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Founders of SoftSolutions Launch A New Product: NetEnvelope.

OREM, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 12, 1998--

NetVoyage Corp. announces NetEnvelope, a new technology that streamlines the business process of sharing documents over the Internet, making document collaboration over the Internet a reality

The founders and key former employees of SoftSolutions, the early market leader for networked document management software now owned by Novell Corp., have announced the preview release of NetEnvelope, a smart electronic envelope to group, secure, share and synchronize documents over the Internet.

Users can sign up now at for a FREE 30-day trial account.

One of the business processes that has the most potential to be streamlined by the Internet is collaboration on documents. NetVoyage's product, NetEnvelope, is an electronic envelope for secure business-to-business document sharing and collaboration.

NetEnvelope streamlines the process of sharing collaborative documents over the Internet. Its patent-pending technology automatically synchronizes, bi-directionally, changes made to documents, dynamically notifying users of changes. NetEnvelope's user interface allows users to easily group, track, secure, and share documents.

"We have always believed that the role of technology is to improve the productivity of business processes," said Ken Duncan, president of NetVoyage Corp. and the former founder, president and chief executive officer of SoftSolutions Technology Corp., a leading document management system now owned by Novell Corp.

"As an entrepreneur or as an attorney, I need to be able to access documents anytime from anywhere. I need to have documents at the touch of an Internet access. I want to review them in my office, review and collaborate on them while traveling, and access them from my favorite recreation property.

"I want to know who has contributed to them, where they have been (e.g. tracking), who has given input, and who will finalize them. Many of us are not technoids. A shirt pocket full of floppy diskettes, like a shirt pocket full of color pens, is not the uniform of an attorney. Internet access to important deal-making documents is the behavior of today's attorney."

"Traditional methods of sending documents to clients are time-consuming and costly because the documents are not editable and require manual effort," said Hartvigsen, attorney at Nielsen & Senior in Salt Lake City, and currently a beta user of NetEnvelope.

"The NetEnvelope technology allowed me to create a customized 'mini-LAN' (Local Area Network) over the Internet with more ease and simplicity than sending an E-mail with the attached documents back and forth to each of the collaborative parties. NetEnvelope blends the best traits of a local area network, E-mail, and the Internet into an extremely powerful, efficiency-boosting tool."

Take Charge of the Paper Chase

With the Internet and E-mail rapidly transforming the way we do business today, the true return on investment for a law firm can be found in leveraging NetEnvelope for improving communication and collaboration with clients. Since the vast majority of legal documents today are generated on computers, it makes perfect sense to keep the documents in electronic format to collaborate with a law firm's cross-functional teams of professionals, such as corresponding counsel, paralegals, non-lawyer experts, and the clients themselves.

Pricing and Availability

Users interested in evaluating NetEnvelope or who would like further information, please visit the NetVoyage web site at NetEnvelope licenses are available in 5, 10, 25 and 50 user packs, with a five-user pack selling for $395.

About NetVoyage Corp.

Established in 1995, NetVoyage Corp., based in Orem, develops, markets and supports Internet applications that improve the productivity and effectiveness of everyday collaborative business processes.

The management team of NetVoyage and its affiliate, TREMCO Legal Solutions Inc., has been providing leading edge software applications to the legal profession since 1982, with such products as CLASS, a time and billing application currently used by such firms as Kirkpatrick and Lockhart, Carlsmith Ball, Wichman, et al.; ConflictSearch, a market leading conflicts of interest software for small to large firms such as Paul Hasting Janofsky & Walker; and SQL Courier, which is distributed through its partnership with Elite Information Systems.

The NetVoyage management team pioneered document management services on the LAN as the original developers of SoftSolutions document management system, now owned by Novell Corp.

About the Founders

Ken Duncan, president and CEO, was co-founder of TREMCO Legal Solutions Inc., established in 1982, and SoftSolutions Technology Corp. He also helped form the Novell GroupWare Division as vice president and general manager at Novell.

Alvin Tedjamulia, a well-known speaker and visionary in the industry, and co-founder of TREMCO and SoftSolutions, serves as a member of the board of directors. He is currently vice president of development at Novell, focusing on the Java line of products.

Brad Clements was a co-architect of SoftSolutions, CLASS Time and Billing software, SQL Courier, ConflictSearch, and created ODMA, the document management industry standard.

Lee Duncan, co-founder of TREMCO and SoftSolutions, and a former director of technical services at Novell, heads up NetVoyage's operations and technical services.

Leonard Johnson established the international sales and marketing for SoftSolutions, and was a former director of marketing at Novell. He will lead the sales and marketing for NetVoyage Corp.

Product Availability

NetVoyage's product, NetEnvelope is currently being beta tested by a select group of organizations. NetVoyage plans to release NetEnvelope in the 2nd quarter of 1998. Users interested in evaluating NetEnvelope or who would like further information, please visit our home page at http://www/ -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: NetVoyage and NetEnvelope are registered trademarks. All other brands and product names are the properties of their respective companies.

CONTACT: NetVoyage Corp., Orem

Leonard W. Johnson, 801/226-6882

Fax: 801/226-6933

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Date:Feb 12, 1998
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