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The Climate Tipping Point We Want. May 8, 2021 926
ADB Nixes Cancel-Debt Call But Vows End To Coal Finance. May 7, 2021 713
Govt warned against reliance on fossil fuel. May 7, 2021 496
ADB Nixes Cancel-Debt Call But Vows End To Coal Finance. May 6, 2021 709
'It's time for actions not words on climate' Committee takes step forward on fossil fuel strategy. May 5, 2021 554
World in Brief. May 5, 2021 831
US climate envoy Kerry says islands face 'beyond existential' threat. May 5, 2021 389
Going for the green vote - hoare the party manifestos in this w - how environmentally-friendly os week's Senedd election? A leading environmental journalist has worked with the Western Mail to give his verdict on the biggest parties'manifestos for Senedd election 2021. May 3, 2021 1580
Brick-kilns in Punjab shifted to zigzag technology: PM's aide. May 3, 2021 567
Oilfields will help to reach net-zero goal. BRAD BAKER, CEO OF TENDEKA May 3, 2021 409
Leaders say they are serious about climate change. Is that enough? RICHARD DIXON FRIENDS OF THE EARTH SCOTLAND May 2, 2021 408
Energy financiers in Asia must stop supporting region's costly addiction to LNG and coal power. Apr 30, 2021 408
Indonesia, key for energy transition in the region. Apr 29, 2021 1135
Renewables Could Dwarf Fossil Fuel Electricity By 2035- Report. Apr 29, 2021 604
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 28, 2021 15218
Parly pension fund's PS1m fossil fuels stake; ELECTION 2021 Polluters still pumping out cash for MSPs. MIKE MERRITT Apr 28, 2021 367
Biden Set The Right Climate Goal. Now We Have To Meet It. Apr 25, 2021 577
Cleaner energy. Apr 25, 2021 398
Greta Thunberg blasts politicians for 'ignoring' climate crisis. Apr 23, 2021 445
Leaders pledge fight for climate. Knickmeyer, By Ellen; Daly, Matthew; Press, Christina Larson Associated Apr 23, 2021 900
Leaders pledge fight for climate Climate: McConnell says Biden plans are costly, ineffective. Knickmeyer, By Ellen; Daly, Matthew; Press, Christina Larson Associated Apr 23, 2021 900
Fake Coal Dumped in Front of Lloyd's HQ in Climate Change Protest. L.S. Howard Apr 23, 2021 544
Dalai Lama Calls For Cooperation To Stop Fossil Fuel Expansion. Apr 22, 2021 506
Why Can't ADB And AIIB Make A Resolute Stand Against Fossil Fuels? Apr 22, 2021 1024
Grant given to source sites for wind and solar farms; 'Vital to take more strategic approach to keep lights on whilst shifting away from fossil fuels'. DOMINIC ROBERTSON CHIEF REPORTER Apr 22, 2021 341
Qatar tops MENA region in WEF's Energy Transition Index 2021. Apr 21, 2021 750
Microorganisms can help reduce negative emissions. Apr 21, 2021 229
Institutional investors group calls for banks to set more ambitious ESG goals. Apr 20, 2021 180
3 THINGS TO KNOW TODAY. Apr 20, 2021 399
South Jersey Industries announces Clean Energy, Sustainability plan. Apr 19, 2021 226
No more excuse for climate inaction. Apr 18, 2021 843
Asian climate advocates back Biden's new tack, urge China to join US-led Climate Leaders Summit. Apr 16, 2021 409
'Climate zombies' want to infect your brain with misinformation. Apr 16, 2021 758
Amid pandemic, insurers grapple with carbon asset risks. Apr 15, 2021 2399
Hillcrest Energy transitioning from dirty fossil fuels to clean technology. Apr 15, 2021 1006
Scottish election 2021: Greens pledge to double wind energy industry; Scottish Greens have unveiled plans to double the size of the wind energy industry by replacing existing wind turbines with more powerful models as fossil fuels are phased out. Jane Bradley Apr 15, 2021 547
'Insure Our Future' Pressures Lloyd's to 'Immediately Stop' Insuring Fossil Fuel Projects. L.S. Howard Apr 15, 2021 545
The production of hydrogen explained; LETTERS. Apr 14, 2021 192
Wholesale and retail climate degradation. Apr 12, 2021 639
Nigeria needs fossil fuel to develop -Auwalu, DPR boss. Apr 12, 2021 3887
NPS' coal investments accelerate climate change. Apr 11, 2021 511
Hillcrest Petroleum rebranding as Hillcrest Energy Technologies as it transitions from fossil fuels to clean tech innovation and IP development. Apr 10, 2021 416
TNB estimates renewable energy to generate 2.5-3 times more employment than fossil fuel technologies. Apr 9, 2021 256
Extinction Rebellion protest Barclays fossil fuel investments at London HQ. Apr 8, 2021 386
Offshore wind leads the unstoppable renewables revolution. Apr 7, 2021 419
Cyclists do less damage and cause less pollution; LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what YOU think Email: Twitter: @coventrytelegraph Facebook: Apr 6, 2021 253
Activists stage climate protest outside bank. Apr 5, 2021 225
Student minds are driving big change. JEREMY CRESSWELL Apr 5, 2021 1923
Electric vehicles may not be good. Apr 5, 2021 266
Extinction Rebellion protest: Activists pose as dead bodies outside Barclays bank in Scotland; Extinction Rebellion protesters have taken action outside two Barclays bank premises in Scotland, posing as dead bodies while fake oil was poured over them. Hannah Brown Apr 1, 2021 367
This is the climate emergency election - Richard Dixon; Leaflets are coming through the door, TV leaders' debates have started and I've got my polling card, there must be an election on and climate change needs to be a central theme. Richard Dixon Apr 1, 2021 535
Fossil fuel stocks lost USD120 billion in decade - analysis. Mar 31, 2021 562
Bureaucracy holding back spray drone use. JAMES PUGH Mar 30, 2021 311
Baker Hughes acquires exclusive license from SRI International. Mar 29, 2021 171
Bankers and business chiefs must join climate change fight. Ranvir S. Nayar Mar 28, 2021 1052
Sport floating on sea of high-carbon sponsorship. Reuters News Service Mar 26, 2021 442
Put fossil fuels on the agenda; Stirling view LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Letter to the editor Mar 26, 2021 337
North Sea oil industry must get a just transition away from fossil fuels to avoid fate of Central Belt's ex-mining communities - Dr Richard Dixon; Years of hardship in ex-mining communities across the Central Belt show what an unjust transition looks like. Richard Dixon Mar 25, 2021 627
Barclays and HSBC among biggest backers of fossil fuels projects, report finds. Mar 25, 2021 272
Barclays and HSBC among biggest backers of fossil fuels projects, report finds. Mar 25, 2021 272
Banking giants pour $3.8 trillion into fossil fuels since Paris agreement. Edward Thicknesse Mar 24, 2021 674
Kwarteng pledge over Oil & gas. EMILY BEAMENT Mar 24, 2021 178
Industry leaders welcome North Sea 'transition deal' amid journey to green future; A North Sea "transition deal" that includes targets for the oil and gas sector to cut emissions over the next decade has been broadly welcomed by industry leaders. Scott Reid Mar 24, 2021 586
Put fossil fuels on the agenda. Mar 24, 2021 337
SABIC joins forces with BASF and Linde to build renewables-fueled petrochemical furnace. Arab News Mar 24, 2021 264
UK government unveils deal for North Sea in green transition efforts. Mar 24, 2021 709
It's time we stopped investing in fossil fuels. Ron Beadle Mar 20, 2021 791
Investors in renewables beat fossil fuel performance threefold over the past decade. Mar 19, 2021 751
Securities, Commodities, Insurance Regulators Face Climate Issues. Don Jergler Mar 18, 2021 964
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Unit to Look at Derivitaves and Climate-Related Hazards. Don Jergler Mar 18, 2021 970
CCC calls for wider ban on non-essential plastics. Mar 16, 2021 619
Addressing EV battery use, disposal. Mar 15, 2021 1015
Public sector pension fund to decarbonise its investments. Mar 11, 2021 377
Climate change: When 'net zero' is not zero. Mar 11, 2021 873
Energy transition: Experts express optimism over Nigeria's oil, gas prospects. Mar 11, 2021 410
Tax on carbon content of fuels remote-DOE. Mar 10, 2021 556
Per-Worker Productivity Compared: Fossil Fuels versus Wind and Solar. McGruer, Dave Mar 9, 2021 662
COVENANT SOLAR INITIATIVE: A Just Transition. Smith, Cheri A. Organization overview Mar 9, 2021 1200
Island's delight at hydrogen hub cash. Mar 6, 2021 306
Protesters challenge council on climate. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Mar 5, 2021 552
New international group urges ADB to end fossil fuels financing. Mar 4, 2021 370
Africa Can Decide How To Harness Its Natural Resources. Mar 4, 2021 1261
Hydrogen boilers heating your homes? Here's why they are unlikely to take off - Dr Richard Dixon; This week I spoke at an event about the future role - or not - of hydrogen in heating people's homes. Richard Dixon Mar 4, 2021 629
Council quizzed on tree planting and the burning of fossil fuels. Mar 2, 2021 352
Council defends its fossil fuels pension; Campaigners disappointed to learn of investments. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Mar 2, 2021 605
ECA: N5.2tr budget deficit'll erase gains of rising crude prices -Experts. Mar 1, 2021 777
Planet of the Humans. Ebiri, Bilge Mar 1, 2021 391
NIU offers virtual learning lab for renewable energy experiments -BYLN- Submitted By Sandy Manisco, NIU College of Engineering & Engineering Technology. Submitted By Sandy Manisco, NIU College of Engineering & Mar 1, 2021 425
Fossil Fuel Subsidies, the Green Paradox and the Fiscal Paradox. Belfiori, Maria Elisa Mar 1, 2021 5240
Biden Issues Executive Order Addressing Climate Change. Mar 1, 2021 281
Call me a dinosaur but what's wrong with fossil fuels? MIKE LOCKLEY >> OUR AWARD-WINNING COLUMNIST ON THE FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE.. Feb 28, 2021 237
Pension pot still has PS57m in fossil fuels. ALEX SEABROOK Local democracy reporter Feb 27, 2021 665
Council pension pot still has PS57m in fossil fuels. ALEX SEABROOK Local Democracy Reporter Feb 26, 2021 914
Investors in hydrogen companies should be wary of over-optimism, cautions JP Morgan. Feb 25, 2021 338
Removing support for fossil fuels 'will not inhibit growth'. Feb 24, 2021 227
Taiwan's CPC sets up Advanced Catalysis Center amid falling fuel demand. Feb 24, 2021 213
Virtual Learning Lab for Renewable Energy Experiments Now Available. Sandy Manisco, NIU College of Engineering & Engineering Technology Feb 23, 2021 429
WASHINGTON - World leaders welcomed the United States' official return to the Pa. ELLEN KNICKMEYER and SETH BORENSTEIN Associated Press Feb 20, 2021 475
City pension fund slammed over its PS1bn in oil money. NIALL GRIFFITHS @MENNEWSDESK Feb 17, 2021 307
Campaigners' plea to pension trustees over fossil fuels. Feb 17, 2021 184
What is needed is a comprehensive charging network; LETTERS. Feb 17, 2021 491
Stranded assets a long-term risk for major fossil fuel exporters. Feb 16, 2021 277
Nasa: Pollution could be the solution to find aliens. Feb 15, 2021 507
Electric vehicles expansion: where do Pakistan stands in ten years. Khalil Ahmed Feb 14, 2021 738
Homegrown energy; One of the UK's largest wood pellet manufacturers is based right here in South Ayrshire at Girvan. Land Energy produces over 100,000 tonnes of wood pellets per annum distributing across the UK and into Ireland. Feb 12, 2021 571
Top European insurers back green initiatives. Feb 12, 2021 210
Top European insurers back green initiatives. Feb 12, 2021 208
We must consign fossil fuel to history; lib dem leader calls for council to buy wind farm near halifax. JOHN GREENWOOD Local Democracy Service Feb 10, 2021 264
WasteFuel partners with NetJets in creating sustainable aviation. Feb 10, 2021 171
i(x) investments platform company partners with NetJets to create sustainable aviation. Feb 10, 2021 195
WasteFuel partners with NetJets in creating sustainable aviation. Feb 10, 2021 182
i(x) investments platform company partners with NetJets to create sustainable aviation. Feb 10, 2021 193
Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five deaths globally: study. Feb 10, 2021 673
Exxon Mobil To Capture Carbon. Ritali J. Feb 10, 2021 452
The future of bio-ingredients; second opinion. Warren Ackerman Feb 6, 2021 344
Gore Street Energy Storage upbeat as battery momentum grows. Feb 4, 2021 651
Cyprus has second highest fossil fuel share in EU. Annette Chrysostomou Feb 4, 2021 285
Covid and slump's toll on BP laid bare after it reveals an PS18.1bn loss. MARK LAMMEY Feb 3, 2021 553
Hana Financial under fire over anti-green biz. Feb 3, 2021 656
Climate change: If coal is the worst of the fossil fuels and more expensive than renewables, why is Japan still funding it? - Dr Richard Dixon; A recent rash of announcements that countries will stop funding fossil fuel projects overseas has not yet had an impact on the Japanese government's plans to fund a large coal-fired power station in Vietnam. Richard Dixon Feb 2, 2021 617
Scandinavian banks found to be backing fossil fuel industries. Feb 2, 2021 212
Scandinavian banks found to be backing fossil fuel industries. Feb 2, 2021 214
Neste MY Renewable Diesel Bolsters Argent Materials. Feb 1, 2021 662
1. Energy Overview. Feb 1, 2021 20725
2. Energy Consumption By Sector. Feb 1, 2021 14095
10. Renewable Energy. Feb 1, 2021 16677
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2021 10356
Appendix E: Alternative Approaches for Deriving Energy Contents of Noncombustible Renewables. Feb 1, 2021 2715
Are electric cars a threat to Nigeria's oil economy? Iruoma, Kelechukwu Feb 1, 2021 1099
Biden's climate change orders fast and furious, but lasting change will be harder. Reuters News Service Jan 31, 2021 820
Can Renewables Become As Profitable As Oil And Gas? Jan 31, 2021 897
Pakistan's brighter future depends upon renewable energy generation projects. Jan 31, 2021 1258
Mortality rate associated with carbon monoxide poisoning in Turkey: A national database study. Temrel, Tugba Atmaca Report Jan 31, 2021 2088
Fossil fuel overtaken by renewable power. Jan 28, 2021 478
Fossil fuel overtaken by renewable power. Jan 28, 2021 478
Biden takes on fossil fuels with climate orders. Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis The Washington Post Jan 28, 2021 1298
Biden takes on fossil fuels with climate orders Climate: Biden wants federal clean-car fleet. Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis The Washington Post Jan 28, 2021 1298
Scottish Government to withdraw overseas trade support for fossil fuel businesses; Companies which focus solely on trade in fossil fuels will have government support for overseas exports withdrawn by the end of the year, it has been announced. Gina Davidson Jan 26, 2021 636
Petroleum Industry Bill Will Ensure Nigerians Benefit Optimally from Oil and Gas Resources - Ahmed Lawan. Jan 26, 2021 756
PIB: Host Communities Reject 2.5%, Eye 10% Equity Shareholding. Jan 26, 2021 969
PIB: Host Communities Reject 2.5%, Stand On 10% Equity Share Holding. Jan 25, 2021 1200
Wind farm operators in storm over State aid for coal DISPUTE Wind farms; Owners take their quest over support to Luxembourg court. SEAN MCCARTHAIGH Jan 25, 2021 350
Shetlands to go greener as advanced energy storage project powers up; An advanced energy storage project has been unveiled in a bid to make the Shetland Islands greener. Scott Reid Jan 25, 2021 464
Carbon foot print and construction industry. Nazir Ahmed Shaikh Jan 24, 2021 1320
Trap that carbon. Jan 23, 2021 1176
Boeing says its fleet will be able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030. Reuters News Service Jan 22, 2021 345
Creighton University to divest fully from fossil fuels within 10 years. Roewe, Brian Jan 22, 2021 392
Development in Bahrain: Where next for the kingdom? Paul Godfrey Jan 20, 2021 749
Development in Bahrain: Where next for the kingdom? Paul Godfrey Jan 20, 2021 749
Policy-makers should look at nuclear power option. Jan 13, 2021 821
Blackrock invests in $85bn worth of coal assets despite climate pledge. Angharad Carrick Jan 13, 2021 546
Egypt's central bank allocates EGP 15bn to finance dual-fuel vehicle conversions. Hossam Mounir Jan 5, 2021 346
FEATURE: Nigeria's oil industry wont be attractive in 2021 without major reforms. Jan 5, 2021 974
Egypt's central bank allocates EGP 15bn to finance dual-fuel vehicle conversions. Hossam Mounir Jan 3, 2021 336
What 2021 will bring to East Med energy? Dr Charles Ellinas Jan 2, 2021 1103
Climate Change and Telemedicine: A Prospective View. Keshvardoost, Sareh; Dehnavieh, Reza; Bahaadinibeigy, Kambiz Jan 1, 2021 1465
Renewable diesel fuels recycling-driven Argent Materials. Jan 1, 2021 522
Behind the Mystique: Valuation of Maturing Renewable Energy Projects. DeLacy, P. Barton Jan 1, 2021 5417
1. Energy Overview. Jan 1, 2021 26138
2. Energy Consumption: By Sector. Jan 1, 2021 17302
10. Renewable Energy. Jan 1, 2021 17689
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2021 11188
Appendix E: Alternative Approaches for Deriving Energy Contents of Noncombustible Renewables. Jan 1, 2021 3012
Investors plan major move into renewable energy infrastructure. Dec 31, 2020 476
G20 Backslides On Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Report. Dec 31, 2020 631
LPG, coal prices rise as temperatures fall. Dec 29, 2020 152
Who causes climate change. Dec 27, 2020 705
Thinking Critically about Climate Change. Kellard, Joseph Dec 22, 2020 1125
We're going forward and back on climate action - Richard Dixon; The last ten days saw a plethora of climate change related events and announcements, some good, some alarming, some simply underwhelming. Richard Dixon Dec 22, 2020 544
Comment: why hydrogen is not a silver bullet for our climate targets; Dr Douglas Parr, chief scientist and policy director for Greenpeace UK. Ilona Amos Dec 21, 2020 327
Back the leaders to make future energy transition. KEITH FINDLAY Dec 18, 2020 1079
EIB agrees ,e1/476m in financing for new 'green-transition' power plant at Vasiliko. Source: Cyprus News Agency Dec 18, 2020 417
EIB funds cleaner new Cyprus power plant. fm Dec 18, 2020 373
Biden picks deal-makers, fighters for climate, energy team. ELLEN KNICKMEYER and MATTHEW DALY Associated Press Dec 18, 2020 1014
North Sea will fuel economy for years yet; The Voice of the North. Dec 17, 2020 185
Accounting for carbon footprint changes view of human progress: UN agency. Dec 16, 2020 307
Korean companies bet big on hydrogen for zero-emission goal. Dec 16, 2020 1088
Climate change: Fossil fuels are set to make 2020 the warmest year on record as oil industry keeps expanding - Dr Richard Dixon; Last week it was announced that last month was the warmest November humanity has ever experienced. It was also confirmed that 2020 is heading towards being the warmest year on record. Richard Dixon Dec 14, 2020 630
Climate Ambition Summit gives new hope before COP26 as UK ends support to fossil fuel. Daily News Egypt Dec 14, 2020 749
Chaudhry regrets media doesn't understand PM's decision on fossil fuels. Dec 13, 2020 326
Tougher climate goals require new energy models. Dr Charles Ellinas Dec 13, 2020 1131
World on track for 3C temperature rise by 2100 despite Covid emissions dip: Report. Report Dec 10, 2020 473
World set for 3C warming by 2100 despite Covid and pledges, UN says. Dec 10, 2020 668
UN: World set for 3AdegC warming despite pandemic, pledges. Dec 9, 2020 661
A Raging War Within Capitalism: Greens Vs. Fossil Fuels. Dec 9, 2020 928
World set for 3AdegC warming despite pandemic, pledges - UN. Dec 9, 2020 715
Monstrosities are just a load of wind; Letters to the editor Send to - Letters, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL or email All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Dec 8, 2020 284
Energy Trends Of The Future: The Nigerian Direction. Dec 8, 2020 1622
Energy trends of the future: The Nigerian direction. Dec 7, 2020 1612
How you can join the energy revolution and give Wales a brighter future; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Time to take stock and work out the difference you and your family could make. Dec 6, 2020 811
U.N. calls for end of 'war on nature'. SETH BORENSTEIN and FRANK JORDANS Associated Press Dec 3, 2020 356
Environmentalists Say U.S. Insurers Lag Behind Peers on Fossil Fuels. Don Jergler Dec 3, 2020 1175
Offshore pensions' PS194m loss. ANDY PHILIP Dec 3, 2020 257
Shell: Court case in Netherlands could force fossil fuel companies to get out of oil and gas altogether - Dr Richard Dixon; Shell is in court today in the Netherlands for the first day of a case which could see them have to get out of fossil fuels altogether. Richard Dixon Dec 1, 2020 649
1. Energy Overview. Dec 1, 2020 25415
7. Electricity. Dec 1, 2020 22779
10. Renewable Energy. Dec 1, 2020 17976
11. Environment. Dec 1, 2020 11073
Appendix A: British Thermal Unit Conversion Factors. Dec 1, 2020 13020
Appendix E: Alternative Approaches for Deriving Energy Contents of Noncombustible Renewables. Dec 1, 2020 3009
UK mini-nuclear power stations are on a Rolls! Nov 27, 2020 251
Coal remains top fuel source of PH power plants. Nov 27, 2020 436
ERA/FoEN, 4 Others Advocate Sustainable Energy In Africa. Nov 24, 2020 608
Is the UK ready for the transition to electric cars? Nov 20, 2020 749
A lot of hot air; boris johnson's vision of green revolution is blasted Campaigners say plan won't tackle climate emergency. TORCUIL CRICHTON & ANNIE BROWN Nov 19, 2020 567
PensionBee to launch fossil-free pension plan. Nov 16, 2020 181
PensionBee to launch fossil-free pension plan. Nov 16, 2020 179
Carbon Capture: A Creative Way Of Reducing Carbon Footprint From Fossil Fuel To Combat Global Climate Change Crisis. Nov 16, 2020 1290
ADB to help members cut reliance on coal. Nov 16, 2020 517
Fossil fuel car ban shifts forward. Nov 15, 2020 217
UN chief urges all countries to stop building new coal power plants. Baset Asaba Nov 15, 2020 289
From Fossil Fuel To Combat Global Climate Change Crisis. Nov 15, 2020 1289
Report: G20 backslides on fossil fuel subsidies. Nov 11, 2020 387
Expand renewable electricity supply: WB. Nov 11, 2020 677
[NEWS ANALYSIS] 'Korea's low carbon initiative still unclear, lacks specifics'. Nov 9, 2020 846
European Marine Energy Centre on Orkney claims green hydrogen world first; A world first has been claimed at the European Marine Energy Centre on Orkney. Scott Reid Nov 9, 2020 626
A Biden victory positions America for a 180-degree turn on climate change. Nov 8, 2020 1941
Food emissions could push Earth past global warming limits. Nov 7, 2020 527
How maritime can boost economic diversification. Nov 4, 2020 822
Proactive weekly oil & gas highlights: Shell, BP, Diversified Gas & Oil, Chariot Oil & Gas, Mosman Oil and Gas ... Nov 1, 2020 1384
Fuel Demand across UK Industrial Subsectors. Agnolucci, Paolo; De Lipsis, Vincenzo Report Nov 1, 2020 11617
Energy R&D Investments and Emissions Abatement Policy. Yin, Di; Chang, Youngho Report Nov 1, 2020 11445
Advanced biofuels show promise for replacing some fossil fuels. Carroll, Matthew Nov 1, 2020 746
Budding Energy: Alaska looks to biomass as alternative electricity source. Orr, Vanessa Nov 1, 2020 2032
Conservative Alternatives: Conservation is conservative, but so are market solutions. Chappell, Henry Nov 1, 2020 2556
2. Energy Consumption By Sector. Nov 1, 2020 17480
10. Renewable Energy. Nov 1, 2020 18361
11. Environment. Nov 1, 2020 11039
Appendix E: Alternative Approaches for Deriving Energy Contents of Noncombustible Renewables. Nov 1, 2020 3034
CNG Expands Into Nonwovens and Fibers. Nov 1, 2020 232
Gore Street Energy Storage upbeat as battery momentum grows. Oct 31, 2020 561
Costly, dirty, and excessive: Report rings alarm bells over Pakistan's fossil fuel-heavy power plans. Oct 31, 2020 184
Worried about future for young; LETTERS. Oct 28, 2020 356
Greenpeace welcomes PH moratorium on new coal plants, urges transition to renewable energy. Oct 28, 2020 311
Hydrogen: the fuel of the future. Dr Charles Ellinas Oct 25, 2020 973
ED: Utilizing rooftops to generate solar power. Oct 25, 2020 354
Why We Sacked Some Staff- Exxon Mobil. Oct 24, 2020 577
Black gold versus green tech in the presidential race. Faisal Faeq Oct 23, 2020 361
Trump mocked after claiming fossil fuels 'cleaner' than wind which 'kills the birds'; In a particularly childish moment during the final US presidential election debate, Donald Trump claimed he knows "more about wind" than rival Joe Biden. By, Ryan Merrifield Oct 23, 2020 752
Azerbaijan is test case for BP's new green agenda. Frank Kane Oct 21, 2020 723
Protesters dump piles of manure at offices. Oct 21, 2020 315
Pension fund now 'dragging feet' over fossil fuel investing. KERI TRIGG Local Democracy Reporter Oct 19, 2020 356
Extinction Rebellion stages V&A protest over bank's funding. Oct 19, 2020 186
Commonsense green. Oct 18, 2020 667
Extinction Rebellion stage a protest over bank links to Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A Dundee. Extinction Rebellion (XR) have staged a protest outside the V&A Dundee. Emma O'Neill Oct 18, 2020 516
Edinburgh tidal energy firm expands world-first Shetland project; Tidal energy firm Nova Innovation has completed the first stage of a major investment to expand the capacity of its pioneering project in Shetland. Perry Gourley Oct 16, 2020 487
Extinction Rebellion protests happening in Scotland this weekend; The group are holding protests in Dundee, Inverness and Glasgow as part of their action to highlight 'the collusion between Government, Fossil Fuels and Finance in putting people before profit and wilfully ignoring the facts on climate change.'. Beth Murray Oct 16, 2020 363
Silent protest over fossil fuel investment. Oct 16, 2020 565
Woman, 91, in bank protest. DAVID MACKAY Oct 14, 2020 380
Europe prepares to meet 'Green China' challenge. Oct 14, 2020 618
CEJA brings hope for clean energy future. Oct 13, 2020 391
Riyadh Marriott Hotel committed to sustainability. Arab News Oct 13, 2020 432
Airbus to abandon gasoline, switch to hydrogen in 15 yrs. Oct 11, 2020 1438
Removing roadblocks to growth of clean energy only way forward. Oct 7, 2020 259
Clean energy ensures environmental security: IPS. Oct 7, 2020 658
Scots have to become world climate leaders; extinction rebellion demos call Civil disobedience campaign puts pressure on decision makers. ALAN MCEWEN Oct 6, 2020 290
Bringing the Saudi circular economy initiative onto the global stage. Oct 5, 2020 697
Firms roll out ideas on being seen to be green; CALLUM GRAY, CORPORATE FINANCE DIRECTOR, ANDERSON ANDERSON & BROWN. Oct 5, 2020 666
As fossil fuel jobs falter, renewables come to the rescue. Jeff Berardelli CBS News Oct 5, 2020 1365
Extinction Rebellion: Climate activists target Scottish cities in three weeks of protests; Climate protesters have launched a three-week campaign of civil disobedience targeting Scotland's cities, with a series of "synchronised creative protests". Scott McCartney Oct 5, 2020 355
The Environmental Concern. Oct 4, 2020 708
Global efforts required to realise low carbon society: energy expert. Oct 4, 2020 549
Better life energy: PWE spoke to Phil Kemp, general manager at SAACKE Combustion Services Ltd, which is celebrating its 60th year of business in the UK, to discuss the importance of low NOx combustion, the future of Hydrogen Boilers within UK manufacturing, and the importance of servicing combustion equipment. Oct 1, 2020 1431
1. Energy Overview. Oct 1, 2020 25449
11. Environment. Oct 1, 2020 10778
Appendix E Alternative Approaches for Deriving Energy Contents of Noncombustible Renewables. Oct 1, 2020 2953
MANAGING THE BIOGAS PRODUCTION USING THE GREEN MARKET WASTE. M.A. Samdani, I. Khokhar, M. Badar, B. Farooq and F. Batool Sep 30, 2020 4135
Australia Approves Two Major New Fossil Fuel Projects. Sep 30, 2020 426
Gore Street Energy Storage upbeat as battery momentum grows. Sep 29, 2020 515
ZeroAvia completes 1st hydrogen-electric commercial passenger flight. Sep 28, 2020 231
ZeroAvia completes 1st hydrogen-electric commercial passenger flight. Sep 28, 2020 241
Renewable energy. Sep 28, 2020 449
ZeroAvia completes world's first hydrogen-electric passenger plane flight. Sep 28, 2020 845
Scotland urged to do more to tackle climate; ENVIRONMENT. EMMA O'NEILL Sep 26, 2020 255
World Bank approves $450m loan. Sep 26, 2020 650
World Bank approves $450m to support Pakistan's transition to renewable energy. Sep 26, 2020 503
Switching off? China's energy aims require a radical shift in priorities. Clyde Russell Sep 25, 2020 828
How businesses are seeking a more sustainable way forward; Businesses are making ethical changes as investment decisions become increasingly influenced by environmental and social considerations, writes Rosemary Gallagher. Scotsman Reporter Sep 24, 2020 1115
BP still looking to North Sea oil; FOSSIL FUELS. ALLISTER THOMAS Sep 23, 2020 266
'Declare climate emergency to ensure transition to low-carbon pathway', groups urge Duterte. Sep 23, 2020 411
Technology alone will not solve the climate crisis. Sep 23, 2020 737
California to phase out gasoline-powered cars, reduce fossil fuel demand. Sep 23, 2020 264
Greenpeace follows up on CHR petition against 'carbon majors'. Sep 22, 2020 297
Increasing Biofuel Proliferation via the Optimal Use of Government Incentives. Denizel, Meltem; Suzuki, Yoshinori; Anderson, Christopher Sep 22, 2020 7830
Johnson Matthey hails hydrogen potential while world burns. Sep 19, 2020 568
Concerned children deliver climate change message on pension fund. Sep 19, 2020 165
Governor attacks tribes' rights. Sep 18, 2020 206
Citi sees Ceres Power as part of the nascent green hydrogen revolution as it initiates coverage with a 'buy'. Sep 18, 2020 293
Businesses Urge U.S. Insurers to Stop Insuring, Investing in Fossil Fuel Producers. Noor Zainab Hussain Sep 18, 2020 482
Europe aims for 80pc fossil fuel-free electricity by 2030. Sep 14, 2020 254
Biogen to invest $250M in 20-year initiative to eliminate fossil fuels use. Sep 14, 2020 492
BP: Fossil fuel demand to take historic knock amid Covid-19 scars. Sep 14, 2020 628
Group calls on ADB to stop funding coal energy projects. Sep 11, 2020 614
Island leaders declare a climate emergency; 'WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND HAVE A MORAL DUTY TO ACT'. GARETH WILLIAMS Local Democracy Reporter Sep 10, 2020 573

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