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MELVILLE, N.Y.-- With its dedication to dermatology, Fougera over the last 40 years has become expert at developing, manufacturing and marketing topical presentations.

The company's product development task force, under the leadership of vice president of business development and procurement Charles Moore, initiated a process several years ago to identify product opportunities in Fougera's core specialty. Looking ahead, the drug maker has a 10-year plan that identifies virtually every topical presentation.

Since the start of 2002 Fougera has received 12 first-time generic approvals. The competition combined has seen only three or four, according to vice president of sales and marketing Dave Klaum.

Fougera'sjust-approved lidocaine/ prilocaine cream (a generic version of AstraZeneca's EMLA) is an important product that has been unavailable for several months, he notes.

"Having consistent reliable supply from a trusted source is important not only to our customers but to clinicians and patients as well," remarks Klaum.

Year to date Fougera has received eight product approvals or tentative approvals and expects several more before the year is completed. Approvals in 2003 have led to the launch of augmented betamethasone dipropionate (aversion of Schering-Plough Corp.'s Diprolene), triamcinolone acetonide lotion in two strengths (versions of Kenalog by Apothecon), amcinonide cream and amcinonide ointment (versions of Fujisawa Healthcare Inc.'s Cyclocort), and lidocaine/prilocaine.

Additionally, the company has received two tentative approvals for products still under patent (fluticasone ointment and augmented betamethasone dipropionate cream). Also, Fougera's Consumer Products division has launched over-the-counter TipTapToe tolnaftate solution (a version of Tinactin) in a new, more convenient delivery vehicle.

Unlike its competition, Fougera focuses exclusively on dermatology/topical products, and its results show the strategy is working, claims Klaum.

At the same time, he says, there may be chances to manufacture products that are not topical but mesh with Fougera's business.

"Because of our core strength in the institutional marketplace Fougera is always looking for complementary opportunities," he notes.

Fougera has been a major player in the institutional industry for many decades, building market share for institution-based O-T-Cs.

"Bringing these products to consumers who recognize the name and the quality of our products is key to the success we are experiencing with our Consumer Products Division," comments Klaum.

Fougera strives to work closely with drug chains to meet mutual goals, while recognizing that each retailer has its own procedures for driving generic conversions. To help increase generic prescriptions from physicians Fougera has become very proactive in directly communicating with prescribers to inform them of developments at the company.

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Date:Sep 29, 2003
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