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Foundation honors 40 for excellence in newsletter journalism. (Editing).

For the second year in a row, American Health Consultants won the most awards, five, in the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Foundation's annual journalism competition.

Also for the second year in a row, UCG came in right behind AHC with four winning entries. UCG has the most winners in the competition's 23-year history, with an even 70 now. UCG is also the only newsletter company to have won an award every year.

While a number of the winning articles and series of articles significantly affected government and corporate policies, at least one news-breaking story did just that--beat the mass media to the punch.

Inside the Pentagon's "U.S.

Air Force Flies Combat Patrols Over Dozens of American Cities" was the first news piece anywhere to report that the American military had taken on this first-ever domestic mission to use its F-16 and F-15 fighters to patrol Washington, New York, and more than 30 other cities.

Another interesting entry--the second-place winner in the Best Investigative Reporting category--was "Will Navy's New Sonar System Drown Out the Songs of Whales?" published in Environment Hawai'i.

The story was written to focus on mounting public concerns over two federal projects involving the transmission of sound waves the deep ocean. Both projects were suspected of interfering with the ability of some whales and dolphins to communicate, and even to have injured or killed particularly sensitive marine animals.

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* Best Spot-News or Exclusive Single-News Story

1st Place: Inside the Pentagon, Inside Washington Publishers.

2nd: California Energy Markets, California Energy Markets.

3rd: Influence, Legal Times/American Lawyer Media.

Honorable Mentions: Bio World, American Health Consultants; Inside Health Computing, Inside Information Group Ltd.; and Part B News, UCO.

* Best Investigative Reporting

1st: Warren's Washington Internet Daily, Warren Communications News.

2nd: Environment Hawai'i, Environment Hawai'i.

3rd: Inside the Navy, Inside Washington Publishers.

Honorable Mentions: Inside the Pentagon Inside Washington Publishers; and The Telecom Manager's Voice Report, UCG.

* Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting

1st: Air Safety Week, PBI Media LLC.

2nd: Michael Pollack's Gaming Industry Observer, Gaming Industry Observer.

3rd: Sports Medicine Digest, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Honorable Mentions: The Joint Letter, Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins; EFT Report, National News Syndicate Inc. (for PBI Media LLC); and Telecommunications Reports, Telecommunications Reports International Inc.

* Best Instructional Reporting

1st: Success in Home Care, UCG.

2nd: Primary Care Reports, American Health Consultants.

3rd: Wage-Hour Alert, Aspen Publishers Inc.

Honorable Mentions: Same-Day Surgery, American Health Consultants; Sports Medicine Reports, American Health Consultants; Briefings on Hospital Safety, HCPro; and Success in Home Care, UCG.

* Best Financial-Advsory Newsletter

1st: Personal Finance, KCI Communications Inc.

2nd: Research Recommendations National Institute of Business Management.

3rd: The MoneyLetter, MPL Communications Inc.

Honorable Mentions: Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors, Phillips Investment Resources LLC; Jim Lowell's Fidelity Investor, Phillips Investment Resources LLC; and Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street, Financial Service Associates LLC.

* Best Single-Topic Newsletter

1st: ENA's Health Care Fraud Report, The Bureau of National Affairs Inc.

2nd: Environment Hawai'i, Environtment Hawai'i.

3rd: Influence, Legal Times/American Lawyer Media.

Honorable Mentions: Emergency Medicine Reports, American Health Consultants; Texas Employer Advisor, BLR Employer Advisor LLC; and Publications Management, McMurray Inc.

* Best Looseleaf Publication

1st: Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration, Lancaster House.

2nd: The Practical Guide to Employment Law, Aspen Publishers.

3rd: Rio World Executive Compensation Report 2002, American Health Consultants.

Honorable Mention: The Reference Guide to Counseling Children & Adolescents, Manisses Communications Group.
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Date:Jun 15, 2002
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