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Foundation awards $149 million in health care grants.

At what foundation officials report to be the largest dollar amount ever approved at a single meeting, trustees of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation last summer awarded and authorized a total of $149 million for support of projects to improve the health and health care of Americans.

From the meeting, the foundation has announced that 133 projects were awarded $65 million in grants, and 6 additional initiatives were authorized $84.2 million in funding over the next 7 years. The foundation expects to award over $160 million in 1992 and in each subsequent year of the decade, a spokesman said.

Dr. Steven A. Schroeder, president of the Johnson foundation, pointed out that nearly all of the recent awards go toward the funding of projects that address the foundation's new goals. These are: to assure that Americans of all ages have access to basic health services; to improve the way services are organized and provided to people with chronic health conditions, and to promote health and prevent disease by reducing the harm caused by substance abuse. The foundation also funds grants to help the Nation address the problem of escalating medical care expenditures. Among the newly awarded grants are:

* $5 million to National Medical Fellowships, Inc., for 5 years' support of a need-based scholarship program for minority medical students.

* $2.8 million to 13 Native American tribal organizations in 9 States to confront health problems, such as substance abuse and lack of prenatal care.

* $2 million to National Public Radio to continue multi-year support for coverage of health policy issues.

* $1.2 million to Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco for project to reduce adolescent tobacco use in four U.S. communities.

In addition, the foundation authorized the development of programs with expenditures of up to:

* $32 million to increase the supply of generalist physicians.

* $25.5 million for States to reform their health care financing systems.

* $15 million to local grantmakers for innovative community-based projects.

* $3 million to help communities increase access for child health services.

* $1 million to increase the independence of people with disabilities.

Of the monies approved for grants and programs, the foundation has committed nearly $7 million in funds to provide technical assistance and direction. Among those are a $1.9 million initiative to start a national resource project to coordinate and enhance community substance abuse program nationwide.
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Title Annotation:Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Publication:Health Care Financing Review
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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