coordinated by AFS volunteers, collaborated across the supply chain, and implemented on the shop floor, AFS Research propels the industry forward. Wetzel, Shannon Jul 1, 2020 1984
FACING VALUE: Five casting industry professionals discuss the rigors and rewards of delivering value-add services to an ever-demanding marketplace. Phelan, Kim Cover story Jul 1, 2020 2402
Reclaiming Active Clay and Carbon: Research sought to understand variables in reclaiming clay and carbon to further reduce and reuse foundry waste streams. Miller, Liam; Halphen, Elliot; Darlington, Jerald W. Jul 1, 2020 3424
Investigating Erosion Defects: A casting trial studied sand erosion and surface finish issues for aluminum and cast iron castings made via chemically bonded sand molds. Raval, Milan Jul 1, 2020 2272
Thermal Decomposition Behaviour of Foundry Sand for Cast Steel in Nitrogen and Air Atmospheres. Chen, Shoukun; Zhang, Jinjia; Xu, Kaili; Xu, Qingwei Jun 30, 2020 8346
RESHORING OPPORTUNITIES FOR METALCASTERS: Metalcasters can leverage total cost to convince buyers to source their castings domestically. Jefferson, Rich Jun 1, 2020 889
Foundries' Economic Impact: The U.S. metalcasting industry has a total national economic impact of $110.52 billion, including foundries and their suppliers. Jun 1, 2020 1010
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry building a new foundry. Jun 1, 2020 369
Samsung To Build New Foundry Line For Extreme Ultraviolet Products. May 21, 2020 211
Foundry group's centenary celebrations are put on hold. May 13, 2020 337
MPD creating 10 jobs to make parts for front line; Willenhall foundry is meeting increasing orders to provide castings for the NHS and MOD. May 12, 2020 417
Wyndham Capital Mortgage, AI Foundry partner to accelerate loan origination process. May 8, 2020 214
Wyndham Capital Mortgage, AI Foundry partner to accelerate loan origination process. May 8, 2020 212
Pier Foundry investing in mold machine and handling system. May 1, 2020 235
Industry Leaders Honored With Awards: Many members of the metalcasting community have contributed greatly to the industry, and their efforts are recognized here. May 1, 2020 1487
Foundry 4.0 Conference moved to Spring 2021. Conference news May 1, 2020 264
AFS communicates with governors about the essential foundry industry. May 1, 2020 195
General Kinematics Corporation. May 1, 2020 472
Dasan Zhone, Hosted America partner to bring hyper-connectivity to Foundry Hotel. Apr 28, 2020 153
Abraham Group Director:Foundry to start operating this year,electrolysis in 2023. Apr 14, 2020 932
Closure of Jamrud steel mills improves air quality. Zulfiqar Ali Apr 12, 2020 761
Lessons from robot vision foundry installation: Paul Wilson, managing director of Scorpion Vision, describes a project to build a 3D vision system for a Chinese foundry. Wilson, Paul Apr 1, 2020 763
Benton Foundry to invest $21 million in expansion. Apr 1, 2020 389
Small foundries in all U.S. states eligible to apply for low-interest loans due to COVID-19. Apr 1, 2020 244
Foundry 4.0 & the Future: How foundries operate in the future may look and feel much different than metalcasting operations of today. Wetzel, Shannon Apr 1, 2020 942
Process and Data Automation for the Mid-Sized Foundry: Industry 4.0 can propel metalcasting facilities, but automation means more than robotics. Lagrant, Jim Apr 1, 2020 2043
Case Studies in Foundry 4.0: Cutting-edge technology ranging from machine learning to augmented reality is pushing metalcasting into a new phase of innovation. Stanek, Katelyn Apr 1, 2020 1568
Upgassing A356 Aluminum to an Intermediate Specific Gravity: A low pressure aluminum foundry incorporated a rotary degassing system guided by a computer model to make controlled additions of hydrogen into its aluminum 356 alloy. Lightle, Darrin; Began, Brian Apr 1, 2020 1824
What Foundries Can Do When There Is a Respirator Shortage. Slavin, Tom Apr 1, 2020 841
Small Foundry Installs Vacuum Mixing Technology. Apr 1, 2020 894
How Two Foundries Used Green Sand Additives to Improve Casting Quality. Siebel, Harry, III; Neltner, Steve; Brown, Tim; Donofrio, Matt; McLain, Weil Apr 1, 2020 911
MagnaChip to sell Foundry Business, Fab 4 to special purpose company for $435M. Mar 31, 2020 218
We're ready to serve in fight, says foundry. KELLEY PRICE @KelleyPrice_gaz Mar 30, 2020 339
Metso marks first pour for Vadodara foundry. Mar 1, 2020 217
Serving Five Generations of Metalcasters. Kurkul, Doug Mar 1, 2020 622
Meeting Customer Demands: Three examples of success stories show how foundries are working with their customers to reach their goals. Mar 1, 2020 1493
A System for the Thermal Analysis of Steels: Research studied a single thermocouple thermal analysis system, a technique employed in aluminum and iron foundries, to see if it could be used in the steel industry. Kapadia, Het A.; Tuttle, Robert B. Mar 1, 2020 2196
Metso celebrates First Pour for new Vadodara foundry. Feb 23, 2020 244
Abu Dhabi partners with Sojern, Spark Foundry to drive tourism. Feb 5, 2020 509
Casters required as Black Country foundry continues its expansion. JOHN CORSER Feb 4, 2020 257
Connecting the Dots in Technology. Wetzel, Shannon Feb 1, 2020 585
Penn State receives grant to aid Pennsylvania foundries. Feb 1, 2020 153
Marking System Increases Efficiency. Feb 1, 2020 1056
Foundry Chemicals Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019-2027). Jan 2, 2020 1011
FOUNDRY SAFETY REMAINS A PRIORITY: The latest safety data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the industry saw a setback in its overall safety record, although a few sectors made some improvement. Schorn, Ted J. Jan 1, 2020 1430
Seamless Pouring: Efficient Automation for Data-Driven Foundries. Jan 1, 2020 780
Quartz Dust Exposure Affects NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Plasma Levels of IL-18 and IL-1Ra in Iron Foundry Workers. Hedbrant, Alexander; Andersson, Lena; Bryngelsson, Ing-Liss; Eklund, Daniel; Westberg, Hakan; Sarnda Jan 1, 2020 6138
DEMOLITION PLAN FOR LISTED HOUSE; Historic home with links to famous foundry set to be flattened and parts sent to museum. THOMAS PARKES Dec 17, 2019 318
Mueller breaks ground on new Illinois facility; announces Tennessee location. Dec 1, 2019 437
AFS launches Casting Source magazine. Dec 1, 2019 235
Green Sand Emissions and the Concentration of Carbonaceous Additives: A replacement of seacoal with causticized lignite has the potential to reduce foundry emissions. Miller, Liam; Vakili, Ray; Onge, Jason; Wang, Zhen Dec 1, 2019 1700
A Roadmap for Improving FOUNDRY INDUSTRY SAFETY. Chorn, Theodores Dec 1, 2019 2650
"CRANFIELD FOUNDRY" OPENED IN PROBISHTIP: Cranfield Foundry is a company producing and processing gray and ductile iron castings which uses electricity only. Dec 1, 2019 264
Flexible Wind Tower Market Analysis And Key Business Strategies by Leading Players - Vestas, Enercon, Sinovel, SAKANA And Elyria Foundry / Radiant Insights, Inc. Nov 19, 2019 754
Wind Turbine Casting Market 2019-2023; Top Players: Vestas, Enercon, Sinovel, SAKANA & Elyria Foundry / Radiant Insights, Inc. Nov 18, 2019 943
GF sells Austrian foundry. Nov 1, 2019 127
What Is CRM? How can a foundry use it for better customer relationships and keep on pace with technology trends? Trusov, Alexandria Nov 1, 2019 1279
Developers give update on huge Reading flats project; The Foundry Quarter will eventually replace the derelict Iceland and Wickes stores in Reading. Hugh Fort Oct 29, 2019 367
As Container Hype Levels Off, Developers Looking to Reduce Complexity, According to Latest Cloud Foundry Foundation Global Survey. Oct 23, 2019 989
Town bell foundry completes bells for Singapore cathedral; The casting and tuning of 13 bells. ANDY RUSH Oct 16, 2019 495
Ohio Foundry Facing $270K in Penalties for Serious Workplace Health Violations. Jones, Stephanie K. Oct 10, 2019 234
Foundries Market Growth, Size, Customer Information, Trends And Strategies Report. Report Oct 8, 2019 737
Automating Metalcasting Operations: Metalcasting facilities can improve productivity and solve issues with labor shortages by automating. Wetzel, Shannon Oct 1, 2019 1565
Testing Silica: Substitutes for Green Sand Casting. Oct 1, 2019 1898
New Launch, Marketing Tool for Foundries. Jefferson, Richard Oct 1, 2019 736
Data Foundry to add white floor space to its Houston 2 data center campus. Oct 1, 2019 308
Data Foundry to add white floor space to its Houston 2 data center campus. Oct 1, 2019 290
Data Foundry to add white floor space to its Houston 2 data center campus. Oct 1, 2019 308
Stellar Pitches, Innovative Solutions: Cohort 3.0 by CoWrks Foundry introduces eight disruptive start ups. ANI Sep 26, 2019 820
Foundries in 2019: Global Market Analysis & Forecast Report, 2014-2022. Report Sep 24, 2019 882
Foundry to feature on telly, twice... Sep 20, 2019 446
Vedanta formally launches Primary Foundry Alloy (PFA) at 59th SIAM Annual Convention 2019. Sep 13, 2019 546
Foundry minister's death 'linked to asbestos'. Sep 12, 2019 358
Foundry minister's death 'linked to asbestos' ? Tragedy - Page 4. Sep 12, 2019 355
Developers Across Europe Descend on The Hague for 2019 Cloud Foundry Europe Summit. Sep 11, 2019 1577
Cloud Foundry Investment and Broad Deployments Increasing Year-Over-Year, According to Global User Survey. Sep 11, 2019 1098
Karnataka: Foundry industry in Shivamogga facing slowdown, seeks relief. Sep 7, 2019 377
Mueller building brand-new foundry in Illinois. Sep 1, 2019 288
Littlestown Foundry's Improved Grain Refinement: The aluminum foundry installed a unique degassing system with a calculated payback of 6 1/2 months. Stonesifer, John; Began, Brian Sep 1, 2019 1752
Pouring Multiple Metals? Here's 7 Things to Remember: From training to marking alloys, there are many ways for metalcasters to succeed when working with different alloys and metals. Sandalow, Brian Sep 1, 2019 1111
Two industry leaders honored at Foundry Leadership Summit. Sep 1, 2019 135
Global Ceramic Foundry Sand Market 2019 Key Players, Share, Trends, Sales, Segmentation and Forecast to 2024. Aug 26, 2019 529
Got your GCSE results? Now earn, learn and work with an apprenticeship; The Learning Foundry aims to support and help individuals shine in their chosen field. Aug 22, 2019 359
SAP (NYSE: SAP) - SAP Kicks Off First SAP.iO Foundry in Asia -- 5/8/2019. Aug 8, 2019 342
REIGN MAN DAVY; New Foundry manager intends to be at Paisley Park for the long haul. Aug 6, 2019 893
Unauthorized Alien Workers and Your Foundry. Resser, Dave Aug 1, 2019 963
Aqua Security Introduces Native Runtime Protection for Pivotal Cloud Foundry; Expansion of the Aqua-Pivotal collaboration delivers comprehensive security for application development and production environments on PCF. Jul 30, 2019 649
Extra funding is granted to tackle serious violence; Services to help Bell Foundry estate in Loughborough. Jul 24, 2019 463
East Midlands in Bloom judges tour town as it bids to win gold! Iconic Taylor's Bell Foundry included on route for the first time. Jul 17, 2019 434
KlepiA: 'Aluminij' has another 6 months, the foundry might continue operations. Jul 15, 2019 251
Boiling Springs Savings Bank relaunches as Blue Foundry Bank. Jul 9, 2019 252
Boiling Springs Savings Bank relaunches as Blue Foundry Bank. Jul 9, 2019 250
Procurement Foundry Announces Formation of Steering Committee. Jul 5, 2019 335
Growing foundry creating new jobs. Jul 4, 2019 199
Business/Government join hands: Diamond Foundry jobs on horizon. Jul 1, 2019 483
Hell's bells! Gillian Darley on Historic England. Darley, Gillian Jul 1, 2019 1241
Waupaca Foundry. Jul 1, 2019 129
Putting It All Together: Assembly can be a valuable part of a foundry's portfolio, but it brings challenges and might not fit every metalcaster. Sandalow, Brian Jul 1, 2019 1312
Foundry meets OSHA silica PEL with dry venting. Jul 1, 2019 449
Speyside Foundry Acquires Pennsylvania Foundries Hazleton Casting, Weatherly Casting. Jun 21, 2019 224
Speyside Foundry Acquires Pennsylvania Foundries Hazleton Casting, Weatherly Casting. Jun 21, 2019 234
Negotiations Ninja and Procurement Foundry Announce Content Partnership. Jun 13, 2019 378
Foundry set to improve its finances. Jun 5, 2019 149
Machine shop, foundry layout sophisticated for its time. McManus, Leslie C. Jun 1, 2019 392
11 Tips for Communicating in a Crisis: By having an emergency communication plan in place, foundries can respond quickly and accurately white avoiding mistakes that could make the problem worse. Wetzel, Shannon Jun 1, 2019 1740
Diamond Foundry, Chelan PUD talk about power needs. May 1, 2019 534
Preparing Now for Changing Economic Conditions. Kurkul, Doug May 1, 2019 684
Latrobe Foundry establishes new location. May 1, 2019 202
Modern Technology on Display at CastExpo: Exhibitors from all parts of the supply chain presented their products to attendees of CastExpo in Atlanta. May 1, 2019 2342
14th International Foundry Trade Fair Set for June: The metalcasting trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, and NEWCAST will be held June 25-29 in Dusseldorf, Germany. May 1, 2019 993
Generate Savings, Protect Production. Reinke, Brian May 1, 2019 717
Jean Bye, Lizeth Medina Balliet honored with STEP Ahead Awards from the Manufacturing Institute. May 1, 2019 293
HA International. May 1, 2019 601
Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp. May 1, 2019 465
100,000+ Replications - RAMPF Polyurethane Board for Foundry Modeling. Apr 25, 2019 364
Woodforest National Bank teams with WBDC to launch Woodforest Foundry in Chicago area. Apr 25, 2019 238
Woodforest National Bank teams with WBDC to launch Woodforest Foundry in Chicago area. Apr 25, 2019 236
Hamburg foundry fined for firing safety whistleblower. Apr 18, 2019 171
Waupaca announces separate partnerships with Dotson, Kohler. Apr 1, 2019 293
Neenah Swing Frame Wins Casting of the Year: The conversion of the compact utility tractor component from an 11-piece steel weldment to a single ductile iron casting was the result of a collaboration between companies with different backgrounds but common goals. Sandalow, Brian Cover story Apr 1, 2019 2778
Small Business, STRONG BUSINESS: Tonkawa Foundry has been a successful small business through seven decades by sticking to its strengths and staying on top of modern industry trends. Wetzel, Shannon Apr 1, 2019 1599
Reclaiming Sand Reduces Foundry's Sand Cost by 84%. Apr 1, 2019 639
Innovation, a European View at CastExpo. Jefferson, Richard Apr 1, 2019 801
Weir Group's Newton foundry plans expansion that will add 150 high skill jobs. Gillette, Becky Mar 22, 2019 1861
Skanska awarded SEK600m contact to build new foundry for Scania in SA[pilcrow sign]dertalje, Sweden. Mar 18, 2019 191
Skanska awarded SEK600m contact to build new foundry for Scania in SA[pilcrow sign]dertalje, Sweden. Mar 18, 2019 192
Waupaca Foundry. Mar 1, 2019 127
Case Study in Reducing Shrinkage in Aluminum Castings Using Thermal Management: An aluminum foundry collaborated with its resin supplier and the University of Northern Iowa to solve a microshrinkage defect in a complex casting. Biersner, Brodie; Ravi, Sairam; Giese, Scott Mar 1, 2019 2270
Program. Mar 1, 2019 3078
St. Paul Foundry certified to aerospace standard. Feb 1, 2019 187
Nadcap and the Foundry Industry: Even foundries who do not consider themselves aerospace should be aware that Nadcap is developing a casting accreditation program. Jordan, Sarah E. Feb 1, 2019 1987
AFS releases foundry wage and salary reports. Feb 1, 2019 136
SinterCast announces SEK5m order by Scania for process control technology for new Compacted Graphite Iron foundry. Brief article Jan 30, 2019 218
Changing for the Long-Term: The C.A. Lawton Co. completely restructured how the business is run, from shop-floor to office staff, with a view toward longevity and world-class manufacturing. Wetzel, Shannon Cover story Jan 1, 2019 2054
Investment Casting-Recast. Anderson, Scott Jan 1, 2019 270
Usman Buzdar's maiden presser: Bahria Town, Ittefaq Foundry in illegal state land occupation. Dec 15, 2018 800
Usman Buzdar's maiden presser: Bahria Town, Ittefaq Foundry in illegal state land occupation. Dec 14, 2018 1009
In focus this week: Amateur League Premier club Albert Foundry. Dec 4, 2018 219
Progress is made on bell foundry's future; LOUGHBOROUGH ECHO Visit by Historic England chairman. Nov 21, 2018 410
Find your way to past memories. Nov 19, 2018 515
How Middlesbrough's lost streets are being brought back to life; The William Lane Foundry is making the signs which commemorate the town's history. Nov 18, 2018 534
Foundry Row signs 5 new tenants. Oct 24, 2018 178
Time for crime with Christopher at the Foundry. Oct 10, 2018 172
King visits Seneca Foundry. Oct 1, 2018 103
Waupaca Foundry opens free clinic for employees. Oct 1, 2018 264
Learning the Craft: Universities across the country are using numerous techniques to engage and educate the next generation. Sandalow, Brian Oct 1, 2018 1875
The Value of a Foundry's Implementation of ISO/IEC 17025: Third-party certification of ancillary operations helps take foundry businesses to the next level of competence and efficiency. Petri, Michael; Porfilio, Michael Oct 1, 2018 2130
Foundry Leadership Conference attracts global crowd. Conference news Oct 1, 2018 352
Virginia Tech Opens Up to Spread The Word About Metalcasting. Oct 1, 2018 480
Mr. Rogers Came From a Foundry Family. Oct 1, 2018 122
Foundry Commercial Acquires Brokerage Business of OakPoint Real Estate in Nashville. Sep 24, 2018 389
Foundry Commercial Acquires Brokerage Business of OakPoint Real Estate in Nashville. Sep 24, 2018 394
SPARK FOUNDRY NOVO NORDISK: Sugar Daddy. Sep 17, 2018 227
I have no son and I feel his loss in every hour of every day.. but his killer is free and has a life. It is hard to grieve when justice hasn't been done; MUM'S ANGER AFTER FINDING OUT STAB THUG IS RELEASED FROM PRISON IN SECRET; Furious family rap courts over freedom for foundry worker's knife attacker. Sep 9, 2018 1073
Simpson Technologies GmbH acquires German foundry industry solutions provider. Sep 1, 2018 191
Waupaca Foundry earns quality award. Sep 1, 2018 152
U.S. Foundry hosts Florida governor. Sep 1, 2018 133
GATING AND RISERING: Basic Ways To Improve Casting Yield and Quality: A well-designed gating and risering system is crucial to improving productivity, quality and profitability of a metalcasting facility. Sep 1, 2018 1809
Seneca Shows Way for Manufacturing Day. Jefferson, Rich Sep 1, 2018 832
From Student to Employee Through College Industry Conference. Conference news Sep 1, 2018 557
IT'S TIME TO SHOW AN EXTRA GEAR; Doyle wants his Foundry men to get up to speed after stuttering start. Aug 21, 2018 1117
Riyadh's Dawadmi province emerges as an ancient hub of foundries. Aug 5, 2018 190
Getting the Most Out of the Internet. Cook, Jeff Brief article Aug 1, 2018 149
High-Skill Workers and the Foundry. Kurkul, Doug Aug 1, 2018 496
Waupaca Foundry honored by Toyota. Aug 1, 2018 127
Incremental Improvements, Lasting Results: AB&I Foundry emphasizes continuous improvements to its operations to keep costs low and employee retention up. Wetzel, Shannon Aug 1, 2018 1696
State of the U.S. Cupola Industry. Kasun, David P.E. Aug 1, 2018 1522
Casting Designers & Buyers track returns to CastExpo. Aug 1, 2018 309
Top Projects of 2017: Foundry Lake Street. Jul 27, 2018 436
Higgs and Ausvic Capital collaborate with Token Foundry, a subsidiary of ConsenSys, to hold a Blockchain Summer Showcase For promoting the development of blockchain industry. Jul 12, 2018 801
ASTM makes foundry-related announcements. Jul 1, 2018 297
5 Steps to Identify Casting Defects: A comprehensive checklist can help troubleshoot and eliminate certain issues. Kannan, Sudesh; Pathak, Abhishek; Cobett, Tom Jul 1, 2018 1950
AFS: Building Value Through Industry Connections. Bye, Jean Jul 1, 2018 531
How Your Foundry Can Change Perceptions. Jefferson, Rich Jul 1, 2018 1294
St. Marys Foundry CEO testifies before Congress on skills gap. Jul 1, 2018 236
Multi-Material Casting: Practical Foundry Guidelines: Practical guidelines enable faster development of insert-strengthened aluminum castings. Soderhjelm, Carl; Apelian, Diran Jun 1, 2018 2015
Scouting the Foundry: Sharing Metalcasting. Jun 1, 2018 447
Almshouses, two pubs and mucky work at the foundry; Ninety-year-old Kathleen Cresswell's fascinating town tales. May 2, 2018 300
Smith Foundry to participate in apprenticeship program. May 1, 2018 264
Benton Foundry: Benton is active in its small community by contributing to the area civic center and sponsoring engineering competitions. May 1, 2018 256

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