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FotoNation announces face tracker for better cameraphone pictures.

Imaging and connectivity solutions company FotoNation Inc., Burlingame, Calif., launched FotoNation Face Tracker for cameraphones. The company says Face Tracker uses a radically new approach to identify and lock onto human faces in a cameraphone preview image, tracking them as they move around within the frame and automatically adjusting focus, exposure, and white balance before the image is captured, ensuring faces are optimally taken and skin tones are reproduced with exceptional accuracy.

Especially important for shooting under poor lighting conditions and at night, Face Tracker draws a box around the face, showing the user which face is being tracked. It can also simultaneously track multiple faces in the preview image. Because of its advanced tracking algorithm, Face Tracker accurately follows and adjusts exposure on the selected faces as they move in frontal or profile positions, and establishes the correct image orientation automatically.

FotoNation Face Tracker also takes into account any processing speed limitations within the cameraphone. The Face Tracker technology is highly optimized, allowing sufficient processing power for the cameraphone to run its own algorithms while faces are being detected, continuously maximizing the available resources. Face Tracker is also available for use with digital cameras.
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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