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A home of their own 23 foster children have new families following 'Adoption Day' in Marion. HOLLY KEE Dec 1, 2021 386
Winter clothing and toy drives to benefit foster children in Elgin area. Daily Herald report Nov 29, 2021 185
A home of their own 23 foster children have new families following 'Adoption Day' in Marion Adoption:. HOLLY KEE Nov 23, 2021 386
A home of their own 23 foster children have new families following 'Adoption Day' in Marion. HOLLY KEE Nov 23, 2021 386
Rescue dog Luna to work with foster children. Sep 1, 2021 287
Moral navigation and child fostering in Chiawa, Zambia. White, Sarah C.; Jha, Shreya Report Feb 1, 2021 10479
Family making a difference to foster children. SHEENA MCSTRAVICK May 3, 2020 494
Mom of 600+ Children. Clabough, Raven Feb 17, 2020 480
Research Is Needed to Evaluate the Use of Restraints on Children in Out-of-Home Care Settings. Pollack, Daniel Report Feb 1, 2020 632
More than 300 foster children ran away from home last year, figures reveal. Jan 8, 2020 673
Holiday Cheer for Foster Children Collected at Clearwater Community Volunteers Center. Dec 7, 2019 428
Administrators Supporting Teacher-Student Foster Youth Relationships Through Full Utilization of the LCFF & LCAP. Krcmar, Patricia; Karge, Belinda Dunnick Report Sep 22, 2019 8439
Press Releases - Haleeb foods celebrates world milk day with SOS village Lahore. Brief article Jul 7, 2019 313
You can 'Stuff the Duffel' to help foster children. May 15, 2019 415
Symonds-Madison Funeral Home Collecting Stuff the Duffel Donations for Foster Children. May 3, 2019 426
Foster Care Students Face Challenges Entering, Graduating College. Jones, LaMont, Jr. Apr 4, 2019 1108
The Case for a Youth Portal: Supporting Adolescents on the Road to Adulthood. Fishman, Tiffany Dovey; Mcdonald, Jamia; Sundar, Suguna Apr 1, 2019 1989
Wilmot School's Annual Birthday Cake Program Showers Fill a Heart 4 Kids with 250 Birthday Cakes and Party Supplies for Local Foster Children. Mar 27, 2019 393
Clearwater Community Volunteers Center Gathers Toys for Pinellas County Foster Children. Dec 8, 2018 465
Collaborative Partnerships Raise Outcomes for Transition-Age Foster Youth. Lawler, Patrick Dec 1, 2018 753
Foster Kids, Wronged by the Courts: New York Daily News, April 20, 2018. Reprint Oct 1, 2018 1000
Will Placing Fewer Children in Foster Care Fix the System? Institute for Family Studies, May 16, 2018. Reprint Oct 1, 2018 1049
WESTERN MICHIGAN BRIDGES THE GAP: 2018 Excellence in Innovation winner creates replicable program for foster care transition to higher education. Colvin, Beth Sep 22, 2018 928
Bitcoin BCH Donations Give Hope to Foster Children in Bulgaria via BitHope. Aug 10, 2018 361
Naked and Vulnerable, the Rest Is Circumstance. Chan, Sylvia Essay Jun 22, 2018 6174
Ructions and Resilience: A Family Crisis and the Meteor Park Orphanage, 1916. Synge, Lesley Essay May 1, 2018 5858
The 'appalling' number of times Wirral's foster children went missing in a single year; Bosses say services were 'not in a good place' at the time - but insist things are improving. Apr 16, 2018 960
A good intention turns into a great bill for foster children. Mar 29, 2018 565
Make the Library a Haven for Foster Teens. Carter, Alton Feb 1, 2018 1806
Donated evening wear needed for 'Princess for a Day' event for foster children. Nov 6, 2017 172
From Foster Care to Higher Ed: Field Center at University of Pennsylvania advocates for former foster youth planning to attend local colleges. Morris, Catherine Oct 19, 2017 808
Assistance Animals in Foster Care. Dietz, Matthew W. Sep 1, 2017 3710
House backs measure barring mandatory vaccines for foster children. May 10, 2017 678
Pudsey offers puppy love for foster children; sue ormesher on the campaign to get more people into fostering. Apr 19, 2017 860
May a foster child sue a biological parent for sexual abuse? Pollack, Daniel Report Apr 1, 2017 680
Creating a positive classroom environment to meet the needs of the foster child. LaCour, Misty; McGlawn, Penny; Dees, Laura Report Dec 22, 2016 3328
Foster Children Slam Family After TV Show Appearance. Nov 16, 2016 408
Foster children in stable homes fare best. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 224
Promoting "normalcy" for foster children: the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act. Jacobson, Paul Jan 1, 2016 8369
12 foster children went missing last year - report. Dec 12, 2015 139
Fellowship project offers help for foster children with medical needs. Sachs, Doug Nov 1, 2015 468
Medical privacy in dependency cases: an exploration of medical information sharing in the foster care system. Strandell, Brittany Sep 22, 2015 18700
Encouraged to dream: foster children learn as Miami-Dade PD's 'Summer Scholars'. Sep 1, 2015 708
Foster children can stay with parents until 21. Jun 13, 2015 299
CareerPlug Grants New Scholarship for Local Foster Children. Apr 15, 2015 571
Keeping track: states are finding better ways to ensure foster children's personal information follows them through the system, and is updated and comprehensive. McCann, Meghan Apr 1, 2015 1431
Engaging youth voices: basing policy changes in daily realities. Nash, Marlo Apr 1, 2015 768
Self-sabotage in foster care placements. Pollack, Daniel Apr 1, 2015 896
Mr. Legs. Cornwell, Sarah Short story Mar 22, 2015 4671
Pepperdine's Coastal Run/Walk for Foster Youth Event Raises Funds for Los Angeles Foster Children. Mar 20, 2015 496
The brief life and private death of Alexandria Hill. Joseph, Brian Mar 1, 2015 6804
Sen. Wyden's bill will help foster children build better lives. Dec 6, 2014 535
School Stability: Improving Academic Achievement for NJ Foster Children. Policy Brief. Bernard-Rance, Kourtney; Parello, Nancy Report Nov 1, 2014 447
Foster children are now qualified dependents - PhilHealth. Sep 24, 2014 202
Forever families: first time exhibit helps LGBT foster kids. Barker, Melanie Brief article Sep 1, 2014 262
The ballet boost: a program for foster children builds discipline and self-esteem. Stahl, Jennifer Aug 1, 2014 342
Hundreds of Toys Collected for Foster Children. Jan 5, 2014 368
Ohio's foster children on multiple psychotropic meds. Miller, Naseem S. Drug overview Jan 1, 2014 777
Rising polypharmacy found among ohio foster children: At the aacap annual meeting. MILLER, NASEEM S. Jan 1, 2014 570
From foster home to seat in parliament. Dec 13, 2013 948
Foster children of the Yerevan Nubarashen boarding-school N 2 thank "Rostelecom" company. Nov 22, 2013 239
Sisters and animals welcome foster kids to farm. Ryan, Zoe Aug 30, 2013 1063
Senate Backs Bill on Psychotropic Drugs for Foster Children. May 15, 2013 1167
House Backs Bill Addressing Psychotropic Drugs for Foster Children. Apr 18, 2013 862
The value of a college degree for foster care alumni: comparisons with general population samples. Salazar, Amy M. Report Apr 1, 2013 7537
Finding a way home. Nowak, Kate Bartell Apr 1, 2013 414
Family Support Program improves children's lives and strengthens families in Albemarle County. Chlebnikow, Debbie; Ralston, Kathy; O'Brien, Robin Apr 1, 2013 910
Fundraiser for Metro Detroit Foster Children to Return to the Roostertail Saturday, June 1. Mar 16, 2013 576
Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth. Crayton, Christina Dec 1, 2012 754
Respite care for foster parents should not mean inferior care for foster children. Pollack, Daniel Dec 1, 2012 763
UKIP Couple Loses Foster Children over Politics. Nov 24, 2012 346
The role of cultural dissimilarity factors on child adjustment following foster placement. Anderson, Maurice; Linares, L. Oriana Report Sep 22, 2012 194
Reentry into out-of-home care: implications of child welfare workers' assessments of risk and safety. Wells, Melissa; Correia, Melissa Report Sep 1, 2012 8716
Children and Youth Services Review: 'Behavior problems, foster home integration, and evidence-based behavioral interventions: what predicts adoption of foster children?'. Leathers, Sonya J.; Spielfogel, Jill E.; Gleeson, James P.; Rolock, Nancy Author abstract Jun 22, 2012 226
Children and Youth Services Review: 'Maximizing educational opportunities for youth aging out of foster care by engaging youth voices in a partnership for social change'. Day, Angelique; Riebschleger, Joanne; Dworsky, Amy; Damashek, Amy; Fogarty, Kieran Author abstract Jun 22, 2012 202
Children and Youth Services Review: 'Rethinking the role of early care and education in foster care'. Meloy, Mary Elizabeth; Phillips, Deborah A. Author abstract Jun 22, 2012 224
Child Care in Practice: 'Children's participation in child-protection processes as experienced by foster children and social workers'. Polkki, Pirjo; Vornanen, Riitta; Pursiainen, Merja; Riikonen, Marjo Author abstract Jun 22, 2012 226
Children and Youth Services Review: 'Kinship foster family type and placement discharge outcomes'. Zinn, Andrew Author abstract Jun 22, 2012 169
Social workers' perspectives on the placement instability of looked after children. Norgate, Roger; Hayden, Carol Report Jun 22, 2012 8438
Foster carer-Foster child Intervention (FFI): an intervention designed to reduce stress in young children placed in a foster family. van Andel, Hans W.H.; Grietens, Hans; Knorth, Erik J. Report Jun 22, 2012 5801
Meeting of minds: using the Tavistock model of child observation and reflective group work in the advanced training of foster carers. Ironside, Leslie Report Jun 22, 2012 8823
Experiences of disenfranchised grief arising from the unplanned termination of a foster placement: an exploratory South Australian study. Riggs, Damien W.; Willsmore, Stacey Case study Jun 22, 2012 5910
Friends of Foster Children Announces Five New Board Members. Jun 18, 2012 424
Advantages of proactively sharing information with foster parents: simply put, information expands knowledge; reducing information promotes uncertainty. The more accurate the information, the better we can meet the preferences and needs of both foster parents and foster children. And the quicker we do this, the better the result. Pollack, Daniel Apr 1, 2012 753
Journal of Social Service Research: 'Examining depression, anxiety, and foster care placement as predictors of substance use and sexual activity in adolescents'. Stevens, Sarah B.; Brice, Chad S.; Ale, Chelsea M.; Morris, Tracy L. Reprint Mar 22, 2012 170
Journal of Child Psychotherapy: 'Therapeutic observation of an infant in foster care'. Wakelyn, Jenifer Reprint Mar 22, 2012 211
Child & Family Social Work: 'Breakdown of teenage placements in Danish out-of-home care'. Olsson, Martin; Egelund, Tine; Host, Anders Reprint Mar 22, 2012 198
Journal of Children's Services: 'A guide through the knowledge base on children in out-of-home care'. Thoburn, June; Courtney, Mark E. Reprint Mar 22, 2012 171
Respect is in the style, too. Bullock, Roger Editorial Mar 22, 2012 880
'Putting the heart back into the record': personal records to support young people in care. Humphreys, Cathy; Kertesz, Margaret Report Mar 22, 2012 7277
Pregnant in foster care: prenatal care, abortion, and the consequences for foster families. Moore, Katherine Mar 22, 2012 15585
Audio: In Travis County, Aging Foster Children Find Aid. Jan 20, 2012 140
Books, support and guidance: Johnson C. Smith wants to be a family for young adults coming out of foster care. Hawkins, B. Denise Cover story Jan 19, 2012 1186
Special guardianship as an alternative to adoption. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Case study Dec 22, 2011 361
NICE/SCIE guidance: promoting the quality of life of looked after children and young people. Wressell, Sue Report Dec 22, 2011 2367
Children and Youth Services Review: 'Foster children placed with or separated from siblings: outcomes based on a national sample'. Hegar, Rebecca L.; Rosenthal, James A Reprint Dec 22, 2011 159
'Exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning adolescents in foster care': Journal of Family Social Work. Gallegos, Anne Reprint Sep 22, 2011 175
'Contact between children in out-of-home placements and their family and friends networks: a research review': Child & Family Social Work. Sen, Robin; Broadhurst, Karen Reprint Sep 22, 2011 182
Obesity in looked after children: findings of a local audit and strategies for intervention. Croft, Gita Report Jun 22, 2011 2813
Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal: 'Knowledge of and attitudes towards behavioral health services among older youth in the foster care system'. Munson, Michelle R.; Narendorf, Sarah Carter; McMillen, J. Curtis Author abstract Jun 22, 2011 109
Making up lost ground: challenges in supporting the educational attainment of looked after children beyond Key Stage 4. Driscoll, Jennifer Report Jun 22, 2011 8358
Bachmann raised 23 foster children. Jun 18, 2011 145
Foster mum watched as her husband, mother and two foster children were pulled from the water; NEIGHBOURS PAY TRIBUTE TO 'LOVING AND DEVOTED' PARENTS. Apr 22, 2011 110
Child & Family Social Work: 'Why one goes to school: what school means to young people entering foster care'. Hedin, Lena; Hojer, Ingrid; Brunnberg, Elinor Reprint Mar 22, 2011 193
British Journal of Social Work: 'Managing loss and a threatened identity: experiences of parents of children growing up in foster care, the perspectives of their social workers and implications for practice'. Schofield, Gillian Brief article Mar 22, 2011 191
Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal: 'Predicting permanency intentions among kinship caregivers'. Denby, Ramona W. Reprint Mar 22, 2011 127
Seen and Heard: 'The Coram Concurrent Planning Project: a review of ten years' experience'. Wolfson, Rosemary Brief article Mar 22, 2011 143
Challenging behaviour in looked after young people, feelings of parental self-efficacy and psychological well-being in foster carers. Morgan, Kate; Baron, Rachel Report Mar 22, 2011 8078
Improving foster children's school achievements: promising results from a Swedish intensive study. Tideman, Eva; Vinnerljung, Bo; Hintze, Kristin; Aldenius, Anna Report Mar 22, 2011 7176
Saginaw leads Mich. child welfare improvements. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 139
British Journal of Social Work: 'Help-seeking by foster carers for their "looked after" children: the role of mental health literacy and treatment attitudes'. Bonfield, Siobain Reprint Dec 22, 2010 160
Children and Youth Services Review: 'The impact of continued contact with biological parents upon the mental health of children in foster care'. McWey, Lenore M.; Acock, Alan; Porter, Breanne E. Reprint Dec 22, 2010 169
Foster parents receive more support than kinship caregivers. Dec 22, 2010 583
Shortage of foster parents seen as U.S. trend. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 240
Child elopement from foster care and residential settings. Pollack, Daniel Dec 1, 2010 758
Florida, Baltimore help foster kids with stable education environment. Knuth, Kristen Dec 1, 2010 769
Trajectories of depression symptoms among older youths exiting foster care. Munson, Michelle R.; McMillen, Curtis Report Dec 1, 2010 9449
Queer and loathing: can the foster-care system deal with gay kids? Kenneth Jones found out the hard way. Cherkis, Jason Nov 1, 2010 1753
Alabama leads permanency movement for foster care. Buckner, Nancy Oct 1, 2010 857
Multi-dimensional foster care. Robinson, Sarah Oct 1, 2010 803
Mentoring for young people leaving foster care: promise and potential pitfalls. Spencer, Renee; Collins, Mary Elizabeth; Ward, Rolanda; Smashnaya, Svetlana Report Jul 1, 2010 6966
Caregivers, school liaisons, and agency advocates speak out about the educational needs of children and youths in foster care. Zetlin, Andrea; Weinberg, Lois; Shea, Nancy M. Report Jul 1, 2010 6831
Looked after and adopted children how should specialist CAMHS be involved? Rao, Pradeep; Ali, Alvina; Vostanis, Panos Report Jun 22, 2010 8265
Looked after child placed in residential school: whether discharged from accommodation. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Jun 22, 2010 671
Local authority's involvement in placing a child with a relative: whether child became 'looked after'. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Jun 22, 2010 1113
Child & Family Social Work: 'Young people leaving care in Sweden'. Hojer, Ingrid; Sjoblom, Yvonne Author abstract Jun 22, 2010 215
Children and Youth Services Review: 'What works? A 15-year follow-up study of 85 young people with serious behavioral problems'. Helgeland, Ingeborg Marie Author abstract Jun 22, 2010 213
Child & Family Social Work: 'Young children returning home from care: the birth parents' perspective'. Malet, Montserrat Fargas; McSherry, Dominic; Larkin, Emma; Kelly, Greg; Robinson, Clive; Schubotz, D Report Jun 22, 2010 219
Looked after children: can existing services ever succeed? Should the state continue to provide substitute care? With a new UK government likely to implement a number of changes in social care provision, Michael Little challenges the effectiveness of current services provided by the state for looked after children. Little, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2010 2923
Looked after children: can existing services ever succeed? A different view. Sinclair, Ian Essay Jun 22, 2010 3532
'Everything was strange and different': young adults' recollections of the transition into foster care. Reimer, Daniela Report Jun 22, 2010 5380
Who goes where? Young children's pathways through care in Northern Ireland. McSherry, Dominic; Weatherall, Kerrylee; Larkin, Emma; Malet, Montse Fargas; Kelly, Greg Report Jun 22, 2010 8249
Concurrent planning (2): the rollercoaster of uncertainty'. Kenrick, Jenny Report Jun 22, 2010 7108
Latest foster care death clear indication change needed. Narine, Shari Jun 1, 2010 758
Grappling with the Gaps: Toward a Research Agenda to Meet the Educational Needs of Children and Youth in Foster Care. Author abstract Apr 1, 2010 202
Ready to Succeed in the Classroom: Findings from Teacher Discussion Groups on Their Experiences and Aspirations Teaching Students in the Foster Care System. Report Apr 1, 2010 376
Keeping families together helps kids and state. Sheldon, George Feb 1, 2010 835
Better health care for children in Texas foster care. Heiligenstein, Anne Feb 1, 2010 856
Teachers' Ideas about How "Schools" Can Help Improve Educational Outcomes for Children and Youth in the Foster Care System. Ready to Succeed in the Classroom. Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 250
Listening to the voices of children in foster care: youths speak out about child welfare workforce turnover and selection. Strolin-Goltzman, Jessica; Kollar, Sharon; Trinkle, Joanne Report Jan 1, 2010 4673
Hojer Ingrid: 'Birth parents' perception of sharing the care of their child with foster parents'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 202
Ward Harriet: 'Patterns of instability: moves within the care system, their reasons, contexts and consequences'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 254
Life story work: reflections on the experience by looked after young people. Willis, Rachel; Holland, Sally Report Dec 22, 2009 5085
Hopes & Hurdles: California Foster Youth and College Financial Aid. Cochrane, Deborah Frankle; Szabo-Kubitz, Laura Report Oct 1, 2009 314
Schofield Gillian and Beek Mary: 'Growing up in foster care: providing a secure base through adolescence'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Sep 22, 2009 197
Moss Michelle: 'Broken circles to a different identity: an exploration of identity for children in out-of-home care in Queensland, Australia'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Sep 22, 2009 253
Placement stability for children in kinship care: a long-term follow-up of children placed in kinship care through care proceedings. Lutman, Eleanor; Hunt, Joan; Waterhouse, Suzette Report Sep 22, 2009 7252
Living in kinship care: a child-centred view. Aldgate, Jane Report Sep 22, 2009 7340
Municipal action guide to help cities support foster youth transitions. Becerra, Carlos Sep 14, 2009 749
A guidebook for raising foster children. (reprint, 2000). Book review Aug 1, 2009 156
Foster children: a longitudinal study of placements and family relationships. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2009 220
Adolescents' perspectives on placement moves and congregate settings: complex and cumulative instabilities in out-of-home care. Davies, Miranda Brief article Jun 22, 2009 212
Residential education: an emerging resource for improving educational outcomes for youth in foster care? Davies, Miranda Brief article Jun 22, 2009 168
What's the relationship got to do with it? Understanding the therapeutic relationship in therapeutic foster care. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2009 166
Agreement in foster care: discrepancies between foster child and foster parent about the severity of problem behaviour. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2009 161
Toward best practice and innovation in independent living training: experiences from the multi-site evaluation of federally-funded projects. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2009 196
Natural mentoring and psychosocial outcomes among older youth transitioning from foster care. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2009 234
Satisfaction with counselling among black males in transition from the foster care system. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2009 156
Delivering a therapeutic wraparound service for troubled adolescents in care. Street, Eddy; Hill, Jael; Welham, Jennie Report Jun 22, 2009 4395
What did they think? An evaluation of the satisfaction and perceived helpfulness of a training programme developed as an indirect intervention for foster carers. Robson, Sharon; Briant, Natalie Report Jun 22, 2009 5704
Missouri foster children could get free tuition at state colleges. Jun 15, 2009 125
Mother of boy injured in foster care waiting for answers. Phalen, Chris Brief article Apr 1, 2009 111
Opportunities in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for Supports and Services for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care. Flynn-Khan, Margaret; Langford, Barbara Hanson Report Mar 24, 2009 269
Students and friends of Lamar Institute of Technology will make prom more memorable for foster children in the area by providing them dresses. Mar 23, 2009 115
Improving children's experiences in foster care: foster parent ideas. Shireman, Joan F. Report Mar 22, 2009 13087
Towards a better understanding of the needs of children currently adopted from care: an analysis of placements 2003-2005. Randall, John Report Mar 22, 2009 6444
Private fostering: child making his own arrangements; whether child in need of accommodation. Conroy, Alexandra Mar 22, 2009 883
Rowlands John and Statham June: 'Numbers of children looked after in England: a historical analysis'. Davies, Miranda Report Mar 22, 2009 202
Kinship care under review. Bruner, Thomas J. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 121
Foster children's health care varies. Anderson, Jane Mar 1, 2009 120
"To save a generation". Stanley, Liana Jan 19, 2009 452
New Help for Children Raised by Grandparents and Other Relatives: Questions and Answers about the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008. Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 359
Caring for foster children in the south. Why they did not have even one person to care for them. Nowak-Fabrykowski, Krystyna; Piver, Patricia S. Dec 22, 2008 4008
Longing to "belong": foster children in Mid-Century Philadelphia (1946-1963). Curran, Laura Essay Dec 22, 2008 10924
Fostering attachments in looked after children: further insight into the group-based programme for foster carers. Laybourne, Gemma; Andersen, Jill; Sands, John Report Dec 22, 2008 7273
Fernandez Elizabeth: 'Unravelling emotional, behavioural and educational outcomes in a longitudinal study of children in foster care'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2008 274
Merritt Darcey H: 'Placement preferences among children living in foster or kinship care: a cluster analysis'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2008 246
Vaughn Michael G et al: 'Psychopathic personality features and risks for criminal justice system involvement among emancipating foster youth'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2008 116
Mason Jan: 'A children's standpoint: needs in out-of-home care'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2008 172
Vinnerljung B et al: 'Out-of-home care among immigrant children in Sweden: a national cohort study'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2008 237
Aspirations: the views of foster children and their carers. Brief article Dec 22, 2008 299
Are looked after children socially excluded? Axford, Nick Report Dec 22, 2008 8289
Solution-focused approaches to caring for children whose behaviour is sexually harmful. Milner, Judith Report Dec 22, 2008 5041
Helping foster kids transition into adulthood. Pudlow, Jan Dec 1, 2008 1381
Staying strong: white his mother is in prison, Shaquille Murrell adjusts to a new family. Murrell, Shaquille Essay Nov 17, 2008 533
Aboriginal children in care desperately need homes. Morris, Chereise Oct 1, 2008 728
Lawmaking 101: students learn about the legislative process by writing bills with foster kids. Stiny, Andrew Oct 1, 2008 1384
'One in, one out'? The dilemma of having multiple children in foster placements. Ingley, Germaine; Earley, Louise Report Sep 22, 2008 6929
Bruhn Christina, Duval Denise and Louderman Richard: 'Centralised assessment of early developmental delays in children in foster care: a programme that works'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2008 249
Clark Hewitt B et al: 'A functional approach to reducing runaway behaviour and stabilising placements for adolescents in foster care'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Sep 22, 2008 207
Greeson Johanna K P and Bowen Natasha K: '"She holds my hand" The experiences of foster youth with their natural mentors'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2008 169
Samuels Gina Miranda and Pryce Julia M: '"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger": survivalist self-reliance as resilience and risk among young adults aging out of foster care'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2008 208
Service use by looked after children with behavioural problems: findings from the England survey. Vostanis, Panos; Bassi, Guv; Meltzer, Howard; Ford, Tamsin; Goodman, Robert Report Sep 22, 2008 5434
Survivors join the Bandwagon to share their stories. Morris, Chereise Sep 1, 2008 1638
Attitudes toward out-of-home care over 18 months: changing perceptions of youths in foster care. Chapman, Mimi V.; Christ, Sharon L. Report Sep 1, 2008 7087
Attorneys needed for aging-out foster kids. Pudlow, Jan Aug 1, 2008 926
California bill advances rights for foster children. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 181
Placement orders: dual adoption/fostering plans. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Brief article Jun 22, 2008 203
Sempik Joe, Ward Harriet and Darker Iain: 'Emotional and behavioural difficulties of children and young people at entry into care'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Jun 22, 2008 147
Tarren-Sweeny Michael: 'Retrospective and concurrent predictors of the mental health of children in care'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Jun 22, 2008 180
Vinnerljung Bo and Sallnas Marie: 'Into adulthood: a follow-up study of 718 young people who were placed in out-of-home care during their teens'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Jun 22, 2008 180
Wakelyn Jenifer: 'Transitional psychotherapy for looked after children in "short-term" foster care'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Jun 22, 2008 109
Ready to Succeed. CenterView. Author abstract Jun 1, 2008 246
Get our priorities straight with foster children. Conyers Jr., Tony Jun 1, 2008 817
Adopt a child: black children flood the foster care system. Richardson, Nicole Marie May 1, 2008 490
Foster Youth Who Have Succeeded in Higher Education: Common Themes. Information Brief. Volume 7, Issue 1. Lovitt, Thomas; Emerson, John Report Apr 1, 2008 177
Hayward R Anna and Defanfilis Diane: 'Foster children with an incarcerated parent: predictors of reunification'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Mar 22, 2008 245
Forsberg Hannele and Poso Tarja: 'Ambiguous position of the child in supervised meetings'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Mar 22, 2008 239
Foster carers' beliefs regarding the causes of foster children's emotional and behavioural difficulties: a preliminary model. Taylor, Amy; Swann, Rachel; Warren, Fiona Report Mar 22, 2008 7467
Report Card on the Education of Foster Children. Policy Page. No. 08-319. Feb 11, 2008 184
`Most eligible' contestants help raise money for Lane County foster children. Feb 10, 2008 525
Deliberate indifference, professional judgment, and the constitution: on liberty interests in the child placement context. Strasser, Mark Jan 1, 2008 13057
Foster care: are there differences in the cognitive and psychiatric characteristics of young children with developmental disabilities in kinship vs. non-kinship homes? Valicenti-McDermott, Maria; Demb, Howard B. Clinical report Jan 1, 2008 6058
National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being, No. 12: Estimates of Supplemental Security Income Eligibility for Children in Out-of-Home Placements. Research Brief: Findings from the NSCAW Study. Report Jan 1, 2008 186
Ready to Succeed: Changing Systems to Give California's Foster Children the Opportunities They Deserve to Be Ready for and Succeed in School. Recommendations and Implementation Strategies from The California Education Collaborative for Children in Foster Care. Report Jan 1, 2008 188
Health & human services. Jan 1, 2008 1413
Ready to Succeed: Changing Systems to Give California's Foster Children the Opportunities They Deserve to be Ready for and Succeed in School. Recommendations to Improve School Readiness, School Success, and Data Sharing from The California Education Collaborative for Children in Foster Care. Summary Report. Report Jan 1, 2008 402
Inside the foster family: what research tells us about the experience of foster carers' children. Twigg, Robert; Swan, Tracy Report Dec 22, 2007 8022
Hayward R Anna and Depanfilis Diane: 'Foster children with an incarcerated parent: predictors of reunification'. Davies, Miranda Report Dec 22, 2007 224
Risley-Curtiss Christina and Stites Belva: 'Improving healthcare for children entering foster care'. Davies, Miranda Author abstract Dec 22, 2007 146
Younes Maha N and Harp Michele: 'Addressing the impact of foster care on biological children and their families'. Davies, Miranda Author abstract Dec 22, 2007 123
Baker Claire: 'Disabled children's experience of permanency in the looked after system'. Davies, Miranda Author abstract Dec 22, 2007 255
The child wise programme: a course to enhance the self-confidence and behaviour management skills of foster carers with challenging children. Herbert, Martin; Wookey, Jenny Report Dec 22, 2007 5858
Foster children with disabilities. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Lederman, Cindy S. Dec 1, 2007 1627
Caring for foster youth past age 18 improves their transition to adulthood. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 217
Oregon to hold hearings on foster kids and psychiatric drugs. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 227
Improving Educational Opportunities for Foster Children. Heritage Lectures. Number 1050. Lips, Dan Author abstract Nov 5, 2007 233
Foster care is failing. Lips, Dan Nov 1, 2007 2546
Celebrating the power of creative arts. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 285
Bullying in schools: a survey of the experience of looked after children. Rao, Vidya; Simkiss, Doug Report Sep 22, 2007 5022
Plumtree Lexy: 'Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007'. Davies, Miranda Brief article Sep 22, 2007 88
Anctil Tina M, McCubbin Laurie D, O'Brien Kirk and Pecora Peter J: 'An evaluation of recovery factors for foster care alumni with physical or psychiatric impairments: predictors of psychological outcomes'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 251
Becker Marion A, Jordan Nei and Larsen Rebecca: 'Predictors of successful permanency planning and length of stay in foster care: the role of race, diagnosis and place of residence'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 229
Geenen Sarah and Powers Laurie E: '"Tomorrow is another problem": the experiences of youth in foster care during their transition into adulthood'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 174
Pignotti Monica and Mercer Jean: 'Holding therapy and dyadic developmental psychotherapy are not supported and acceptable social work interventions: a systematic research synthesis revisited'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 127
Scott Lionel D, Munson Michelle R, McMillen Curtis J and Snowden Lonnie R: 'Predisposition to seek mental health care among Black males transitioning from foster care'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 168
My turn. Stangler, Gary Sep 1, 2007 881
Connecticut addresses high number of black and Hispanics in foster care. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 163
Number of minority kids in foster care draws concern in Oregon. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 235
Don't hide when the news turns ugly. Sisco, Carol Sep 1, 2007 820
Definition of a qualifying foster child: an analysis of the law and relevant cases. Jones, Lynn Comer Aug 1, 2007 1938
Addressing the health needs of adolescents transitioning out of foster care. Lopez, Patricia; Allen, Patricia Jackson Jul 1, 2007 10236
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