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Fouere seeks the return of PDSH in Parliament; European ambassador meets Thaci.

The European ambassador Erwan Fouere seeks PSDSH to return in Parliament. The request was put forward directly to the leader Menduh Thaci whom Fouere presented with the last EC Report.

"I believe that their voice will be more efficient in the Parliament and other institutions. It is clear that it is up to PDSH to decide if they are to return to Parliament," said Fouere. He points out that the main message from the EC Report is that the Ohrid Agreement remains the main issue that will guarantee the minority rights. Thaci confirmed that they discussed the return to Parliament with Fouere and the name issue settlement. According to Thaci, "PDSH is isolated from the true dialogue, Government and coalition."
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Title Annotation:Koha (weekend edition)
Author:Hasipi, Urim
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Nov 2, 2009
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