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Maragheh home to nine-million-year vertebrate fossils. AZIN HAQIQI/IRAN DAILY Aug 13, 2022 655
Toddling with the dinosaurs; HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM UP FOR KIDS BOOK Story tells tale of prehistoric beast Dugie. Heather Greenaway Aug 7, 2022 572
Expedition on fossils in 'Kohe-Sulaiman' range to start. Aug 7, 2022 194
The hidden North Yorkshire beach full of fossils and gemstones with a 'magical feeling'; It is just past Whitby -but getting there can be an adventure. By, Andrew Robinson & Joanne Welford Aug 6, 2022 690
8 million-year-old hipparion fossils found in China. Aug 5, 2022 229
8-tonne fossil in east China sheds light on Cretaceous dinosaurs. Aug 4, 2022 292
World's first predator named after Sir David; creature lived in charnwood ocean 560 million years ago. SHANNEN HEADLEY News Reporter Aug 3, 2022 651
183-MILLION-YEAR-OLD FOSSILS FROZEN IN TIME; Remains found in farmer's field. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Jul 31, 2022 656
Eight-million-year old hipparion fossils found in Xinjiang. Jul 29, 2022 221
Loch Ness monster declared 'plausible' by scientists after eye-opening discovery; Researchers say fossils of small plesiosaurs found in a 100-million-year-old river system that is now Morocco's Sahara Desert suggest that the beast could have lived in Loch Ness. By, Matt Gibson Jul 27, 2022 369
The 'hidden' beach a few hours from Reading with majestic white cliffs and where the kids can hunt fossils; The beach is so captivating and idyllic it starred in a Shawn Mendes music video. By, Lily Morl Jul 24, 2022 336
Chipper Fossils go West in search of win. Jul 23, 2022 848
Field Museum gets crates of fossils in limestone. Stefano Esposito Chicago Sun-Times Jul 12, 2022 355
Jurassic Adventure coming to Liverpool in time for summer holidays; The dinosaur themed event includes a live show, digging for fossils and dino-selfie opportunities. By, Amy Browne Jul 7, 2022 306
South African hominid fossils rewrite history of human evolution. Mustafa Marie Jul 4, 2022 265
Fossil discovery solves mystery of how pandas became vegetarian. Jul 3, 2022 383
Early human ancestors one million years older than thought. Jun 29, 2022 716
Fossils: Cave woman one million years older than thought. Jun 29, 2022 400
Fossil exhibition uncovers beginnings of life on Earth. Jun 29, 2022 353
Chinese scientists discover mating-swarms in early mayfly fossils. Jun 17, 2022 173
New Zealand should celebrate its remarkable prehistoric past with national fossil emblems -- have your say! Nic Rawlence Jun 16, 2022 823
New Dinosaur Species Having Knives For Claws Discovered In Japan's Hokkaido. Jun 13, 2022 296
Abelisauroid, a killer dinosaur, lived in Egypt 98 million years ago. Mustafa Marie Jun 9, 2022 600
Fossils Mines acquires Larfage Cement Zim. Jun 9, 2022 400
Fossils of fierce carnivorous dinosaur 'Abel' discovered in Egypt's Western Desert. Mohammed El-Said Jun 8, 2022 575
Getting rid of Russian fossils dependence possible only with energy saving - Commissioner. Jun 8, 2022 265
10-million-year-old fossil discovered in Zanjan. Jun 6, 2022 387
Distribution and Morphological Diversity of Palaeocarpinus (Betulaceae) from the Paleogene of the Northern Hemisphere. Correa-Narvaez, Julian E.; Manchester, Steven R. Jun 1, 2022 19719
Saudi Geological Survey Announces Discovering Sites of Fossils Extinct from 80 Million Years. Jun 1, 2022 256
Development of faunal diversity during the late Llandovery-early Wenlock in the easternmost part of the Baltic Palaeobasin - implications for the Ireviken Event. Hints, Linda; Pärnaste, Helje; Männik, Peep; Reich, Mike; Rozhnov, Sergey Jun 1, 2022 12402
Dinosaur fossil dating back 125 mln years found in north China. May 27, 2022 197
Livid LGBTQ+ club owner's open letter to 'troglodyte man in a white shirt' who trashed venue; Owner likened them to 'troglodytes' and 'fossils' that 'are thankfully showing early signs of extinction' as £1,000s damage caused. By, Kelley Price May 16, 2022 644
Skeleton Of Dinosaur That Inspired 'Jurassic Park' Sells for $12.4 Million At Christie's. May 15, 2022 297
Tough challenge for the Fossils. May 14, 2022 1207
Fossils of giant marine reptiles found high in the Swiss Alps. Reuters News Service May 9, 2022 621
Fossils of giant marine reptiles found high in the Swiss Alps. May 9, 2022 611
Department confirms ammonite fossils found at Bangkok mall are real. Apr 28, 2022 270
Giant monster that may be the largest animal ever to exist is discovered in Alps; Scientists are saying that the 205 million year old ichthyosaur was larger than a blue whale. The huge marine creature was identified from fossils representing three individuals that included massive teeth and vertebrae. By, Mark Waghorn & Alex Whilding Apr 27, 2022 692
Captain's celebration day raises over PS300. Apr 16, 2022 1171
The urgent need to ditch fossils fuels; LETTERS. Apr 11, 2022 187
Fossils and fiddleheads Spreyer: Not all fiddleheads can be eaten. Apr 1, 2022 1307
Fossils and fiddleheads Spreyer: Ferns not on menu for wildlife. Apr 1, 2022 1307
Fossils and fiddleheads. Mark Spreyer Stillman Nature Center Apr 1, 2022 1313
The top social media stars representing the North East showcasing everything from fitness to fossils; There's plenty of content creators wanting to showcase the region and their skills. By, Katie Anderson Mar 26, 2022 955
Moving dinosaurs coming to Royal Quays in North Shields -and children can see them for free; The dinosaurs will be on show at the Royal Quays Outlet and Independent Centre, in North Shields, from 11am to 3pm on Saturday -here are more details. By, Sonia Sharma Mar 23, 2022 296
A new saber-toothed mammal was among the first hypercarnivores. Sofia Quaglia Mar 21, 2022 204
Results don't make a good read. Mar 19, 2022 784
Golfers get back to action after wet and windy spell. Mar 12, 2022 588
Scientists propose Tyrannosaurus had three species, not just Rex. Reuters News Service Mar 8, 2022 633
Culture Minister Holds Ceremony to Present Fossils Repatriated to Morocco After Illegal Extraction. Mar 5, 2022 439
Meet Mary Anning, 'The Woman Who Changed Geology'. Submitted by Sara Kurth Mar 3, 2022 719
Hands-On Palaeontology: A Practical Manual. Mar 1, 2022 160
New Fossil Remains of Giraffids from the Lower Siwaliks of Punjab, Pakistan: Evolution, Systematics and Biogeography. Arif, Amin; Samiullah, Khizar; Yasin, Riffat; Rasool, Bilal; Naz, Shakila; Ni Xijun; Akhtar, Saleem Report Feb 28, 2022 6301
Fossils show a crocodile ancestor dined on a young dinosaur. Carolyn Gramling Feb 28, 2022 173
SKELETON ISLAND; Skye could have a treasure trove of fossils. | George Mair Feb 27, 2022 245
10 UZ students get Fossils scholarships. Feb 26, 2022 468
10 UZ students get Fossils scholarships. Feb 25, 2022 191
Doom for the dinos came in springtime. Feb 25, 2022 586
Jokowi inaugurates hydropower plants in Sulawesi for green transition. Feb 25, 2022 305
Asteroid that killed dinosaurs 66 million years ago hit Earth during spring; Researchers examined the fossils of paddlefish and sturgeon buried alive in North Dakota, US, less than an hour after the asteroid hit Mexico at 27,000mph. They believe the asteroid hit Earth in springtime. By, Stephen White Feb 23, 2022 207
Fossils reveal what may be the oldest known case of the dino sniffles. Sid Perkins Feb 21, 2022 344
Golfers get extremely lucky with the weather. Feb 19, 2022 908
Where to see dinosaurs in the West Midlands; Take your dinosaur-obsessed youngsters here. By, Ben Eccleston Feb 16, 2022 386
TOP OF THE CROCS; University scientists identify new species of gigantic ancestor. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Feb 13, 2022 336
Croc of ages found by city boffins; University scientists identify new species of gigantic ancestor. Mike Lockley Staff Reporter Feb 10, 2022 340
bone rangers; Fossil hunters dig for dino gems in UK. DAN HALL Feb 6, 2022 419
What is Akinwunmi Ambode's Game. Feb 6, 2022 389
Strolling through prehistory in Nandi County. Feb 5, 2022 857
Loch Ness Monster sightings get simple detail wrong as probe sheds new light on mystery; Nessie is often depicted looking like a plesiosaur with a long neck and a head emerging from the water but a recent study of a fossilised elasmosaurus -which is a type of plesiosaur -has revealed they didn't hold their heads that way. By, Michael Havis & Alahna Kindred Jan 18, 2022 675
Earlier date for Ethiopian fossils sheds light on rise of Homo sapiens. Jan 13, 2022 413
Coal impact assessment of coal mining. Jan 5, 2022 746
Scientists Discover Early Stone Age Tools, Animal Fossils Aged from 2 to 3 Mln Years in Ethiopia. Jan 4, 2022 282
Dry weather aids impressive scores. Jan 1, 2022 772
Notes on brooding in the arachnid order Schizomida. Giribet, Gonzalo; Moreno-Gonzalez, Jairo A. Jan 1, 2022 4250
THURSDAY; 30 DECEMBER. Dec 26, 2021 192
A dinosaur embryo was found inside a fossilized egg from over 66 million years ago. Dec 22, 2021 158
Perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo was preparing to hatch like a bird. Dec 22, 2021 502
Dinomania dinosaur show on way to city; interactive event for youngsters due next april. DANIEL CLARK @HEDANIELCLARK Dec 20, 2021 410
A changing of the guard for local golf clubs; ST MELLION. Dec 18, 2021 1091
Museum sets up trail linked to show at neighbouring venue. Dec 9, 2021 366
Archaeologists uncover 200,000-year-old remains of human ancestors in Siberia. Mustafa Marie Dec 5, 2021 223
Latest Ordovician--early Silurian palaeoenvironmental changes and palaeotemperature trends indicated by stable carbon and oxygen isotopes from northern Estonia. Gul, Bilal; Ainsaar, Leho; Meidla, Tonu Dec 1, 2021 8764
First Occurrence of a Giant Sea Cow (cf. Hydrodamalis cuestae) from the Pliocene Pico Formation of Santa Clarita, Southern California. Frederico, Charles, Jr.; McLain, Matthew A. Dec 1, 2021 1298
Fossil hunter makes fab find; 26-YEAR-OLD HAS PASSION FOR PALAEONTOLOGY. EDEN LEWIS @TeessideLive Nov 23, 2021 409
Multiplier pays dividends for St Mellion's winners. Nov 20, 2021 1149
A fossil found within a war zone; THERE'S A STORY BEHIND EVERY MUSEUM DONATION, AS EXPLAINED BY jo clarke. jo clarke Nov 16, 2021 439
Giant razor-sharp teeth of extinct mega-shark stumbled on by chance in desert; The massive haul of giant teeth from a prehistoric megalodon shark -which would have sat in its huge 10ft-wide mouth -have been found in the Atacama Desert, in Chile. By, Joe Golder & Ryan Fahey Nov 16, 2021 912
MHT opens Oman Geological Heritage Exhibition in Dhofar. Nov 15, 2021 214
'Beware the injured golfer'. Nov 13, 2021 666
Fossil Discovery Offers More Evidence of Ritualistic Behavior by Extinct Hominins. Nov 12, 2021 463
Understanding Today through Interpreting Fossils. Kabakov, Solea Nov 1, 2021 1225
Fossils of extinct bony fish that lived 244 million years ago discovered in China; The frozen remains of three well preserved Peltoperleidus specimens were found in soil in Luoping, eastern Yunnan this month. By, Danya Bazaraa Oct 29, 2021 349
Giant beaver may become official fossil of Minnesota. Erin Blakemore The Washington Post Oct 24, 2021 179
First quartet out prove too hard to beat at St Mellion. Oct 23, 2021 931
Egyptian researcher records new unknown genus of rodents dating back 34 million years. Daily News Egypt Oct 19, 2021 374
NASA launches robotic archaeologist Lucy on 12-year mission to Trojan asteroids. Staff Reporter Oct 18, 2021 711
Greenwood demonstrated his mastery. Oct 16, 2021 998
Amazing things to do in Devon. Oct 15, 2021 1753
TINYSAURUS; He was related to T-Rex, but dinosaur discovered by Brum scientists was only the size of a chicken. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Oct 10, 2021 442
New species of Cretaceous vertebrate discovered in NE China. Oct 8, 2021 649
TINY REX! Chicken-sized dinosaur discovered by city scientists. Oct 7, 2021 336
England's Isle of Wight was Isle of Fright, with two big dinosaur predators. Reuters News Service Oct 7, 2021 582
Human skull fossil dating back 32,000 years discovered in China's Henan. Oct 7, 2021 221
Summer pairs goes down to the final hole. Oct 2, 2021 1049
New Fossil Collection of Hippohyus sivalensis (Artiodactyla: Suidae: Suinae) from Late Miocene to Pliocene of Siwaliks of Pakistan. Report Oct 2, 2021 2345
The stunning seaside village in Yorkshire that once fell into the SEA and is now home to a restaurant with no negative TripAdvisor reviews; Who knew that there was a village that just disappeared? By, Ellen Jenne Oct 1, 2021 707
Improving Scientific Awareness in Paleontology, Outreach and Education Activities led by Delta State University from August 2019--May 2020. Baghai-Riding, Nina; Collins, Larry; Kagumba, Robert Report Oct 1, 2021 5608
What Fossil Preparators Can Teach Us About More Inclusive Science. Wylie, Caitlin Donahue Sep 22, 2021 1958
THE EPIC STORY OF LIFE ON EARTH. Basseches, Josh Sep 22, 2021 491
Three days of golf in the sun. Sep 18, 2021 977
Telephonic fossils? Well, apparently so. With Peter Chapman Sep 9, 2021 271
St Mellion turn on the style. Sep 4, 2021 1631
The University of Michigan Helps in the Hunt for Fossils. Sep 1, 2021 179
Ky. 'Ark Park' Critic Receives Prestigious Award From Paleontology Group. Sep 1, 2021 276
Researchers discover remains of four-legged amphibious whale in Egypt's Fayoum. Daily News Egypt Aug 25, 2021 505
Does a home-made Covid vaccine excite you? Aug 15, 2021 585
Sponge-like Canadian fossils may be earliest sign of animal life. Reuters News Service Aug 12, 2021 592
Sponge-like Canadian fossils may be earliest sign of animal life. Aug 12, 2021 583
Study sheds new light on some of the earliest known fossils; charnwood discoveries reveal 560m-year-old creature related to most modern animals - including humans. DAVID OWEN News Reporter Report Aug 11, 2021 482
Questions as Kenya 'lends' fossils to French museum. Aug 1, 2021 987
Geologist: Fossils may be oldest sign of animal life on the planet. The Washington Post Jul 30, 2021 272
Couple discover 'Jurassic Pompeii' on Google Earth; Hundreds of fossils discovered in quarry thanks to eagle-eyed university associate. Staff Reporter Jul 29, 2021 608
Couple discover rare marine fossils site on Google Earth; HUNDREDS OF SAMPLES FOUND FROM MIDDLE JURASSIC PERIOD WILL ALLOW NEW RESEARCH. Jul 22, 2021 772
Dino Dig promises a great adventure. Jul 14, 2021 354
Fossils get revenge on St Enedoc; ST MELLION VETERANS. Jul 3, 2021 1031
Progress in 50 years of viroid research--Molecular structure, pathogenicity, and host adaptation. Sano, Teruo Jul 1, 2021 20997
Last of the dinosaurs' prints discovered near white cliffs. Jun 19, 2021 278
Unearthing emotions. Jun 12, 2021 427
Winslet takes step back in time. Jun 11, 2021 194
Scientists confirm new dinosaur species found in Xinjiang. Jun 10, 2021 226
How Scotland's fossils help us understand life on earth; Scotland's geology has played a key role in the understanding of the development of our planet over millions of years. Dr Sue Beardmore Jun 9, 2021 612
Protesters blast council fossils. SALLY HIND Jun 1, 2021 226
Scientists say lessons from earth's history should spur climate action; Sea level was 20 metres higher and beech trees grew in Antarctica the last time levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were as high as they are today, according to new international research. Ilona Amos Jun 1, 2021 419
Kenyan palaeontologist gets award for his work. May 27, 2021 547
Cargo ship that played role in Titanic disaster; STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past. STEPHEN GUY May 23, 2021 450
Scotland's 250,000 fossils that hold the key to life on earth brought together for first time; Scotland's museum collection of 250,000 fossils which tell the story of how life on earth was developed have been documented in one place for the first time. Alison Campsie May 14, 2021 573
Fossils may be earliest evidence of mammals gathering by the sea. May 14, 2021 377
Treasures of the past. May 12, 2021 629
Treasures of the past. May 12, 2021 632
Ammonite fever; Movie sparks craze to scour for fossils along coastlines. ADAM ASPINALL May 4, 2021 358
Giant rat species 'twice the size of gray squirrel' once roamed PH, new study shows. Apr 24, 2021 563
Giant rat species 'twice the size of gray squirrel' once roamed PH, new study shows. Apr 23, 2021 543
PMNH attracting visitors particularly students. Apr 19, 2021 251
PMNH attracting visitors particularly students. Apr 19, 2021 251
Natural History Museum draws large crowds. Apr 17, 2021 274
Scarborough Museum boss Andrew Clay talks about fossil finding on the Yorkshire Coast; The Yorkshire Coast is well known for being one of the hotspots of the world, when it comes to fossil discovery. Lyndsey Young Interview Apr 16, 2021 400
Brain work, fabulous fossils and stolen treasure by various authors - book reviews -; Discover the inside of our amazing brains, walk in the footsteps of the first fossil hunters, join a colourful quest for stolen treasure in Ancient Egypt, and find out exactly what a virus is in a springtime selection of exciting children's books. Pam Norfolk Apr 13, 2021 1716
Impressive collection to go under the hammer. Apr 8, 2021 453
Java Man and the Politics of Natural History: An Object Biography. Drieenhuizen, Caroline; Sysling, Fenneke Report Apr 1, 2021 8897
Film reviews: Ammonite | He Dreams of Giants | Stray | Tom and Jerry: The Movie; Starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan as two 19th century women searching for fossils along the Dorset coast, Frances Lee's follow-up to God's Own Country is a nuanced exploration of the ways in which sexual freedom is bound up with issues of class and gender, writes Alistair Harkness. Alistair Harkness Mar 23, 2021 1013
5 elephant species lived 8M years ago in central Turkey. Mar 20, 2021 194
Ancient ammonite fossils unearthed in Koh Kong. Mar 12, 2021 606
Researchers discover that flowering plants may have existed earlier than 100 million years old ago. Mar 5, 2021 205
Miaolingian (Cambrian) trilobite biostratigraphy and carbon isotope chemostratigraphy in the Tingskullen drill core, Oland, Sweden/Miaolingi ladestiku (Kambrium) trilobiitide biostratigraafia ja susiniku kemostratigraafia Tingskulleni puuraugus Rootsis Olandi saarel. Ahlberg, Per; Lundberg, Frans; Calner, Mikael; Lehnert, Oliver; Dahlqvist, Peter; Joachimski, Michae Mar 1, 2021 10679
TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Geologists refine the timing of the Cambrian explosion and trilobite evolution in the Grand Canyon. Carr, Steve Mar 1, 2021 1422
UPM RAFLATAC. Mar 1, 2021 537
New Collection of Fossil Remains of Hyotherium pilgrimi (Mammalia: Artiodactyla: Suidae), from Middle Miocene Rocks of Lower Siwaliks of Pakistan. Aslam, Sadaf; Khan, Abdul Majid; Akhtar, Muhammad Report Feb 24, 2021 2527
Fossil collector hands over rare cache to Natural History Museum. Feb 22, 2021 481
Babies from famed carnivorous dinosaur group were 'born ready' to hunt. Reuters News Service Feb 12, 2021 332
Bone to pick! ADAM ASPINALL Feb 6, 2021 184
BONE TO PICK! Brothers' joy at finding huge prehistoric elephant's bone. ADAM ASPINALL Feb 6, 2021 215
Seashell fossils dating back two million years found in Pedieos riverbed. Gina Agapiou Jan 28, 2021 219
Seashell fossils dating back two million years found in Pedieos riverbed. Jan 28, 2021 201
Using gravitational-wave to predict earth's future climate. Jan 20, 2021 180
World's oldest python's fossils found; origin lies in Europe. Jan 5, 2021 205
The second chthonioid pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber: a new genus with unique morphological features and potential Gondwanan affinities. Wriedt, Anna-Louisa; Harvey, Mark S.; Hammel, Jorg U.; Kotthoff, Ulrich; Harms, Danilo Jan 1, 2021 6288
Survey of potential syngenetic occurrences of archaeal lipid biphytanes in lower greenschist facies, Late Archean (2.65 Ga) metamorphosed argillites of the Abitibi Subprovince, Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Lakhanpal, Nikita; Redshaw, Elish; John, M. Dooma; Jeremy, N. Bentley; Pasterski, Michael; Kenig, Fa Jan 1, 2021 401
New discoveries from old fossils: a novel view on the Ediacaran of Newfoundland, Canada. McKean, Christopher; Pasinetti, Giovanni Jan 1, 2021 336
800,000-year old dinosaur fossils being kept at Darkhan-Uul Museum. Dec 23, 2020 156
Taphonomic Implications of a Crinoid from Echinoderm-Poor Lithofacies in the Upper Ordovician (Katian: Cincinnatian) of Northern Kentucky. Thomka, James R.; Malgieri, Thomas J.; Popovich-Martin, Kailyn M.; Brett, Carlton E. Dec 1, 2020 3213
Sedimentology and vertebrate fossils of the Frasnian Ogre Formation, Gurova outcrops, eastern Latvia. Stinkulis, Girts; Luksevics, Ervins; Reke, Tereze Dec 1, 2020 7651
ANCIENT INSECTS. Dec 1, 2020 152
First Fossils of Duckbilled Dinosaur Unearthed in Morocco. Nov 18, 2020 371
Mammoth fossil found in northwestern Turkey. Nov 17, 2020 221
World heritage call for geology 'jewel'. Nov 16, 2020 577
New Fossil Remains of Artiodactyla from Dhok Pathan Formation, Middle Siwaliks of Punjab, Pakistan. Draz, Omer; Ni, Xijun; Samiullah, Khizar; Yasin, Riffat; Fazal, Rana Mehroz; Naz, Sakeela; Akhtar, S Report Oct 31, 2020 8265
Something to throw over your left shoulder... QUIRKY HISTORY. Oct 27, 2020 220
Tussle over Sh8.2bn Leakey museum project site. Oct 26, 2020 580
Leakey lines up Sh8.2bn museum in Kajiado. Oct 22, 2020 464
Oman's unique geology, caves to be discussed at London event. Oct 20, 2020 509
Science brings past to life. Oct 16, 2020 358
Fungi fossils study brings prehistoric Rhynie back to life. KIERAN BEATTIE Report Oct 15, 2020 388
First mammals lived like reptiles. Oct 13, 2020 233
First mammals lived like reptiles. Oct 13, 2020 233
Scientists discover species of two-fingered dinosaur which had a toothless beak 'like a parrot'; The feathered, omnivorous creatures grew to around two metres long. By, Lucinda Cameron PA & Victoria Jones Oct 7, 2020 402
Nasa's new Mars rover will use x-rays to hunt fossils. Sep 27, 2020 449
dino discovery. Boeda, Sophie Sep 22, 2020 259
T-rex skeleton could fetch record price at New York auction. Sep 16, 2020 330
PMNH offers unique scientific knowledge on past-time living organisms. Aug 31, 2020 278
PMNH offers unique scientific knowledge on past-time living organisms. Aug 30, 2020 345
Jurassic fossil first of its kind to be found on island; Palaeontology: 166m-year-old discovery thought to be part of a stegosaurus. CHRIS MACLENNAN Aug 27, 2020 461
Fossil fuels Saoirse kiss. KATIE GALLAGHER Showbiz Reporter Aug 26, 2020 153
PMNH offers unique scientific knowledge on past -time living objects. Aug 25, 2020 344
Fish fossils found in Phnom Svay of Banteay Meanchey. Aug 19, 2020 217
New species of dinosaur discovered on the Isle of Wight is from the same family as Tyrannosaurus rex; Creature lived 115 million years ao -and is estimated to have been up to four metres long. By, Nina Massey & Lorna Hughes Aug 12, 2020 555
Jurassic Mac: Skye fossils hailed as world-beaters; scientists hail amazing dinosaur discoveries on Hebridean island as among the best ever uncovered. Mike Merritt Aug 2, 2020 518
Jurassic Mac: Skye fossils hailed as world-beaters; Scientists hail amazing dinosaur discoveries on Hebridean island as among the best ever uncovered. Mike Merritt Aug 2, 2020 508
Buried treasure to be found in garden; Homeowners digging up history while pottering in lockdown. SIMON STONE Jul 20, 2020 476
Buried treasure to be found in garden; Homeowners digging up history while pottering in lockdown. SIMON STONE Jul 20, 2020 476
Taiwanese researcher rebuilds ancient ecology through fish fossils. Jul 8, 2020 689
Prehistoric fossils discovered in Gia Lai. Jul 6, 2020 387
Collectors' Focus Natural-history objects. Crichton-Miller, Emma Jul 1, 2020 1292
Carmel Fossils Show Prehistoric Humans Migrated to Israel during Ice Age. Jun 23, 2020 796
Songkhla farmers introduce 'fossil durian' that flourishes in lignite deposits. Jun 18, 2020 300
Plan to house geology collection in PS4m visitor centre; DEVELOPMENT. Jun 16, 2020 166
PMHN becomes great source of natural history of country. Jun 8, 2020 345
PMHN becomes great source of natural history of country. Jun 8, 2020 345
PMHN becomes great source of natural history of country. Jun 2, 2020 348
PMHN becomes great source of natural history of country. Jun 2, 2020 300
A Review on Worldwide Ephedra History and Story: From Fossils to Natural Products Mass Spectroscopy Characterization and Biopharmacotherapy Potential. Elhadef, Khaoula; Smaoui, Slim; Fourati, Mariam; Hlima, Hajer Ben; Mtibaa, Ahlem Chakchouk; Sellem, May 31, 2020 14706
New code of conduct for responsible fossil collecting. May 21, 2020 359
Tourism in Balochistan. May 13, 2020 414
Using living organisms to investigate fossils: a 6E lesson plan. Worch, Eric; Duran, Emilio; Duran, Lena May 1, 2020 1841
Scientists discover first 'river monster' dinosaur; FOSSILS. Apr 30, 2020 231
13,000-year-old fossils suggest photonic nanostructures in insects. Apr 18, 2020 261
Medi-weevil fossils show their colours; UCC study finds 13,000-yr-old bugs. PAT FLANAGAN Apr 15, 2020 306
Duke backs plan for village to host exhibition centre; Tourism: Valuable geology collection to be shown. SUSY MACAULAY Apr 9, 2020 331
First Report of Enamel Hypoplasia in Extinct Tragulids: A Marker Bearing on Habitat Change. Ahmad, Rana Manzoor; Khan, Abdul Majid; Iqbal, Ayesha; Rafeh, Amtur; Waseem, Muhammad Tahir; Ameen, Report Apr 7, 2020 5052
Early human fossils shed light on man evolution. Daily News Egypt Apr 1, 2020 469
LYUBA. Herbert, Wendy J. Poem Mar 22, 2020 182
staycations. Mar 22, 2020 376
staycations. Mar 22, 2020 375
staycations. Mar 22, 2020 375
Treat as museum reopens. Mar 17, 2020 153
Treat for fossil lovers at museum; ATTRACTIONS. Mar 16, 2020 162
New book documents isle's dinosaur past; HERITAGE. CHRIS MACLENNAN Mar 5, 2020 166
Small faecal pellets in Ordovician shelly fossils from Estonia, Baltoscandia. Toom, Ursula; Vinn, Olev; Isakar, Mare; Madison, Anna; Hints, Olle Mar 1, 2020 11244
Billion-year-old seaweed fossils found; PREHISTORY. NINA MASSEY Feb 25, 2020 276
Black rice fossils found to date from at least 900 years. Feb 24, 2020 549
Pupil unearths rare Anglesey coin. Feb 21, 2020 266
TEENY REX FIND; Lizard fossil is key evolutionary link. mark waghorn Feb 21, 2020 194
Russian fossil is distinct species; NATURE. Feb 20, 2020 233
Catfish, tilapia fossils found in Libya's southwestern Sahara. Mohammed El-Said Feb 20, 2020 561
A Car-Sized Turtle Discovered! Christina K, Writer Feb 18, 2020 616
Hopkins Architects announces opening of Sharjah's Buhais Geology Park. Gavin Davids Feb 17, 2020 393
County's extinct Auk took flight to America; Rare stuffed example of long-extinct bird was part of collection. TOBY NEAL Feb 15, 2020 655
Antelopes (Mammalia) from Pabbi Hills of Sardhok, Pakistan. Muhammad Khaled Siddiq, Fatima Yousuf Dar, M. Akbar Khan, Muhammad Adeeb Babar, Sayyed Ghyour Abbas, Feb 14, 2020 4599
Stunning new Dinosaur 50ps launched by Royal Mint -and we want them all; The coins feature three different dinosaurs, including the Megalosaurus, the Iguanodon and the Hylaeosaurus -but you'll have to pay [pounds sterling]10 to get your hands on one. By, mirror Feb 13, 2020 504
Car-sized prehistoric South American turtle was built for battle (V). Reuters News Service Feb 13, 2020 515
Hopkins Architects-designed geology park opens in Sharjah. Feb 13, 2020 275
Young crimefighters in the spotlight; Science Detectives category in 3M Young Innovators Challenge. ANDY RUSH Feb 5, 2020 500
Callao Cave in Cagayan declared an 'important cultural property'. Feb 5, 2020 500
Museum show set to be a big hit. SHARON LIPTROTT Jan 31, 2020 251
Fossil footprints show how life endured amid volcanic eruptions 183 million years ago. Jan 30, 2020 771
16-mln-year fossils unearthed in Kuwait -- official. Jan 23, 2020 313
16-mln-year fossils unearthed in Kuwait -- official. Jan 23, 2020 324
Study examines ancient marine fossils to help uncover the mystery of Earth's past and future. Jan 21, 2020 512
DINO SOAR; EXPERT HAILS JURASSIC PARK FOR SURGE IN INTEREST; Museum expects big crowds for exhibition. Jenny Morrison Jan 19, 2020 522
Blasts 'did not kill off dinosaurs'. Jan 17, 2020 114
Volcanic blasts 'did not kill dinosaurs'. Jan 17, 2020 137
Dinosaurs were killed off by asteroid not volcanic blasts. Jan 17, 2020 314
Volcanic activity 'did not kill off dinosaurs'. Jan 17, 2020 192
Oldest-Known Fossilized Digestive Tract. Jan 15, 2020 490
Clues From A Worm Fossil. Christina K, Writer Jan 13, 2020 515
Mammoth fossils found in Issyk-Kul not studied yet over lack of financing: Paleontologist. Jan 13, 2020 150
Spanish Airport Authorities Seize Undocumented Moroccan Fossils. Jan 13, 2020 175
Fossils help to solve climate change riddle. aamir mohammed Reporter Jan 10, 2020 498
Fossils help to solve climate change riddle. AAMIR MOHAMMED Reporter Jan 10, 2020 499
Previously Thought T-Rex Cousins May Have Been Teenage T-Rexes. Jan Cortes Jan 7, 2020 364
T.Rex teenagers put flesh on the bones. Jan 2, 2020 160
Tiny T. Rex not from separate genus, they were actually kids, reveals bone analysis. ANI Jan 2, 2020 448
BEACH FOSSILS. Jan 1, 2020 395
NASA Hoping To Uncover Alien Fossils On Mars With New Rover. Inigo Monzon Dec 30, 2019 379
Science Favorite Fossils Of 2019. Jan Cortes Dec 27, 2019 355
City scientists uncover the world's oldest forest. lydia stephens Reporter Dec 20, 2019 606
World's oldest forest found by Welsh scientists. LYDIA STEPHENS Reporter Dec 20, 2019 588
Dive into the prehistoric. Dec 18, 2019 273
Last known appearance of Homo erectus dates back to 108,000-117,000 years ago: study. Mohammed El-Said Dec 18, 2019 945
Fossils indicate of global warming on Earth even before dinosaur's extinction. ANI Dec 15, 2019 282
Expo offers window into Jurassic World wonders. Dec 14, 2019 266
Amphibian tracks are 340 million years old. Dec 13, 2019 178
Amphibian tracks are 340 million years old. Dec 13, 2019 178
State Audit Office criticizes Agriculture Ministry for poor management of fossil and mineral resources. Dec 13, 2019 407
New fossil uncovered in Wadi Al Hitan reveals secrets of whale locomotion. Mohammed El-Said Dec 11, 2019 589
Fossil Mystery: Quest for Ancient Life On Mars. Dec 7, 2019 351
When Snakes Had Legs... Lauren T, Writer Dec 3, 2019 552
SoftLab9 Software Solutions Inc. Enters LOI with GEMX Exchange Limited. Dec 3, 2019 1190
Taiwan-US study offers breakthrough on bird flight. Dec 2, 2019 232
Middle Jurassic Zoophycos and Chondrites from the Melah Formation of Saharan Atlas, Algeria. Mekki, Faycal; Zhang, Li-Jun; Vinn, Olev; Toom, Ursula; Benyoucef, Madani; Bendella, Mohamed; Bouche Dec 1, 2019 4269
There are plagues hidden in the ice, and they're reawakening. Nov 30, 2019 1209
'Ice Fossils' Discovered By Scientists In Ancient Meteorite Shard. Jan Cortes Nov 28, 2019 380
Scientists Study 4.6-Billion-Year-Old Meteorite With Primitive Ice Fossils. Inigo Monzon Nov 27, 2019 458
Fossils Of A New Ape Species Discovered. Nov 26, 2019 594
Is the Bible Right? Newly Discovered Fossils Show Snakes had Legs. Nov 26, 2019 428
Ancient Elephant's Skull Reconstructed by Iranian University. Nov 24, 2019 198
Museum exhibit sheds new light on old bones. Nov 22, 2019 321
Fossils of 12th dinosaur species found in Nakhon Ratchasima. Nov 22, 2019 300
Fossils coming home. Nov 18, 2019 138
Funding to bring fossils home; MUSEUMS. DAVID MACKAY Nov 16, 2019 187
180-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Fossil Shows 'Hair-Like' Feathers. Inigo Monzon Nov 14, 2019 424
Prehistoric ape from Germany was a pioneer of two-legged walking. Reuters News Service Nov 8, 2019 649

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