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Foster's unveils new TV campaign, brands.

Foster's unveils new TV campaign, brands

The sales and marketing executives of Australia's Foster's Brewing Co. and its U.S. marketing and importing companies, Molson USA and Century Importers, unveiled what will be the brand's most ambitious U.S. marketing campaign ever during two days of meetings in Las Vegas.

Led by the parent company chief executive officer Peter Bartels, the marketer discussed the new corporate structure that has resulted from the alignment of the North American market with Molson Breweries North America and two new products that will be introduced in the U.S. market-place in October - Foster's Light and Foster's Draught. The executives also presented details about their new multi-million television ad campaign, which the company called "the most aggressive ever and a revolutionary step away from the style of current beer advertising." More than 300 Foster's distributors and executives attended the meeting.

"The plans we've discussed are designed to make Foster's an even bigger player in the imported beer marketplace," Bartels told the group. "Our alignment with Molson has greatly enhanced our marketing capabilities. The new products will increase overall sales and sampling with discerning drinkers and especially at the crucial on-premise level.

One key to the Foster's expansion, the marketers believe, is the introduction of two new products.

"The imported light beer sector is only a two horse race," said John Barnett, Molson Breweries USA's president. "With the proven success of our light on the market in Australia and Canada, we think it can become a top seller here, one of the most promising products in our U.S. portfolio.

"Foster's Draught," Barnett continued, "is a product that will help us improve sampling and, ultimately, our overall bottom-line and sales in the U.S." Barnett added that Foster's Draught will be brewed by Molson at its Canadian facilities to ensure product freshness; however, he stressed packaged products will continue to be made in Australia.

Another factor aiding the brand's expansion will be the new TV ad campaign, set to begin airing during the World Series in October. The three spots feature the use of special effects and stilted chatter to parody conventional beer ads, company officials said.
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Title Annotation:Foster's Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 24, 1990
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